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#Reward Yourself

Sometimes when others are celebrating, we can feel lonely or left out. Various reasons make us unable to join in. Perhaps the absence of a significant person or troubled relationships can influence this situation. 125 more words

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Studying From a Christian Perspective

Have you ever just wanted to give up on school work, thinking about how pointless it is? A few years ago, I really started to question what the point of school was (besides making my parents happy) and a sister in the Lord had shared these encouraging points. 469 more words


These Are The Phases Of Not Feeling Good Enough

Wake up and try to get out of bed. Fail. Convince yourself that you’re sick even though you are clearly not – not sick in the body, anyway. 1,258 more words

"Love" Month

It’s this so-called “love month” again and I kinda notice that some are in the sorry-maybe-next-v-day kind of zone. Some say that the “V” day is just ¬†for the couples to celebrate their romance (ew) and such. 450 more words

Cheer Up!

Your main goal

In the past few weeks I have seen people who began with enthusiasm and lots of energy some endeavour, some project, or some dream they had for a long time and finally decided on taking the first steps. 466 more words


Why I hate being ill

With the temperature going below zero, it is officially flu time – I have recently joined the army of people who sneeze and blow their noses all day long. 310 more words