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Mission Impossible 5

Christian had bought the huge apartment on the top floor of a modern block near the water-front with money he inherited from his doting grandmother, who had never found out that her grandson was gay. 537 more words


Novella or Memoir

I smiled, and then I laughed, when I read the comment from a kind reader who observed that my somewhat twisted life is starting to read like a novel – or novella as they put it. 353 more words


Mission Impossible 4

Fortunately it rained heavily that Friday evening. Deep raincoat pockets could hide a multitude of sins; underwear, a snub-nosed 22, a razor sharp stiletto or a small tin containing a soft compound for making key impressions. 854 more words


Snow in July

Anna, as some might recall had been my surrogate sister, confidant and temporary lover. Married with a couple of daughters, she’d been caught having an affair with a married man. 973 more words


Why It's Hard To Trust People These Days...


I believe the greatest form of hurt when loving someone is “betrayal”…  When “I love you” falls into the shadows of someone’s careless actions…  Actions that goes against those three words which later has an everlasting impact on the future.  229 more words


Mission Impossible 3

As usual the details of those few weeks are still fresh in my mind, and I still get goose pimples whenever I think about it. 719 more words


Mission Impossible 2

It was a Wednesday at 12.05 when I left the office; 12.22 by the time I climbed into the black cab; 12.51 when I was dropped off at the sports club. 416 more words