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Mrs K's Lightbulb Checklist


This is a checklist I have created for lesson planning. I have taken inspiration from the many 5-minute lesson plan variations stemming from @teachertoolkit and tried to link in hints and tips I have picked up along the way from fellow teachers. 318 more words


My Self-Editing Checklist

Over the years, between feedback from critique groups/beta readers/editors, various workshops, and personal habits I’ve realized, I have gathered a checklist of self-editing items about a mile long. 817 more words

Personal Experiences

FREE Packing List

I’m off to Marrakech in less than a weeks time, not that I’ve talking about it much…OK I might have rambled on a little – but, who doesn’t get excited about going on holiday! 170 more words


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Checklist

Zombie apocalypse survival checklist:

  1. Read list so you can cross this off and already be one down!
  2. Hobble everyone else in the house.
  3. Find all the batteries that have been “borrowed” from the emergency kit.
  4. 127 more words

Before you hit the road follow these tips to ensure your house is safe should severe weather arise.

  1. Keep all trees and shrubs well-trimmed.
  2. Bring all outdoor furniture inside.
  3. Cover windows with shutters.
  4. Store important items in a waterproof case in an elevated location inside your home.

Investing: why checklist for buying stocks?

Diya       : Hello Krishna, heard you have joined a yoga course?

Krishna : Hmm. What to do, popular person like me, have to manage such rumours ;-) ? 533 more words

Value Investing