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Chef's Table: The Sisters

The Chef’s Table is back for June and this month I spoke to the wonderful Jacqueline O’Donnell, Chef/Patron of the acclaimed The Sisters!

After 12 years as a pastry chef, Jak decided to try her hand at private dining and before long The Sisters was born.   368 more words

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Interview: Chef Junishi Ikematsu from Montreal's Jun-i Restaurant

It is unsurprising that Chef Junishi Ikematsu, Head Chef and Co-owner of Jun-i Restaurant in Montreal, would cite teamwork as one of the key ingredients to his restaurant’s success. 916 more words

Chef's Table: Paesano Pizza

Since the relaunch of the blog in March, I’ve been working away on some exciting new features, and I’m very excited to show you my latest, The Chef’s Table!  542 more words

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Guide to the Perfect Paella Courtesy of Chef Rueben of El Sur, Dubai

Originating from Valencia, Paella remains not only one of Spain’s most popular dishes but has also transitioned the world over, loved by hungry foodies for its versatility and rich flavours. 918 more words

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The Thing About Miss Thing's - Chef Jasper Wu and Head Barman Robin Wynne

FOMO is a real thing. Especially when you’re waiting at the bus stop in -6 degrees, pulling your tuque lower over your forehead to brace yourself against the next gust of wind. 1,277 more words

#TroublesomeDuo: Chef Ashay Dhopatkar and Chef Neha Lakhani

A lot of chefs are highly passionate about their work but chefs who are fun loving pranksters too, are not quite common. Such rare chefs not only are perfectionists, have the ability to make awesome food but also rev up the jolly vibe around them. 1,371 more words