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Steve's Not Here, Man... Kids Caught The Joke, Just Don't Get It... and don't care

Watched the movie “Freebirds” this week with my kids…. It had been found, after a long absence, apparently having taken refuge behind the tv.

We get to watch it multiple times of course, and finally my wife and I catch that scene, late in the movie, where George Takai, playing the time machine named S.T.E.V.E., makes that comedy nod to Cheech and Chong’s “Daves Not here” skit. 176 more words

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ARTICLE ABOUT Rolling Stones FROM New Musical Express, April 24, 1976

I don`t think I have posted an article about Rolling Stones before, so here goes. Will be interesting to see if the Stones fans are out there or if they have read all of this before. 2,435 more words

For Sale

Dave's Not Here, Man

If this title doesn’t mean anything to you, I suggest you hit up Google, YouTube or Siri then come back (although technically you can still follow along unaware). 2,194 more words


My automatic response to all of my friends who approach me with any of their problems.

My automatic response to all of my friends who approach me with any of their problems.

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Greeley Grindhouse Celebrates Its Five Year Anniversary with Cheech and Chong

For five years Greeley Grindhouse has hosted the best B Movies that have come out of the shadows of alternative filmmakers—SANTA CONQUERS THE MARTIANS, MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, SHAFT IN AFRICA, and the Sharknado series, to name just a few. 270 more words

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It Came From Hollywood

Dir: Malcolm Leo, Andrew Solt, 1982


It Came From Hollywood is an exercise in total disappointment. A woefully missed opportunity, to celebrate the wonderfully bad and tremendously awful. 344 more words