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You Can Get This Cheeto Flavored Cookie In Santa Monica

Photo Credit: Cookie Good

Ross Canter, co-owner and baker at Cookie Good in Santa Monica thought of this crazy cookie recipe one late night when he was trying to come up with new holiday flavors. 11 more words

Cheeto Decontamination Unit

Do you eat Cheetos? Well, probably a lot less over the past year than you used to. Suddenly, I’ve lost any desire for them. But I have eaten more than my share of Cheetos in my life. 679 more words


Cheetos makes no bones about this snack.     BWAH WAH WHA WHA…see what I did there?    These Flamin’ Cheetos are here for Halloween and are “bone shaped” so you can construct mini-Cheetos-skeletons with them.   29 more words

Snack Chips

10 Worse Things For Kids...Ever.

Here is a list of things targeted for kids but are in reality the worst things for kids to have from personal experience and I’m sure many other parents will agree. 425 more words

MORNING BULL: Now THESE Are Cheat Day Meals & Both Involve Cheetos [VIDEO]

First – Cowboy Dave, Houston’s “Drive Thru Gastronaut”, has this drive thru review this morning!

If y’all haven’t had Burger Kings Cheeto’s chicken fries… you’re robbing yourself of one of life’s little joys! 208 more words


Must...Try...Mac N' Cheetos Pizza!!!

As the holidays quickly approach, you might as well go ahead and throw away any and all diet plans. In fact, if you’re looking for something super delicious and fattening to serve your family and friends…may we recommend the Mac N’ Cheetos pizza! 69 more words