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Kind thoughts to sufferers of SAD


Seasonal Affective Disorder

at the bottom of the garden the battered greenhouse
shattered panes spiders webs
compost bags peat pots
optimistic winter veg
sun detours through the blackberry bush… 80 more words

Brighton - Out And About

An autumnal feel in the grounds of Chartwell.



I love the different seasons even if my mood in winter can be variable…


Someone is trying to tell us something!

the days are drawing in the bird feeders need topping up and autumn really is here!



the committee… 

Brighton - Out And About

Martlets and every dog has its day!


These Snowdogs are set up all around Brighton in aid of Martlets Hospice.


I’ve only seen four up close but I’ve passed two or three the bus and they are all truly inspiring works of art. 112 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Peddling Poetry

I was running this rabbit along beaches 60 years ago to publicise our shows! Today I had persuaded him to come out of retirement and help me peddle my new poetry book, which was fine until he collapsed with exhaustion! 519 more words

Brighton - Out And About

The Old Violin

Carved from seasoned wood
rings of memory murmer
sounds fill the silence.

Trying a bit of Haiku again after a talk at The Friends’ Meeting house this afternoon.


The Undercliff Walk



When I am bereft of words the natural world then fills the gap.