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Cate Blanchett heads to the Great White Way

Here’s another reason for me to be jealous of New Yorkers (other than the fact they live in my favourite city in the world) – Cate Blanchett will make her Broadway debut later to year. 149 more words


So we meet again!

Often on my daily commute I walk through Central Station in Utrecht, the fourth largest country in the middle of the Netherlands. And I’m lucky, as I always pick up Streetpasses there. 270 more words


Fringe Festival - Day 10

I’ve done the Fringe for a few years now and one thing I can say for sure: my name alone doesn’t get butts in the seats.   801 more words

Fringe Festival

'Champagne' by Anton Chekhov - A Review Aaron Hennessy

Here follows the latest in our Short Story Series:

Anyone writing a series, or grouping of articles, which attempts to dissect or even shine a narrow light on the modern short story will invariable find themselves before an Anton Chekhov collection. 320 more words

Short Story

Subtext: Some Have It, Others Don't

First, What Is It?

Subtext is implied information. It’s that simple. It comes from high context relationships, wherein two or more people have common knowledge of past events and refer to them without stating an outline of the events and how they effected each other and their futures. 2,314 more words

Craft Of Writing

Psalm Seagull

I am a bird alone on a roof.

I am not a dove, but

a Mockingbird.

I am a bird alone on a roof.

No, that’s not what I mean.