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We could all use more rainbows

I’ve been reading the blog Raising My Rainbow for a long time now, and if you’ve never checked it out, please do, because it’s as fabulous as it is heartbreaking and informative. 89 more words

NanoPoblano2019 Sharing #6

A few fun and inspiriting blogs to check out!

  1. Miscellaneous

  2. Mommy Quits.

  3. Aberrant Crochet (TM)

  4. Not So Sweet Toffee

  5. Cats and Chocolate


Previous post entries: 55 more words


Haiku!! Geshundheit!

We’re half way through November and I’ve written approximately half of the haiku required to complete my self inflicted November haiku challenge.

I have half realized that I am not good at writing haiku. 342 more words


2019 NanoPoblano Post #5

In all my reading about journaling, there was something I came across that I found kind of interesting.  It pertains to the whole notion of the “brain dumping” type of journaling.  694 more words


The Boat

Note: Today I tried a writing exercise where you use a photo prompt and write a short story as close to 100 words as possible. It will become immediately obvious that I used the photo as very loose inspiration. 131 more words

Repost, Glorious Repost.

A repost: for your reading pleasure and my tenuous grasp on sanity.  From wayyyy back in 2015, I bring you an ode to my furry darlings.  611 more words

Blogging Challenge