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Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Checklist (1991-2016)

  #    Code    Year    Ornament    Classification

  • 1 QLX7199 1991 Enterprise SH
  • 2 QLX7331 1992 Galileo SH
  • 3 QLX7412 1993 Enterprise D SH
  • 4 QLX7386 1994 Bird of Prey SH…
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Christmas Ornaments


#5 – Collaboration

Using Google Docs (or Microsoft OneDrive) allows students or colleagues to collaborate on a single document in real time or at any time that is convenient to each person. 240 more words


A Real Checklist

A checklist is a type of informational job aid used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task.

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BTO check List

After my recent post of the corridor trapment water, some of my friend ask if i have any checklist when collecting the keys for my BTO. 206 more words


10 Things to Add to Your Holiday Checklist

This evening I’m checking out of crappy England and jetting off to sunny Majorca for 7 days of laying in the sun, drinking way too much alcohol and eating as much food as I physically can and I’m soooo… 1,172 more words


Things to Communicate on for a Serious Relationship

This was a checklist that I just found tucked into my Bible from a group I attend sometimes that covers a variety of topics. This was obviously on relationships and I can see how this would be worth holding onto. 360 more words


Food Prep Bucket List

So many people are into this Prepper trend, craze, mentality…It reminds me of the story of Chicken Little…running around in a constant panic…screaming…

The sky is falling,

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Food On Fridays