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Unusual bits and bobs in the garden


Nightlight holder, the small scarecrow (a present) an old sundial, one gnome, a cactus in a cracked aquarium on it’s side. two coloured parrots (another present) a web provided by a spider and some of those ducks, now that the wood has mellowed they look quite good. 10 more words

Brighton - Out And About

With great artistry and touching simplicity - the Battle of the Somme.

Joe Sacco’s Great War cartoon graphic tableau of the first day of the Battle of the Somme on display in Paris

Running along one side of Montparnasse Metro (underground station). 138 more words


Campaign for a statue of Henry Allingham in Whitehall

Well done Simon Kirby who reports that he has written to the Ministry of Defence to request a statue to be erected in Whitehall of Henry Allingham, the oldest WW1 veteran, and Brighton resident. 54 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Treasuring your special moments

“Treasure these moments they will never come again” said my mother to  dear friends in the Pyrenees 25 years ago when their young children where running ahead investigating the joys of a tiny stream. 130 more words


If you have ever thought of life as a bit of treadmill...

God forbid, better think again, this is a real one once used for forced labour by prisoners in Mont Louis in the South of France! 89 more words


Recycling an Elephant







All this made by a genius of an artist in Doucement Cabourd he wasn’t there just a locked workshop nearby and all this on display for free. 11 more words

Brighton - Out And About