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Guide to the Perfect Paella Courtesy of Chef Rueben of El Sur, Dubai

Originating from Valencia, Paella remains not only one of Spain’s most popular dishes but has also transitioned the world over, loved by hungry foodies for its versatility and rich flavours. 918 more words

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The Thing About Miss Thing's - Chef Jasper Wu and Head Barman Robin Wynne

FOMO is a real thing. Especially when you’re waiting at the bus stop in -6 degrees, pulling your tuque lower over your forehead to brace yourself against the next gust of wind. 1,277 more words

Chef Interview

#TroublesomeDuo: Chef Ashay Dhopatkar and Chef Neha Lakhani

A lot of chefs are highly passionate about their work but chefs who are fun loving pranksters too, are not quite common. Such rare chefs not only are perfectionists, have the ability to make awesome food but also rev up the jolly vibe around them. 1,371 more words

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Tasty n Sons Secret to Success

Since opening in 2010, Tasty n Sons has been a brunch-time favorite. So what’s their secret? Like a great riddle, the answer, is deceptively simple. 955 more words


All Smoke - No Mirrors: BarChef's Frankie Solarik

A chef walks into a bar – and never walks out. It’s not the start of a joke; it’s the start of one of Toronto’s most visionary bartender’s career. 1,027 more words

Chef Interview

Devoted to Food. Portland Chef José Chesa

Great restaurants transport guests. Chesa lets the world outside, melt away. A Josper grill gently warms the air with Orange wood. Large black and white sketches trigger memories of Spain. 1,176 more words


Why Chef Farrell Loves Portland

There is something truly magical to interviewing a Chef in his kitchen. Especially, before his restaurant opens. There’s a relaxed ease to Chef David Farrell as he dances between conversation and cooking his signature Cioppino. 1,179 more words