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(Twitter) Storm in a Tea Cup. Or, How Andrew Loh and other Petty minds Politicised over the PM's Health.

“With regards to an earlier posting I made…..”  This is how Andrew Loh sometime founder/leader/editor of socio-political website TOC,  now in hot water for taking foreign funding, started his written apology to Singapore President Tony Tan.   1,625 more words


SDP Chee Soon Juan hurt President Tony Tan’s feelings

It’s not often we see or hear from President Tony Tan – except maybe during the National Day Parade. The old man is muted and expressionless, even during his speeches – such as… 500 more words


Boris Johnson's lies about NHS reminded me of Chee Soon Juan

£350m a week. That was the amount that Boris Johnson claimed UK was sending to the EU. He asserted that if UK left the EU, the British government would have that much more money to spend on funding the… 646 more words

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SDP is re-liar-ble in misrepresenting statistics

There’s this saying that if you torture statistics enough, it will tell you anything you want it to. That is something that SDP and Dr Chee Soon Juan seem to know all too well. 754 more words

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SDP's press conference is proof it is egomaniacal

A friend told me that SDP sent out a media invite at 1:24am on 14 May 2016. The media invite was for a press conference that was to take place at 4pm on 14 May 2016. 733 more words

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The Tale of Ah Chiam and Ah Chee – Three points

There was once a man named Ah Chiam who decided to set up a company in 1980. Ah Chiam didn’t do well initially, and failed to get important contracts in his first four years. 2,055 more words

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Reflections and Ruminations on the Bukit Batok By-Election

The by-election held to select a new Member of Parliament to represent the Bukit Batok Single Member Constituency was for most part fire and brimstone as the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) wrought havoc on the contending Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and its secretary-general Dr Chee Soon Juan. 995 more words