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Best movies to watch on a rainy day

Feeling lonely, depressed or sad? Perhaps its raining or snowing outside and you simply want to lie on your bed, cuddle a pillow and forget about the rest of the world. 1,608 more words

Best Movies

Facial expression of suffering | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Earlier today I was talking to someone and I can say that the summary of our conversation is the facial expression of suffering. That simply means there are people who are going through certain things in their lives- everyone is – and you dont need anyone to tell you that these ones are suffering. 778 more words

Edible Pen


A walk in the rain
Is not always in vain
It reminds you the world is cold and cruel
And it´s not only a walk in the park… 74 more words


You name it I promise I've been Over it.

I try to stay as positive as I possibly can, but I’m going to be honest with you I don’t wake up everyday and it’s all rainbows and waterfalls. 374 more words

Laugh a Little

In preparation for their inevitable world domination, ThingOne and ThingTwo practice their evil laughs. Feel free to watch it more than once. I hope it makes you smile, although it  6 more words


Watch "Hawk Nelson - Everything You Ever Wanted (Live)" on YouTube

Hawk Nelson – Everything You Ever Wanted (Live): http://youtu.be/Dupvjx8tFPA

This kind of describes how I feel right now… looking back on my relationship that just ended last week… … 8 more words

New Adventure

Wednesday Encouragement

We’re mid-week. Let’s keep up the cheer, dear friends! This is for for you guys.