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Candles in The Snow

Candles in the snow

The flame bends

Melting beauty

Change is a part of life

Bound where the river ends

Seasons may come and go… 80 more words

Nae's Nest



You are a victim
Of her sex
Another man
She will reject

Chipped at your heart
With an ice pick
Splitting us up
lickety-split… 74 more words

My Poetry

Lover's Suicide

Snuffing out the eternal flame

Allowing fear to guide

No confidence in yourself

Preferring to run and hide

Wax trails forming

Tears burned in time… 83 more words

Nae's Nest



The story that cannot be told
Forbidden and must not unfold
A curtain that never goes up
In a play that never happened
A real love playing make-believe… 65 more words

Nae's Nest

Go Away

Go Away

I want to sit in your lap
To feel your arms around me
Keeping me here
Safe and within reach
I do not wish… 74 more words

Nae's Nest

Finally Complete

Free at last to stand together

To claim the love we share for each other

Finally complete, the final piece is in place

No longer running, it’s the end of the race… 213 more words

Nae's Nest


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