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The Cheeseburger & Elephant Dung

Me (happily munching away on a cheeseburger, and looking at an ad in the newspaper depicting an elephant).

Housekeeper: You know, in my village we have a lot of elephants roaming about the place. 114 more words


Cheese burgers are always a treat!

All the foodies feel delighted to know that they have got cheese burger in the meal. These are considered to be the best snacking option for all time. 287 more words

Chicken Cheese Burgers

Let's Get Started...

Okay… So first off let me explain one thing! I am so excited to start new adventures. I love seeing, trying, doing new things and I absolutely can’t get enough of it. 425 more words

Tom's Kitchen @ Somerset House

Anniversaries are these celebratory occasions where everything usually revolves around a nice meal. Especially when said anniversary is on a weekday and there is no time for anything else, which was the case with us this year. 856 more words


Love at first bite!

Do you still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down your face? Does the sight of a big chicken burger melt you deep inside? 334 more words

Chicken Cheese Burgers

Timothy's Burger

Hallo iedereen,

Vandaag had ik zin in een lekkere hamburger dus besloot ik er maar een te gaan maken en deze te delen met jullie. Maar bij het begin beginnen. 420 more words


Advanced Studio Pracice 2B Final Selection Evaluation of Images

Final images.

Final Proposal selected images.

I have selected my finally images for my portfolio as I feel they are strong and stand out. As I gave a questionnaire sheet out to friends and family to get there option and what I could shoot they selected various kinds of food such as Pizza, Burger, and pizzas etc. 285 more words

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