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10 ways to beat a bad mood

Have you ever just woken up in a bad mood for no reason? I have. No one wants to be around me when I’m cranky, even me! 452 more words


(ΛΕΚ) & ( ΜΛΕΚ) και το μίγμα αυτών.

ΛΕΚ : Λογικός,Εμποτισμένος με Κανονικότητα
ΜΛΕΚ : Μη Λογικός, Εμποτισμένος με Κανονικότητα
…………………..και το μίγμα αυτών

Η παραπάνω παραδοχή υποπέφτει και πάλι στην παγίδα – Differences & Similarities… 11 more words


Top 4 Worst Cases When I Fell for the Second Lead & More

Falling for the second lead seems to be a common occurrence that happens a lot for me nowadays. As the second leads seem to get hotter by the second, my thirst for them grows everyday. 704 more words


How To: Cheer Yourself Up

I’ve been down in the dumps recently (boys are stupid) and while I know it’s stupid of me to let a boy control my feelings, it’s what I do (I’m trying to get better at it) so please don’t judge me. 629 more words


Joke of the day - Petting Zoo

I’ve been really depressed lately.  A friend told me I should go to the petting zoo perhaps, to cheer up. I went today, but not one person would pat me! 8 more words
Good Clean Jokes

This video will brighten your day!

As your weird internet friend, one of my priorities will be brightening your day now and then with something heartwarming, cute, or just plain fun. 54 more words

Cheer Up

Defying Gravity

Last year, after listening to the music for quite some time, I finally saw Wicked on stage. Since I grew up watching Wizard of Oz… 391 more words