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Amelia (Relationships Ch 1)

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships recently, not just because my own relationship dissolved right before my eyes, but because coincidentally my friends have all gone through relationship drama. 540 more words


Man, That Fight Though (Marriage Exerpt 2)

This morning, I walked into a gas station and stepped right in the middle of a spousal feud. It was pretty bad, I have to warn you. 562 more words

Christian Living

Hack, Cheat, Or Think?

I read and write. While this is generally a good thing ( with the possible exception of some letters I have posted when ticked-off…), it does mean that I tend to take at face value what other people have written. 271 more words


Tuesday January 17th

We’re lying in bed, our sweat drying on the sheet, trying to catch our breath. Claire’s distracted. It’s easy to see when there’s something on her mind. 436 more words

Private Parts pt.5

Previous instalments:

Sunday morning coffee with Jenn. And yes. just coffee. A weekly catch-up, as friends. A bit of kiss and tell. 2,170 more words


The Two-Timing Writer

Hello again my friends. I have spent some time on this forum discussing my passion for the horror genre (and its close cousins). I would define myself this way, I am a horror writer. 526 more words


Strategy Guides: Cheating Or Advising?

Strategy guides nowadays are a popular item that many gamers use to help with a particular mission, or to find a certain piece of gear. In a world where the Internet rules over all, guides are as easy to access as ever. 980 more words