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Sassy, Go Go – Episode 1 Review

This is good! I am already loving it! Especially there is Jung Eun Ji whom I loved in Reply 1997. I am really so glad for her to be taking on the lead for this drama, rather than Kim Yoo Jung (who would most likely be compared to Kim So Hyun in… 1,333 more words


10 steps to lose your boyfriend

Here are 10 steps to lose your boyfriend / get rid of an admirer:
1. Show how jealous you are every time he looks at any other female… 313 more words

Cheer Up!

People are What Makes This World Positive

I have heard and/or read several different stories of people who were selfless, and who were very heroic in another person’s darkest hour. Though all of them were great to hear and/or read, I want to address only two of those many inspiring stories that have really stuck with me; thus far, in my 37 years of life. 345 more words

Feel Good

It Is Well

Sending love your way
I hope you don’t
Turn it away
For only love
Can cure the blues
Making all be
Well again

It is well
Have a lovely day


Random acts of kindness

I think that it is a good idea to try and do a good deed every day. This may seem difficult, but doing something kind not only makes the other person feel better, it makes you feel better too. 153 more words


Elephant Appreciation Day

I don’t know a single person who would have any negative feelings towards elephants. On the contrary, I have a couple of massive elephant fans in my friend group. 23 more words

Cheer Up!