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Lettuce, Peas, and Cheese Salad

This recipe for Lettuce, Peas, and Cheese Salad comes from my other grandma. We had this a lot when we went to Grandma and Gramp’s house for dinner. 411 more words


15 Minute Creamy Pasta

This creamy dish takes about the time to make as it takes to boil water and cook the pasta. The sauce is tangy and cheesy. My family eats a lot of pasta, a lot. 202 more words


Thoughts on a Lasagna

“What can I say, I don’t like lasagna.”

“Nobody doesn’t like lasagna. It’s one of those things everyone likes.”

“But I don’t, there’s something about it. 112 more words

Short Story

Cheesy baked mushrooms

The title of this makes it sound like the recipe could be faintly healthy…rest assured it is not. It is, however, seriously yummy. And sometimes yummy has to win over calorie content. 362 more words


Love's Irony

The sun is shining but it heavily rains;

The happiness you bring is causing me pain,

Your kind, placid persona drives me insane,

You left me but I’m still the one to be blamed. 70 more words


A case for Veganism from an unlikely source


I’m struggling with this so much right now.  My love of animals and wanting to open a farm animal rescue and still eating some meat and dairy now and and then?!   101 more words

The Rough Life Part II

To start, I have to credit my amazing boyfriend who is the fisherman who brought in the sockeye bearing the roe for today’s post.  Pictured above is Sockeye Salmon Caviar, a secret family recipe.   148 more words