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How My Diet Works: Clarification

Let’s be clear here, TED is making me out to be some “cereal killer”. Grow up Peter Pan… I’m not eating Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Count Chocula. 168 more words

Twisted Thoughts

Recipe: Apple Pie Hot Buttered Cheerios™

Here’s a great snack for kids and adults.

1/4 cup butter
3 tsp. pure maple syrup
1 cup chopped apple
3/4 tsp. apple pie spice… 94 more words


Wazzup Wednesday's Feb 10th

Wazzup Wednesday’s

I’ve been using Wednesday and Saturday as a sort of time to catch up with things, reviews, posts, etc. So I’m starting a Wazzup Wednesday’s meme to talk about all things that I’ve randomly liked throughout the week, be it movies, books, commercials, or what ever else that interests me. 95 more words


Someone's Gonna Pay

My brow is furrowed eyes are steeled
My outward ammunition
My lips are locked to what you’d call
An upward snarl position

My dialogue is limited… 183 more words


Embroidered Honey Nut Cheerios are curious objects

Canadian artist, Kate Jackson, calls the technique “fragile embroidery,” a process that she describes as “finding ways to embroider on things that are often too delicate to withstand needle and thread.” In addition to Cheerios, she has applied the technique to paper towels, flower petals and leaves. 37 more words


Toddler "Popcorn"

Family Movie Nights are great! Everyone gets in their pajamas and piles up on the bed for a movie. The only thing missing is the popcorn. 120 more words


Friday Favorites - food box flair

How to add flair using food boxes

To be honest, today’s favorite is fairly new. As in, I only started it last week.

But once the idea hit me, I couldn’t quit thinking of things to do with it. 230 more words

Fun Mail