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Pigeon Eating Cheerios

There is nothing more funnier than pigeon´s eating cheerios..

i tried to get a photograph only had no luck…  i´m sitting in the park (Dog Shit Park) making a little breakfast, an feeding my friends the crows..   108 more words

Flakes for some serious cereals!

This is just one of those places in Paris that you have to visit!
Flakes offers all kinds of cereals and more. It is one of my favorite spots for breakfast, lunch and even ‘gouter’. 117 more words


Tackling Gluten

Hello My Foodie Health Nuts!

So today I embarked on a journey that, for many people, is a lifelong path: going gluten-free. At first glance, this may not seem like a daunting task, however I was unaware of the multitude of gluten-based products I subconsciously consume on a daily basis. 531 more words

Knees of the Mysterious Trees & Bees

Green has returned to Philadelphia, which means I’ve been setting out to Bartram’s Garden, amongst other places, to see if my Sweet Annie’s returned as well. 817 more words


8 bee experts weigh in on pollinator decline & Cheerios’ bid to save them

We’ve been hearing a lot about declining bee populations. As scientists, we’re concerned about our pollinator friends. So we interviewed 8 entomologists, bee-keepers, and other pollinator experts to cut through the buzz about bees. 1,769 more words

Cheerios Media Relations Crisis Communication

 Photo Credit: pixabay.com 

Crisis communication can be a tough field to work in when you are in the Public Relations Department. You have to be prepared for anything you create, because the reputation of a celebrity, company, and band can be destroyed within in seconds. 263 more words