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Tea Time at Eloquii

I can’t recall how I got introduced to Eloquii, though I have thick, solid colored sweater dresses for cooler months, wide fashionable belts and comfortable skirts made of printed fabric in my closet more than five years old, or what my first order off the on-line plus-size store was, all I know that I’m a loyal and happy customer. 1,009 more words

Single Life Cooking

Cheese Puffs, a Cautionary Tale - Flashback Friday

Sometime ago, I was cutting across our local department store trying to take the shortest route between the craft isle to the fishing isle where my husband was shopping. 858 more words


Pão de Queijo / Brazilian Cheese Puffs / Crack Balls - Recipe and Methods

This recipe is good as a dinner roll or carb loading snack for those who have gluten sensitivity as it doesn’t use flour: it uses Tapioca starch. 1,944 more words


Day 51 20 February - Monday baking madness

I love baking for the kids and filling their lunchboxes with fresh produce. The past few years I got into the habit of always making sure I have enough products in my ‘baking’ cupboard for any emergency baking required. 318 more words

My 2017 Photo Dairy

Cheese Puffs

Wow, how easy are these to make, and how delicious.  Gotta love cooking.

Snack Food That Was Developed By A Livestock Feed Producer

What ever you call them – cheese curls, cheese puffs, corn curls, or whatever, this snack favorite was developed by a company that produced animal feed in the 1930s. 16 more words

A New Set Of Choux – Cheese Puffs With Fondue Au Fromage

I made savory cream puffs with puff pastries that were filled with shrimp and cream cheese last month. This month I put on a new set of choux. 386 more words