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Homemade American Cheese (popscookbook9)

1 1/2 t unflavored gelatin
1 T water
3 c Colby/Monterey Jack cheese, shredded fine
4 c mild Cheddar cheese, shredded fine
1 T whole dry milk powder… 221 more words

Porto, Portugal

Lady inspects the cured meats and cheeses on display at Comer e Chorar por Mais


Cheddar, Ham, and Green Peppercorn Souffle

A kind and generous follower of But First sent this recipe on to us very recently.  We were blown away with its cheesy goodness and the ease with which it all goes together.   89 more words


Pine Nut and Havarti Souffles

Want  full-flavored hors d’oeuvres to make ahead and reheat in just a few minutes before the doorbell rings!  Make several recipes of these if you have a crowd coming.   167 more words


Oma's Homemade Quark (quickgermanrecipes)

1 qt buttermilk

Pour buttermilk into Greek Yogurt Maker container. Cover and set for 12 hour incubation. Pour into sieve set into other container to drain in fridge for about 6 hours. 10 more words