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Retire to India?

Just watched the real Marigold Hotel and I thought it was great taking some oldies out to India to see how they might fare in retirement.     52 more words


Wings and Wheels!








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Saltdean Lido slowly slowly coming to life!

  ‘What happened to our pool?’   

                                       squawked the seagulls.




January 2015          

Brighton - Out And About

Mindfulness, colouring books and creativity.


I’m sure mindfulness has it’s place but the endless colouring book are fast becoming a modern industry, like celebrity cook books and slimming! I sometimes feels that mindfulness with courses, cds, articles and book  is trying to become a new religion!   553 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Life experience that inspired wonderful poetry.

Now it’s winter, so less gardening, no work to do on the  allotment, the beach hut coping on it’s own in the wind! I can even forget about the marionettes now that some of our most exciting ones in the collection are hanging in The Grange in Rottingdean (open again in Feb).   362 more words

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Camellia in hiding!


Wrapping fleece round fragile plants in the garden,  popped into the unheated and somewhat abandoned greenhouse, only to discover this wonderful Camellia in full bloom! 14 more words

Brighton - Out And About