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getting the reader to feel...

How could you?

I never uttered a single word! Did you hear me complain? When we met, you told me this was how you are, and I accepted you and we created a relationship based on truth, mutual respect, and love. 405 more words


Honest, almost.

“You could have told me he was younger. I wouldn’t have known the difference!”. The ticket seller at the carousel tells the father of a boy who has just crossed the free-ticket-age-limit of 5 years, while giving away two tickets. 861 more words

Treachery...Friday Fiction in Five Sentences

Stumbling across details of his secret family – a mistress and two sons, twelve and seven-year-old boys ensconced in a nice town house downtown, whilst she played Martha Stewart at home – had been beyond a rude shock. 76 more words

Creative Writing

who's there

come get your man
he is knocking on my door again
he seems lost
offering me gold and a future
he already gave to you… 81 more words


Man Up

I finally asked him what was the deal. He basically said I was a nag and controlled when he can hang out with his friends. Total lie. 146 more words

Answers To Many Questions

2 Centz!: Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian

I HAVE to give my 2Centz on this… I REALLY REALLY REEEEAAALLLYY could not let this slide.

So if you’ve been following this shitty litty sticky situation, you already know that Rob & Chyna aren’t together anymore and that legal action has been taken to keep Rob away. 966 more words