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Toss it like it's Hot

Okay so to be completely honest I am not big on sports, I think that they are a total bore and that includes cricket (GASP!) but unfortunately that’s not how the rest of the Usman’s in this household swing. 106 more words

Road Trips

Nothing defines a road trip quite like a bag of Cheetos Puffs.


Top 5 Friday: My Favorite Gaming Snacks.

Gaming snacks, really?  I know, I know.  Think about it though; as gamers we like to sit in front of a screen, but unlike serial TV watchers, we don’t have our hands free.  599 more words

Video Games

Cheetos, 'Frozen' and the itch

The silence of the room is deafening at times  even with the squawking of the police scanner, the jingling of the dog’s tags and the the hum of the boxed fan blowing from the kitchen. 922 more words

Becky Holland

Chicken cordon bleu sandwich, pasta salad, and Cheetos

Campus Leadership Council meeting means free Aramark lunch! If we’re honest, it’s 40% of the reason I’m here. The sandwich was new and pretty great, there’s something about dry, leathery institutional ham slices that I really enjoy. 68 more words


With #CanWeBringBack, Twitter Proves Nostalgia Has a Short Shelf Life

It’s become a cliché to talk about “the good old days,” but the truth is that for most millennials the good old days were actually not that long ago—like, 2004. 261 more words

I Buy Pretty Things #010

Can I make “6 Second Food Review” a thing? Quick and to the point, I don’t hate it. Maybe hate my unruly hair, but I spent half my day painting so I don’t really feel bad about it. 851 more words