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Newborn-Dressing Checklist!

Hello My Delights!

I thought i would put a small checklist of some newborn items you will need consider getting for your newborn…



Six Ways to Keep it Clean

My handy Chick-fil-A wipes reminded me how I need to clean up my act.

There’s a lot of talk about cleansing these days. I totally support cleaning up our eating and lifestyle habits, but I’m wondering about cleansing the heart. 170 more words

Life List

My Wedding Dress Shopping Checklist

So I found it! My perfect wedding gown. Well, technically, I found two ;) (for more on that tale give this a read)! With one of the biggest parts of my day now sorted I thought I’d share my tips of how to find your special dress without the stress! 567 more words


Road Trips: A Mini Guide

I have made a move back to my hometown Grand Rapids, MI from Big Sky, MT and what a hike! Luckily, my dad flew to Billings to help me with the drive. 1,258 more words

What's in my carry-on?

If you know me or have read one of my previous blogs, you may have picked up that I am an over-planner.

I’m that woman that if you stopped me in the street desperately needing something – hair pin, nail file, medicine for any occasion. 605 more words


Why It's Okay To Have A Checklist of What You Want in a Future Bae & The Secrets of "The List!"

Dating can be annoying. Whether you’re sliding in DM’s or trying to luck up in the bread aisle of Whole Foods (you know, a health food junky who loves carbs), the process of determining if a person is worth pursuing can be daunting. 672 more words


California Moving Checklist

At Blue Chip Moving & Storage we are always trying to make life easier for our customers. And in the moving business, a little bit of advice can go a long way. 377 more words