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General Mills Will Switch to Cage-Free Eggs by 2025

General Mills has officially put a deadline on its move to 100% cage-free eggs in all its U.S. products. By 2025, the packaged food company will complete the transformation. 202 more words


General Mills thinks you're a dumb ass, or why paying attention to nutrition labels is a good idea

General Mills is making cereal for all those people who sat in math class and said “Why do we have to learn this stuff? I’ll never use any of it.” 692 more words

Numbers Game

When Bold Claims Aren't Enough

Brands, especially familiar brands, can have a tendency to make bold claims. Sometimes they can even go as far as making ones that are outright false. 697 more words


Health-Washing, Outrage, and Glaciers - Weekly Roundup

You may have heard the word “green-washing”; i.e. when companies spin a product as being environmentally friendly without making substantive changes.  They layer on a veneer of eco-friendliness to boost sales and justify higher prices.  590 more words

Weekly Roundup

Sorry, Fitness-Lovers: Cheerios Protein Won’t Make You Swole

When you’re on the lookout for protein-rich food, the first thing you turn to is cereal, right? Um… Okay, so maybe it’s common sense that carbohydrate-bomb cereal isn’t exactly a huge source of protein. 505 more words


Creating Memorable Social Images

Lately I’ve noticed that more brands are producing visually interesting posts on social media. Not just photos with logos slapped on, predictable product features, or behind-the-scenes shots. 488 more words

Social Media

General Mills Sued For Name Of 'Cheerios Protein' Product

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A food watchdog group is suing General Mills for using misleading packaging on its “Cheerios Protein” product.

The Star Tribune reports that the Center for Science in the Public Interest sued the food company because the cereal does not contain that much more protein than regular cheerios. 109 more words