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Gruyere dip

You guys. I have made the dip of all dips! It combines two of my favorite things: Gruyere cheese and caramelized onions.

The pics may not look like much- but I never claimed to be a food photographer- I just know good food when I eat it :) 280 more words


The Original Nicky Dip

When friends get together for food and drink, the conversation sometimes gets a bit quirky.  It was a small get together of six and somehow the conversation turned to dip. 328 more words

Super Simple

Birthday, extended

So every year I get coupons from different restaurants for a free entree for my birthday. I try to use every one but it gets hard- time limits and going out to much. 26 more words


I'm going to take a ride on a big jet plane.

So, apparently today is a two-poster day {a day where I post two blog posts in one day}

I guess I’m either really in my feels or really into my writing right now. 663 more words


30 Seconds of Nostalgia Part 1

I was three knuckles deep into a near empty jar of salsa con queso with the last bits of my second SuperPretzel when the idea came to me to start a blog reviewing soft pretzels. 703 more words

Cheese Dip

Party Trick Cheese Dip

For me, there’s a sneaky kind of power that comes from sitting in a room full of brilliant women, all working in different industries, all interested in talking about the tough things we still face in our world. 657 more words


Wood Fired Apps

Now that our pizza oven is up and running, we are trying to perfect different wood fired appetizers.  Of course, any of these can be done in an oven… but when the pizza oven is fired up to 1000F, appetizers don’t take long! 124 more words

What's For Dinner