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DIY Remodel Checklist

Even small DIY home projects can get out of hand quickly without a plan!

A checklist can be something as simple like writing down your ideas on notebook paper, plugging them into excel or saving in word document. 120 more words

Complete Your Checklist: How to Properly Test-Drive a Cars for Sale

When test-driving, also test the gear shifts: automatic cars should have a smooth transmission, while manual drives should have a gearshift that moves fluidly. As you shift gears, observe if there are any vibrations or rattles when driving down a straight road. 127 more words


Holiday/ Vacation essentials🔐

Hey guys,

I thought that today it would be nice just to make a list of holiday essentials you need to take with you for a successful relaxed holiday. 144 more words

Dining Room Cleaning Checklist

Okay, this is my shortest list ever! Happy cleaning!

Keep smiling!

Mommy Monday

On being a tourist in your own city

You’ve been traveling for quite a while. All your belongings fit in a backpack or suitcase, and even though you’ve been craving a night table to put your journal, deodorant and toothbrush on instead of having to fit everything in different compartments every few days, what you crave the most is a new destination, a new check on your “Places I want to see before I die” list, a new encounter with local people, another adrenaline rush, a new anecdote to tell the future grandchildren you don’t even know if you want to have. 399 more words


Camping Essentials...

As you read this, I am currently camping it up in the Lakes with my little family. Its been long awaited and hopefully we are having a blast! 259 more words