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Reality check: Will Cheerios' free wildflower seeds spread invasive plant species?

Cheerios’ distribution of 1.5 billion wildflower seeds in an effort to #BringBackTheBees has prompted concern that it will lead to the spread of invasive plant species… 636 more words


Gluten-free oat cereals

I’ve written a lot about kitniot on this blog previously. To recap: Kitniot are not chametz, but they are avoided on Pesach by Ashkenazim as well because they… 280 more words


Can Science Save the Bees?

The rapid loss of bees is one of the biggest issues that is currently at the forefront of environmental, as well as political, discussions. Even the cereal brand Cheerios has joined in the discussion going as far as removing the mascot off their cereal boxes in an effort to bring awareness or the shrinking honeybee population.   459 more words


Honey Nut Cheerios 'Buzz the Bee' Goes Missing From Cereal Box To Raise Awareness for Endangered Bees

The bee population is becoming endangered, and Honey Nut Cheerios is going above and beyond to raise awareness by removing ‘Buzz The Bee’ from cereal boxes. 156 more words


Culture Jam: Cheerios

A culture jam basically consists of taking a product and changing it up to draw attention to some issue the artist is interested in. Deadios is my first attempt at not only a culture jam but in using Photoshop to extensively alter a photo. 152 more words

Digital Art

The Cheerios bee rescue: Can corporations help save pollinators?

MARCH 20, 2017 —All over the world, bees are vanishing, but not just from the wild. The Cheerios cereal mascot, a cartoon honeybee named Buzz, has also disappeared from his usual position on cereal boxes around the United States. 817 more words

Daily News

Cheerios Is Under Fire For Giving Away Billions Of Invasive Wildflower Seeds

As you probably remember, Buzz, the Cheerio mascot, kind of went missing last week. His disappearance is part of General Mills’ campaign to raise awareness about the… 473 more words

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