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20 Amazing Recipes You Can Make With Cheetos

Everyone has enjoyed a cheeto at some point in there lives.

We found a list of amazing recipes you can make with Cheetos.

We are going to try a couple of these. 7 more words


Hackers And Cheetos...A Parent's Dilemma

I think that it is our duty as  Parents  to keep an eye on what our kids are doing on the  Internets,  the world we live in now is very different from how it was when I was a kid.   750 more words


Marriage Equality: Now What?

“Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today.”

-that priest from The Princess Bride

“If you liked it, well then by golly, you should have placed a ring on it.” 1,168 more words

When your allergy kid can't eat Cheetos!

Cheetos are not the healthiest—but they are close to the best!!! And every time my non-allergy oldest buys a bag, I feel tremendous pity for my allergy middle. 150 more words


The Attic - Long Beach, CA

The perfect brunch place for any occasion. A converted home turned restaurant offers indoor, outdoor, and partial outdoor seating. Allowing patrons to soak in some UV rays or feel the light breeze through their hair while dining. 369 more words

Watching the Legs like Cheetos

“I can’t pay the rent this month.” Dave said as a matter of fact.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean there was a family emergency, and they need it more than I do. 445 more words

Creative Writing

Slow Start/Start Slow

The other day I lamented that I had a slow start to my day.
It happens a lot actually. I find myself lost in all the things that need to be done, not knowing where to start. 498 more words