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Happy Burger Cake

I never got one of these when I was a kid but if I knew this was a option I would of passed up all that ice cream and chocolate cake and stuck some candles in this beautiful goodness right chea!!! 27 more words

Food Review: Ashley's Family Restaurant

This is the best place to go for a family dinner. The portions is enormous and the service is very good – fast and super friendly. 302 more words

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National Grilled Cheese Burger

I almost forgot it was national grilled cheese day! It’s never too late to make a warm, gooey, buttery sandwich! So…

I ditched my crock-pot chicken (Left overs!) and decided to do a quick grilled cheese burger. 50 more words


The 3rd Burger, Japan

The 3rd Burger is a small burger shop in Tokyo. I decided to stop by and try the shop around Ark Hills in Tokyo. 77 more words

The Kitley Inn 825 S. Kitley Ave.

Yes we went to the Kitley Inn. Laugh if you want but it is a piece Of Indianapolis History. It opened across the street from The Kitley Speedrome in 1946 and has been a viable joint ever since. 482 more words

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Holidays in Reykjavik, Iceland - review: Scandinavian Restaurant 

The Scandinavian restaurant was next door to our hotel so we popped in for dinner. I love Scandinavia so it was a natural choice. They had chalkboards with different Scandinavian dishes, one for each country. 160 more words