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K-Indie band Sugarbowl releases new song '사라져버려'

Last year time I wrote up a quick artist highlight on K-indie bands Sugarbowl and Soulights. Changin Ko, the main vocalist for Sugarbowl, released ‘사라져버려 (It’s You)’ on his Youtube channel a few hours ago. 14 more words

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Track List for Crush's 'Interlude' x Introducing Miso

Last week Amoeba Culture posted a teaser photo for Crush’s new album ‘Interlude’ followed by a teaser video (found below). Since then Amoeba Culture released a statement announcing that the album would be dropping  May 6th instead of May 4th. 127 more words

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Throwback Thursday -My Favorite LeeSSang Song

I still remember first being introduced to this song in my Korean class in college when we were learning this grammar structure: ~지 못 하다. I then proceeded to annoy my friend David by playing it all the time.  22 more words

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10cm - 봄이 좋냐?? (What The Spring??) - M/V and Live Performance

10cm is one of my favorite K-indie groups and earlier this month on April Fool’s Day they released a track titled ‘What The Spring??’ also known as ‘Is Spring Great?’ Read the awesome story behind the song… 17 more words

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Babylon - 너 나 우리 (feat. Dok2) - M/V and Review

It’s been quite a while since Babylon’s single ‘Pray’ was released last summer. Now the talented R&B vocalist is back with ‘너 나 우리’. Many fans have compared Babylon’s voice to artists like Taeyang, DEAN, Zion.T or some combination of them. 151 more words

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Mighty Mouth returns with "Nice 2 Meet U"

From 1theK:

“Rap duo Mighty Mouth, beloved for their signature upbeat songs and energetic performances, will finally come back after 3.5 years of break, under the name of their very own independent label ALLMIGHTY RECORDS.

135 more words
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Film Review: 'Check It'

Though an opening text informs that Washington D.C. has one of the highest rates of anti-gay violence in the nation, bullies and predators would be advised to steer clear of “Check It’s” protagonists. 632 more words