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Snack Time #7: Pringles Kickin' Chicken Taco

While in Las Vegas this past week, I knew I’d find some kind of treat to profile. After all, Sin City is a place of great indulgence and my quest was quickly accomplished in the form of this… 127 more words

Snack Time

Rally's Hamburgers

“The Big Buford is arguably the signature burger at Rally. But I would sign “X” to avoid attaching my name to it. The patties are dark, and tempt the reviewer to say they are well done, rather than fresh out of a warming tray. 286 more words

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Smash Burger

“Smashburger makes a living off these. It’s a classic diner style smash, with lots of dotted caramelized blackness. That smashed patty is still moist, and is seasoned more than most diner style burgers. 471 more words

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High Hat Cafe

“Cooked to a perfect medium rare with clear, greasy juices that dampen the bottom of the bun quickly. There is little crisp to the patty, however. 393 more words

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District Donuts, Sliders, Brew

“These diminutive dynamos are small on size but big on seared flavor. The patties are thin, lightly seasoned, and have nice caramelization on the outside. These have a perfect melt on the cheese, that almost drips over  the crispy sliders. 402 more words

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Critics Choice

“The Philly Burger is presented deli style  with  chips and a kosher dill spear. The top bun was dusted with corn meal and the golden rings on the insides of the Kaiser roll show it was evenly toasted in butter. 290 more words

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Ted’s Frostop Diner

“The “World Famous” Lot-O-Burger arrives with little fanfare in a plastic basket and paper. The presentation doesn’t belie complexity. The bun is soft, white (Bunny) bread, and sticks to the roof of your mouth. 406 more words

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