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Mercado Nacional: Terra Formars, Another Novel, Planetes, Kill La Kill e muitas novidades para 2015!!!

No ano em que a JBC completa 20 anos ela parece estar muito animada com a data e para isso está trazendo uma grande leva de novos títulos, alguns de grande poste e alguns títulos alternativos mas de grande peso. 2,275 more words


Weekly Grocery Checklist

  1. 1 type of meat: fish, sausage, beef, chicken
  2. 1 type of deli meat 1/2 lb: ham or turkey
  3. 1 bundle of fruit (5 count)
  4. 1 type of leaf: spinach or lettuce {bi weekly}
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Spring cleaning inspiration...sorta speak! 

What’s your feeling on Spring Cleaning? Urgh! Why does it have to have a name isn’t it just the same as my daily cleaning, open the drawer and shove it in, open the closet and shove it in and hope you aren’t the next guy that opens it? 429 more words


Baseball Player Checklist…

You know me, I love a good check list.  I feel like it empowers my children to do things for themselves, plus it makes my live a bit easier…  Here is the one I made for my Little Leaguer’s!   10 more words


We rush to get up, we rush to go to bed. What are doing in between? Is there more than just the hustle and bustle? Sometimes when I am planning what I want to do, I stop and think about what is really important. 182 more words


Why Matt almost climbed Kilimanjaro alone... 

So picture this…

You wake up in the morning, well rested, kick your girlfriend out of bed to make you coffee, everything’s fine and dandy. You phone your kili organiser and set up a breakfast meeting to get the final gear you need for your climb.

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Making Lists


Now this is a topic I love. My family thinks I am just a little crazy because of all the lists I make/keep and they say I am addicted to being organized. 864 more words

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