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The Double Standard of Diving

A number of incidents over recent weeks have brought the issue of diving back into the limelight and the British media’s reaction has underlined the hypocrisy in the way they treat the concept of cheating within football. 1,160 more words



Tomorrow, the husband, toddler and I leave for a vacation. Time to get away from this place and relax in a city new to all three of us. 462 more words


"My mother was able to talk him out of killing us, and he broke down in tears, saying that of course it had never been his intention" - 031

We all have at least one vague, fuzzy memory from our very early childhoods. It may not even seem fully real to us, because the details have faded with the passage of time. 553 more words

Who Knew?

Oh that poor Mr. Coldwater
His wife would drive him mad
The way she was so paranoid
It really was too bad

She hounded him relentlessly… 144 more words


With all the conequences

This post is inspired by a number of chats I have recently had with bisexuals (either through the blog, other websites or face to face) about having lovers when in long-term relationships and the fact that many bisexuals seem to hope for their partners to somehow okay it. 402 more words



I know what happens when I cheat. But I still do it. More and more. It is like a drug. I cannot control that impulse. 718 more words

At Home Mother


“In between sitting there bored.”

Emma was about to protest, but then she remembered their honesty again. “I just didn’t know anyone,” she said. “That was all. 45 more words