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Musical Friday...Cheer Up~

Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up/산다는 건

Today, I have Hong Jin Young.
I had heard this around the time it came out. However, I would always be in a place that didn’t have data access (Wind network), so I couldn’t check. 337 more words


Here's What Each Myers-Briggs Type Needs On A Bad Day

ENFP: To brainstorm fun possibilities and/or plan an adventure.

ENTJ: To form a concrete, detailed plan for improving the situation that has gotten them down. 294 more words

In case your week took a turn for the worse...

In case your week took a turn for the worse… Here’s an adorable baby bunny.

Stephanie Beavers

The case against "cheer up, love": a catcall to rule them all

There are many seven-word sentences I just can’t get on board with, like, for example, “This item is no longer in stock”,  or  “Have you been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance?”, or “I’ve been thinking about getting a manbun…”. 961 more words


BE Easy On Yourself

I have definitely had a week in which I just feel blah.

It has been terribly busy at work, my hair appointment was postponed for two weeks, I’m fairly certain I’ve put on a few pounds and my son is having a sleepover with four nine-year old boys on Saturday. 242 more words

Birthday Notes To Myself (And To You)

Happy Birthday to me and everyone who’s ever had a birthday happen to them!

Congratulations! You’re born. You’ve come so far! Whooo!

*throws confetti*

 I’ll share some “serious” birthday thoughts because I become a very serious, emotional and deep person on my birthdays. 452 more words