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Safe 2: Safe in his Heart by Renae Kaye

Title : Safe in his Heart                                Word Count:93,035
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb:Andrew and Paul learned about God and Jesus in different churches and realize their views of spirituality are worlds apart. 1,236 more words

Gay Romance

Woman Commits Insane Act of Revenge After She Finds Out Her Boyfriend is Cheating

We’ve heard cheating revenge stories, but this one took a turn for the gross. During a morning show broadcast in the UK, hosts Holly and Phil asked viewers to call in with their cheating revenge stories. 246 more words


A Letter To My Lover's Side Chick

You win
Not when I’m out and you’re in
You win
If I’m not successful without him.

Empty bed all night
He’s snuck out to meet you… 136 more words


Something some people really need to realise! 

I hate that people in relationships think it’s perfectly okay to flirt with others and then act like its no big deal 😕
I honestly 100% believe that if you are finding yourself deleting messages, if it’s text messages, what’s app, Facebook or anything so that your partner doesn’t see them, you are cheating and if that is the case you really shouldn’t be in a relationship because you clearly don’t care enough about the person you are with to be loyal and faithful.


Izzy stood where she was too, looking from Emma to Mark.


Open Your Eyes Guys! These Are 10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Are you concerned that your woman might be cheating on you? These are ways to find out for real if she is or not.

Remember when you were young and you thought love was this invincible, bulletproof force that was immune to outside influence, impervious to evil and capable of overcoming all obstacles? 1,271 more words


Lies, Lies and OMG More Lies

The lies you weave

The lies you sow

The lies we believe

The lies we know

The lies we forgive

The lies we forget

The lies you regret… 187 more words