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I moved to Phoenix in 2008 after Kashif and I got married. Although we don’t live there anymore, my In-laws still live there so we go back frequently. 359 more words

The Meal Prep

Today I spent some part of the day meal prepping for tomorrow. One thing I discovered to do was how to shed cheese using a food processor. 166 more words


Cheese Fondue Soup

The winter is approaching and I needed something easy, tasty and comforting.

The inspiration came from Marion’s recipe http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/soup/other-soup/soup-de-chalet.html and I prepared it with the vegetables suggested in her recipes. 219 more words


Mini Frittatas

Mini muffins. Finger sandwiches. Two-bite brownies. Small foods are just better. More enjoyable to eat. I mean, just look at all the most popular snack foods. 234 more words

Gotta Love It When Your Kid Makes You Breakfast

I don’t know if I ever mentioned in this blog, but my gorgeous, handsome, smart and charming son is the result of five years of infertility treatments, prayers and lots and lots of tears. 405 more words