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Cheetos Jumps On The Meesage-Oriented Super Bowl Commercial Bandwagon On 'SNL'

Whether it was a case of consciousness, coincidence or just exploiting the current political climate for monetary gain, this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads… 188 more words


BREAKING: Trump first in line for experimental hand enlargement

Earlier this week, an English surgeon announced that he would be making an experimental operation available for testing on human volunteers. Dr. Hanson Longfellow previously performed an experimental hand surgery on an ape, and now, he says he is ready to give it a whirl with a human. 365 more words


Pagan $100 Mil Dólares Por Un Cheeto En Forma De Gorila

¿Te recuerdas de Harambe?

Harambe, es el gorila que fue asesinado en mayo del 2016 despues de que un niño traspaso las medidas de seguridad y entro a su recinto, ahora vuelve a ser noticia, y todos gracias a un Cheeto. 55 more words


Confidential to @Green_Footballs Johnson: Stop doing this.

The Cheeto Chair:  Results Of Eating 1 Bag Of Cheetos Every Day For Years And Wiping Hand On Seat. Yes, That Is Mold.

Little Green Footballs

Harambe Shaped Cheeto is worth almost 100k

We all remember the tragic death of the Silverback Gorilla named Harambe. Well you can keep him close to your heart right now on eBay for only $99,900. 101 more words