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Rendezvous Pt 3

C’mon, dude. Hold it together. It’s only going to last a little while longer.

No, I don’t think your wife is thinking of you. For all she knows, you’re at home or on your way there. 874 more words

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Rendezvous Pt 2

Doesn’t it irritate you? Doesn’t it anger you-just a little-at how seemingly easy it was for your wife to disregard your text, as if it were a fly to be swatted? 853 more words

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So, I’ve got to ask: how was it, standing here at the cabin window, how does it feel knowing your wife is going to get fucked? 2,125 more words

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Lea Graham pulled the hood of her coat up over her head when she emerged from her car. Looking about the apartment complex, she searched windows for the casual observer or anyone on their way to a vehicle. 968 more words

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Cuckolded on a Train

This one comes from the same site as “Company Barbecue”.

I know she told me to wait in the liquor car until she got back, but it’s been ten minutes and my nerves can’t take it. 979 more words

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A Classic AM/WF Sex Story from the Past, Found Again

I read this years ago and it’s been lost over time until recently I found it again searching for AM/WF erotica to add to the growing Collection Thread/Archive located here: … 5,466 more words

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