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And Another One

A customer asked me to make her cheese and charcuterie platter on her own rather cool-looking tray with bone handles. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Plus, Kat was there to take real photos with a real camera. 55 more words

What Cheesemongers Do

That Cheese Platter, Tho!

I will at some point write a proper guide to creating cheese platters, but for now, I still feel like too much of a novice. Every time I think I’m getting pretty good at this, I log onto Instagram and am reminded of how far I have yet to go compared to some of the most extraordinary cheesemongers out there. 1,150 more words


A Cheese Platter a Day...

… is maybe too much. But on special occasions, it’s hard to imagine guests not being overwhelmed with joy to see a spread like this. 202 more words


Cheese Platter of the Day

I made only one cheese platter today, so it’s fair to call it the undisputed champion. The competition may not have been especially fierce, but I imagine things got pretty tense later when the only pearl onion on the plate was snatched up by some obnoxious party-crasher. 67 more words


My Official Titles at Work

Cheesemonger: Because I mong the cheese.

Cheezus: This wonderfully heretical title was granted by a butcher.

Cheese Cutter and Sausage Grabber: Also granted by a butcher. 190 more words