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Céréales Cheerios !!!

Sayez , je l’avoue , j’ai craqué 😤 j’ai manger un énorme bol de céréales Cheerios ! A 17h 30. .. Ducoup je n’est plus faim 😂 mais c’est tellement bon et ça fond dans la bouche , avec ce petit goût de miel , un pur délice !!! 46 more words

Supermarket Cereals That Are Actually Food For You

All this while, people have been hearing that supermarket cereals are bad for them and that they should put a brake on their consumption of these processed cereals. 352 more words

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Breakfast Interrupted

Ok, so it wasn’t technically breakfast because I wasn’t technically eating.

I came out to the living area this morning and saw the box of Cheerios on top of the fridge and suddenly REALLY wanted some. 101 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

General Mills Rolling Out Healthy Snack Line

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – General Mills is rolling out a new menu of grab-and-go foods for the summer, all with a spin on healthier options.

They include a new Greek yogurt packed with fruit, whole grain oats and flax seed. 57 more words


Artificial Colors and Flavors

General Mills recently announced that they will be removing artificial colors and flavors from their remaining cereals in the coming months, with a goal of all cereals being artificial ingredient free by the end of 2016. 240 more words


Happiness Project Recipe #65: Rainbow Cheerio Yogurt Pops!

Heat. This Menopausal Mama does not LIKE heat. Alright, never mind. Like is too soft a word for my…distain of this (horrid) 90ish degree weather. Now HATE? 460 more words

Dessert Treats!


General Mills announced today that Lucky Charms are going gluten free! It makes sense, given that the process of making Cheerios safe for Celiacs involves gluten free oat flour. 613 more words

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