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Impulse Buy: Korean Cheetos

So I love Cheetos. They are my favourite junk food of all time, which means my life is a journey of one cheeto bag to another. 224 more words

Impulse Buy

Creative Writing Portfolio Assembly

Ice Storm Jupiter, we’re told, is bringing the Icepocalypse to the midwest. What better time to lightly cover the first two weeks of Creative Writing Portfolio Assembly? 587 more words


Happy 2017? More like...

Yes, we’re all still in shock for a variety of reasons… The 2nd Avenue Subway is LIVE. Meanwhile, the Cheeto-elect with his chronic gaslighting and “fabbing” (a.k.a. 214 more words


From Jelly Donut Burgers To Fish Stick Pizza: The Year In Stunt Foods

Who wants a plain ol’ burger when you can have a burger burrito? Or cheese sticks when you can have Cheetos-dusted sticks fulfilled with macaroni? In 2016, you could have these interesting mashups and so much more, as fast food restaurants and snack companies continuously tried to one-up each other.  1,696 more words

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