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walker steps

off of street curb ledge

dismissing caution’s

inviting head-on death.

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Hands In The Garden

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Here is a  new, fun  and creative way to kill yourself.  Aside from the possibility of breaking your neck, I love the nearby power and cable/telephone (?) lines. 9 more words

Stupid Ideas

Resurrection machine

In the far-away future, we can resurrect the dead,

With just a piece of bone a new being can be bred.

We tried using it to on our loved ones who passed, 130 more words



I want you to do me a favour. Please imagine a forest, quiet and serene. Imagine little shrubs and insects working away at the flora. 927 more words

Bite-Size Fiction

The Power to Cheat Death

When we first watched The Phantom Menace and witnessed Darth Maul being sliced in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi, it was safe to assume that the young Dark Lord had been killed. 1,007 more words

Cheating death: How Malaysians prepare you for a hike

“Hopefully you all are fit because this hike is extremely difficult and one false move could leave you plummeting to your death on rocks sharp as knives.” 209 more words

Malaysian Sweat