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I love lists …

… lists don’t only help you be productive, manage time and tasks and be less forgetful, they help you work accurately and more successfully. 25 more words


Natural Remedies for your Senior Dog - Part 3

Once Peeta was attacked by a meanie dog and came home with the most swollen and wounded foot. Poor baby! She cried off and on all night and I used most of a bottle of… 101 more words

Natural Remedies for your Senior Dog - Part 2

We used so much Purification Essential Oil Blend on Peeta this summer. Between helping keep the bugs away and dealing with stinky dog smell, it was a go-to oil. 188 more words

4 Natural Remedies for your Senior Dog - Day 1

My lovely Peeta is beginning to have arthritis and muscle soreness (Aren’t we all, Peeta?) We have always used Copaiba Essential Oil for her for pain, inflammation, and anxiety, so I double-checked in the Pet Desk Reference and that is the first thing listed for doggy arthritis. 115 more words

Narrative Writing Process

Writing allows students to express themselves creatively and to make their thinking visible to others. For that student who is always finished their writing first and promises that they have checked it from top to bottom and are completely happy with it, a checklist is a wonderful way to encourage self editing and self assessment. 260 more words

Distance Learning

2014 Bowman - Under Armour All-American Autographs

Back again with a breakdown with teams for guys that were undrafted at the time, this time courtesy of the star studded 2014 Bowman’s Under Armour All-American autographs series. 19 more words