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কামনাৰ জুই - ১

নমস্কাৰ বন্ধুসকল, আশাকৰো আটায়ে পূজা ভালকৈ উপভোগ কৰিলে। আৰু পূজাৰ ৰাতিবোৰত পত্নীয়ে গিৰিয়েকৰ আৰু ছোৱালীবোৰে প্ৰেমিকৰ পৰা পায়খ ও পালে। মইও বহু আনন্দৰে উপভোগ কৰিলো বাৰু।  এতিয়া আহো মুখ্য কথালে। যৌৱন গৰকাৰ আগৰ পৰাই যোনীত পিৰপিৰনি উঠা আৰম্ভ হৈ গৈছিল আৰু এই জুইত ঘী ধালিছিল, ‘পৰ্ণ ‘ চিনেমা আৰু চেক্স কাহিনীবোৰে। পূজাৰ সময়তো তেনেকুৱা এটি কাহিনী পঢ়ি আপোনালোকৰ আগত অনুবাদ কৰি আগবঢ়ালো, সঁচা-মিছাৰ  বিবেচনা আপোনাসকলৰ ওপৰত। 26 more words

Assamese Sex Story

Cheating wife has a young lover that beats her!

Husband reads wife’s Whatsapp message and discovers a shocking level of betrayal and infidelity.

Tempting Her: A Hotwife's Adventure

“You want me to get in bed with you?” I asked, cracking a smile in spite of myself.

“Yeah. Please?”

Before I could stop myself, I was climbing into bed with Elijah, slipping the bedsheets over my legs and letting him enfold me in his warm embrace. 176 more words



“I don’t believe it!”

That was what Mazi said as he stared in utter bewilderment, unable to believe the sight of his wife naked and in bed with another man in a cheap hotel room. 467 more words


The Plantation Owner's Wife (Interracial Historical Erotica)

She knew it was wrong.  She knew there would be dire consequences if they were caught.  But she couldn’t help herself.

Abigail is the wife of a wealthy plantation owner with a dark, irresistible past. 1,584 more words

I Fuck Your Wife

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Hot Wife