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Falling in love in Lewes

Fingers pluck a rhythmic tune
eyes meet, bodies move
love comes in many guises.

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Easter Greetings and a Garden Verse

I remember about ten years ago giving my mother an Easter card with the following verse I had written inside. “Goodness” she said “I didn’t know you had it in you”. 381 more words

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126th Anniversary of the Opening of the Eiffel Tower

When Gustave Eiffel’s company built Paris’ as part of the 1889 World’s Fair organised to celebrate the French Revolution, no one could have imagined such feat of engineering or it’s universal appeal. 175 more words

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Yellow forsythia, pink cherry blossom


rejoice with white camelias
Spring warms our wintered souls.

Too soon the cherry blossom falls
relinquishing it’s tenuous hold on life.

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Growing our own again.

Made a quick visit to the allotment for the second time this spring. Joy upon joy sunny and the garlic and broad beans planted in the autumn showing signs of life. 147 more words

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Ashdown forest - full of wonderful walks

I love Ashdown forest, the huge clumps of yellow gorse were lovely today.  Then there are all the associations with Pooh Bear including the shop in Hartfield and the bridge where the fictional Christopher Robin played Pooh Sticks.  61 more words

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