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Life is Short. Eat the Cheetos.

Do you remember a time when you ate whatever you wanted and you didn’t feel guilty about it?

I ate what I wanted my whole life and never felt guilty about it until my diet met my age and created a muffin-top, physician-concerning cholesterol numbers and high blood sugar readings. 334 more words

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Orange Crush

It was so ridiculous. I ate a pretty big, and fairly late, breakfast this morning. I figured it would take me through the rest of the day. 418 more words


Eating Up Editing (While Looking for Mr. Goodbar)

If I were an editor I’m afraid junk food would be my only friend. Maybe editing the work of other writers is different from editing your own, but editing my own is the most tedious, mind-numbing work I’ve ever done. 340 more words

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5 Ways I Have No Self Control...

1) I went to the store last night, determined to buy only healthy food. I am 7 months pregnant, 20 pounds gained, and not wanting to repeat my 208 pound weight at 9 months in – like I did with my first. 590 more words

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Nicaragua 2016 - Villa Esperanza Fun

When we go to Nicaragua with Forward Edge International we are blessed to be able to stay at Villa Esperanza and have opportunities to spend time with the girls there. 538 more words


Cheetos Barbecue Sauce Flavour - Frito Lay

I am SO stoked for todays snack, it just looks amazing and I can’t wait to eat it!

Cheetos BBQ sauce flavour

They caught my eye on ebay a little while ago and when I had a few too many drinks my happy self decided that it would be a good idea to order them… and with them infront of me I am super happy that I did. 431 more words


10 American Foods a Brit Misses

Once I am back over the pond, I do miss some American foods that I acquired a taste for. Whether you consider them healthy or not is another matter, but I enjoyed them and hanker for them when I am not stateside. 541 more words