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Find Out If Your Husband Or Wife Is Cheating On You!

Married life is all sunny and bright in the beginning, until something weird happens. It could be anything per se, but when it happens it happens really bad and odd. 603 more words

Catch Cheating Spouse

Sometimes It's Better NOT To Do Something

I was hoping to have more time to write on this trip, but there’s been so much work I’ve just slept if I’ve had free time.   606 more words


Tenets of Being a HotWife

I get asked all the time “do you do this?” or “do you do that?” or people make assumptions about me or us so I decided to lay out our ground rules and everyone can see how we actually live (more or less). 554 more words


Cheaters Beware- Revenge Is A Real Bitch

Most of us live our lives under a veil of naivety. When it comes to our partners faithfulness we like to believe they’ll be 100 per cent true to us all the time. 128 more words


Have Your Cake and Eat it Too - A Review of The Cheater Series by Jamie Fuchs

I’m a huge fan of erotic short stories. Sometimes, I don’t want to read 100 pages of character development and sexual tension. I get excited when the characters have sex within the first 5 to 10 pages. 532 more words

Man Writes Harsh Letter To Gym After His Wife Cheats With Trainer

I’ve been a regular in the gym for quite some time and I’ve always been a people watcher…there are few people as friendly and touchy as the trainers walking around the gym. 180 more words


Keeping Watch

Abigail went to the widow’s walk on the top of the roof of their Cape Cod house, put the spyglass to her eye and scanned the sea. 140 more words