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Book Review: Dare to Change

The dedication of Dare to Change is a memorable one:

“Dedicated to: all the political detainees who struggled for democracy and all Singaporeans who long for openness, humanness, and justice for our nation.”

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Excerpts from "Dare to Change"

Excerpts from “Dare to Change”

by Chee Soon Juan (1994)

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Excerpts from Book:

1. There is no guarantee that the same Government that has led Singapore into prosperity cannot become corrupt and ineffective in future. 652 more words


Interview Chee Soon Juan: Challenging PAP's lack of foresight

You’re witnessing a deep structural problem with our economy. Easing monetary policies can only do so much. Singapore needs a new economic approach which we have proposed.

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Singapore beset by rising nationalism

The opposition believe the influx of foreigners into Singapore is perceived as a means to bolster the talent pool, designed to deliberately keep the political equation in favour of the ruling PAP. 1,426 more words


Kenneth do you put your money where your mouth is?

I am grateful for the following question left in my comments:

Kenneth, if Roy wishes to contest a future election under your party flag, will you accept him? 955 more words

The Market

Looking Backwards: Chiam See Tong’s legacy in the SDP (Part 3)

Chiam See Tong’s campaign pre-SDP under the ‘Black’ Horse party logo. (Photo taken from ST) 

Much of what happened at the Parliamentary Session (Part 2) probably led to this move by Chiam. 2,073 more words


Looking Backwards: Chiam See Tong’s legacy in the SDP (Part 2)

There were a number of events that precipitated to Chiam See Tong’s eventual departure from the SDP but the parliamentary session in 1995, November 3, arguably was the one that broke the camel’s back. 2,109 more words