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How to deal with a cheating boyfriend

Cheating is inexcusable. Cheating hurts your partner. Cheating not only humiliates your partner, but also ruins their self confidence.

The youth today sadly glorifies infidelity, conveniently forgetting that it leads to broken homes, transmission of STIs, distrust amongst others. 310 more words


Advice for my Sisters

The heart is a fickle organ
That goes against the beat
It longs to find that special person
With whom things will be sweet
And awesome… 364 more words

AlyZen Moonshadow

Wife who recorded video clip of her husband cheating with the maid might go to prison.

Most people would feel that a jilted wife had every right to be angry with her husband if she caught him flirting with another woman. 153 more words

What's FUZZing???

He had heaven in his eyes

He had heaven in his eyes
like the devil in disguise
I gave him my world
but what he wanted
lay between my thighs.

He wasn’t just Christ– 15 more words



Well Veronica found out that Alexandra and Joseph “had” been fucking and met up with Alexandra for coffee. Come to find out Alexandra never stopped fucking Joseph and had been fucking him the whole time that Veronica was in rehab. 98 more words



Take one step forward
And two steps back.
Be sure you are following
The corporate track.
Pay out your earnings
Never give a damn
Now you are doing… 172 more words


In a nutshell

I thought that things would turn around when I turned 30….29 was such a bad year. Such a horrible, absolutely awful year. I had to prepare for and complete my clinical competency exam, with the… 765 more words