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Albert Adria… The World’s Best Pastry Chef

Perhaps if there had been a reality television series called “Keeping up with the Adriàs”, the name Albert Adrià would have been as familiar as that of his older brother, Ferran Adrià, before now. 1,893 more words


Vagabond's Chef Alex Chang on the Prizes and Pitfalls of Youth

Plate Magazine is one of my favorite clients to write for. Being an industry rag, they focus purely on what chefs are doing, exploring with incredible depth and covering a wide gamut of food, culture and lifestyle topics. 1,751 more words


Interview with Jim Blevins, Executive Chef of Butcher and The Brewer

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jim Blevins, the executive chef of Butcher and the Brewer on East Fourth Street. He’s extremely down-to-earth, talented, passionate, and definitely knows his food.  1,311 more words


Alice Waters, The Quiet Revolutionary

Time magazine named Alice Waters as one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2014, and with 14 books and a slew of awards and honours, the 71 year old is probably the most celebrated food personality in the US. 1,990 more words

Chef Interview

Nordic Cuisine… Time to Move On

The question Christian Puglisi hates being asked most by journalists is “What is this ‘new Nordic cuisine’?” He tells me this at the end of our interview, he was so pleased I hadn’t asked. 2,032 more words


People Intimidated by Michelin Star

“Bon Appetit definitely will lose its star,” says Oliver Dunne when I talked to him in January this year, referring to the Malahide restaurant where he is executive chef and owner, and one of only nine places in Ireland to be awarded a coveted Michelin star. 1,658 more words


Madhur Jaffrey on Indian Cooking

Madhur Jaffrey is not an early riser. I discover this at the end of our interview, which was on a Sunday morning at 9.30am. Not only is she not an early riser, she was up until five in the morning working on recipes. 1,350 more words

Chef Interview