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Maneuvering through Manipulations

Maneuvering through manipulations

Mind games and myriad fabrications

Sincerity in concocting twisted tales

Reality and truth are being veiled

Intentions are questioned by everyone

Deployed sentinels to secure the fort… 39 more words


A Birth, A New Beginning, Anniversaries and Ghosts

A Birth

My son was born 8/16. He looks exactly like my husband. Exactly. I think I was simply an incubator and none of my DNA was used. 516 more words

Kelekele Love

There is no point being in a relationship with someone who isn’t proud to have you…

Recently, I’ve been inundated with display pictures as above on BBM, mostly by ladies frustrated about the lack of ‘advertisements’ by their boyfriends. 484 more words


WATCH: These Real-Life Exes Talking Honestly About Why They Cheated Is The Best Reality TV Ever

Following a break up, there are so many questions that you’ll never know the answers to. Unless you’re Ali and Andrew. These two college sweethearts dated for seven years before breaking up two years ago, only to be reunited for a video by  71 more words


Rock A Bye ..... Maybe

Tick tock, tick tock …..

As if life weren’t complicated enough these days, a recent trip to the gynecologist reminded me that some life altering decisions need to be made, aside from those associated with my husband’s infidelity, and the clock is ticking.   861 more words


How To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating - Part 3

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Since we established in Part 2 the parameters on finding out whether your partner is cheating, let’s take a look at the technique. But first, let’s review two very important points 1) you must really, seriously decide ahead of time whether you want to stay in the relationship should your suspicion be correct, meaning your partner is cheating on you 2) you must decide methodically the best way to end the relationship (notice I said methodically; in other words, DO NOT let your emotions be the driving factor; have a roadmap). 718 more words