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Cumin and cayenne pepper gougères (cheese choux puffs) recipe! A great apéritif ...

… for a dinner or party!  Or a rainy day snack behind a window (scroll down photo101 people!).  So imagine you’ve been climbing in the mountains four days and when you return a group of climbing friends come to your house for a little party!  967 more words

Fiesta Friday

Cheesy Puff Pastries

My kids are always looking for something to nibble on. So decided to give this recipe a go. All you need is 2 ingredients, puff pastry and cheese of your choice. 69 more words

Baking Fun

Cheese Puffs (Gougeres)

I love cheese and have come home having spent $20 or more on an small assortment of the fattening goodies. When the cheese monger at the farmer’s market closed up shop a year or so ago, I was very sad. 551 more words


Cheese Doodles

The word cheese doodles is a funny one. CHEEEEEEEEESEEEEEE DOOOOOOOODLEEEEEESSSSS. I did not eat cheese doodles for the National Cheese Doodle Day or drink absinthe for National Absinthe Day. 134 more words


Savory Puffs - Cheese and Hazelnuts

Ok, to clarify, this doesn’t mean that the puffs contain both cheese and hazelnuts. It means I made a cheese version and hazelnut version out of the the same basic recipe. 566 more words

It's Squirrel Snacky Break!

I seem to be reverting back to my Canadian “apologize for everything” mode lately.  So here it is, I apologize for the poor quality of this photo!  182 more words