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It’s time to pass the test,
My friend is on the left,
Are we going for a 90?
Are we going for 100?
Maybe 110, extra credit on deck, 101 more words



Because if you hadn’t guessed already, in my secret life, I wish I were a rapper who could give that delivery…or better yet, a ghost writer. 340 more words

9 reasons people usually say when they cheat

and my answers to those bastards people

“im no longer happy”

what the fhell man. here’s some money, buy yourself a happy meal. take a trip to disney land and see your favorite disney characters. 398 more words


“My boyfriend talks to other girls?”

Now it is to no surprise this is a common theme for a lot of relationships, its going well for a few months, you both really seem to like each other and then one day you catch him laughing and smiling at his phone? 229 more words


#todaysconclusions 25/04/15

Ain’t no party like a Volkswagen Financial Services party.

I’m quite partial to a theme park ride.

Cheating on the slide race will anger your nephew. 35 more words



She decided, and started cooking, and it only occurred to her later on that evening, while she was loading the dishwasher, that not mentioning being kissed was a little deceptive, a little dishonest, and probably somehow quite badly wrong.


When Students cheat on exams it's because our School System values grades more than Students value learning (N. deGrasse Tyson)

So, here’s something interesting. About a month ago, testing hit the headlines. Big time. BBC, CNN and basically all major and minor news worldwide reported on the Bihar cheating scandal. 604 more words