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Marmite Grilled Cheese

Let me make something clear, a grilled cheese is not the same as a cheese toastie. For 33 years I thought they were the same thing, until my boyfriend Jamie made me one on my birthday last week for breakfast. 557 more words

Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Lean & Mean Lasagne

Love lasagne but worried about calories? Me too! Here is my version of this delicious dish which is full of yummy vegetables and kinder to my hips. 262 more words


Loaded Potato Soup

When you have a large family consisting of three boys going through growth spurts at the same time, sometimes your weekly grocery budget gets put to the test and one of the things we have had to learn is how to shop our pantry for satisfying meals when we’re on our last bits before shopping day. 456 more words


Leftovers Improvisation: Taco Pie

Some days, we have leftovers.  To get rid of a lot of leftovers at once, it is sometimes needful to create Frankensteinian abominations of Mad Cuisine. 237 more words


Ratatouille Stuffed Shells

Well, today the baby got himself from lying on his tummy up into sitting position for the first time. I love each new skill he develops but this one has mama in a panic! 344 more words


Boats of Oats, Oats, Oats...

Oats can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes. For sweet recipes, add a pinch of brown sugar and top with your favourite fruit (e.g. 353 more words

Paris: Whirlwind, Wonder, & Wanderlust

Whirlwind – After taking my final, I exercised. Well, I “exercised,” as in I ran up and down the 5 flights of stairs more times than I could count in order to finish packing. 891 more words