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A Pizza With no Cheese

So today Bear was ordering us a pizza from Domino’s and he somehow managed to order it with no cheese! I mean seriously, who would even want a pizza with no cheese. 149 more words


Cream of the crop

We’ve now been getting our milk direct from Penlan y Mor for a couple of months and we are starting to get into a routine. We send a text to check it’s ok to call in, and if it is (there’s not been a problem yet) we drive down with our 10 litre churn and get it filled from the huge refrigerated tank. 124 more words

Food And Cooking

Why is cheese such a big deal?

As the French protect a precious gastronomic cultural heritage, picking your favourite cheese is all about sampling and tasting authenticity.

“Any French cheese is the result of a unique interaction between the environment, animals and human farming practices; that means a cheese originating from a particular area in France could only ever have been made in that place. 31 more words


Dog Friendly Restaurant: Edith's House Part 2

Remember when Marley and I went to Edith’s House for tea and scones? The one with the really kitsch decor?

Well they’ve finally launched their evening menu and it is as amazing as you would expect. 180 more words


Cheesy Corn Casserole 

As we were looking for something else to take to my family’s Thanksgiving I decided that I could make this corn casserole. There were a couple of reasons mainly though it was because I had the recipe and I had leftover corn from Thanksgiving. 350 more words

Side Dishes

November News Round-Up

  • Fizzy drinks can’t claim to be part of a balanced diet
  • Aged cheese and longevity?
  • Parkinson’s disease may start in the gut (VIDEO)
  • How your calf muscle affects weight loss (!)
  • 1,191 more words

Terry Chocolate Orange No-Bake Cheesecake!

I always thought that my mum didn’t like cheese cake because she didn’t like cream cheese! Turns out she’s never even tried it, so we decided to make our own! 212 more words