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Its new uniform time

Hey guys,

New uniform for Coventry Dynamite  levels 1-4  what are your thoughts comment below

Until next time guys!

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Thank you to our followers

To our followers we woud like to thank you for the support. This website bring us so much joy and we love sharing our passion with you guys ,here to a bigger and better 2017… 31 more words

Thank you for the collaboration

CFHTT would like to thank all the amazing brands we got to collaborate with this years. We have enjoyed learning about your brands and how you bring your products to life and we hope we can work together again in the future. 51 more words


Let's celebrate

As the year comes to and end we are all to quick to focus on the future but it’s time to take a moment to reflect on all the amazing things you have acomplished this year.Please comment below your achievements… 37 more words

Welsh ParaCheer Athletes Needed!

Hi Guys, 

We have some breaking news that is very exciting also

Team Wales Cheer are looking for ParaCheer and ParaCheer Freestyle Pom athletes in order to build competitive teams for the 2017  152 more words


Director and owner of Unity Allstars Tori Rubin. Explain what Cheer is on BBC radio one

Hey guys,

As cheerleading is thrust into the spotlight since becoming a sport BBC one spoke to Tori Rubin Director of Unity Allstars to explain what Cheerleading is. 43 more words


Cheerleading granted provisional Olympic status

Hey guys

Something great happen last night

Cheerleading and the martial art of Muay Thai have received provisional recognition as Olympic sports.

Cheerleading will receive £19,700 in annual funding from the International Olympic Committee. 213 more words