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The Huxtaburger Book (1): Huxtaburger

Down the road from our place is a Huxtaburger. It is great for quick meals and late-night cravings. When I first got The Huxtaburger Book I enjoyed reading the recipes and admiring the 3D burger within the book but never really thought I would cook from it. 227 more words

In a Hurry?

Sometimes, people cheat on their diets not out of weakness but more out of necessity. In my opinion,there is no sense in pulling yourself out of ketosis simply because something came up and you didn’t have time to meal prep. 191 more words

Things To Eat!

Single Cheeseburger with Grilled Onion

This deliciously tasty recipe with have all your guests/customers mouths watering. This recipe is for 5 burgers but you can multiply/divide it for more/less.

Time to make – 15 mins     Time to cook – 5-10 minutes. 605 more words


Patties, Buns, and Drag Queens- OH MY

I didn’t have time to read the reviews, but my producer told me that despite the lively decor and massive wads of fresh meat, a lot of patrons found… 265 more words


The Ozersky

Meat, American Cheese, and thinly sliced red onion on a generic bun.

Burger Rules:

Never squeeze a burger.

Just salt and pepper on the patty. 66 more words

In The Kitchen

10/31/17 Au Cheval

Au Cheval is a mismatched hole-in-the-wall, compared to it’s competitors on Randolph Street, yet rivals said competitor restaurants nonetheless. The famous burger was all I had eyes for after we stepped inside this sophisticated, warm, and timeless diner. 94 more words