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preventing chkdsk to work on start up

Now there are sometimes annoying thing where after improper shutdown, like hot restart or shutdown, or power down, the windows start by the option of checking the disk. 148 more words

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Apa sih checkdisk ?…
CHKDSK/CHECKDISK merupakan salah satu perintah yang terdapat pada Sistem Operasi DOS yang berfungsi atau mampu melakukan verifiaksi integritas yang tersimpan pada floppy, flashdisk atau hardisk. 282 more words

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Clean Up Disk Errors

Run once a week

Whenever a program crashes or you experience some power outage, your computer may create errors on its hard disk. Over time, the errors can slow your computer. 189 more words

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Check the Integrity of Your Hard Disks with CheckDrive

Looking for and writing content for a blog is a job, especially when you are on the run; however, in my email this morning a company called¬† … 358 more words

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Repair your directories with checkdisk--repost

Today I am reposting an article on how to repair your file system with the Windows CheckDisk tool, and remind you that it is a good idea to run this tool once a week..which can have the side benefit of a faster machine. 715 more words


Repair your directories with checkdisk

The file system on a computer is a complicated thing, and a good analogy for describing it is to compare it to a library–¬†your files and digital music and photos are the “books”, and your hard drive is the “shelves.” Libraries use a numbering system to keep track of which shelf Dr. 635 more words