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365 Days in My Kitchen: 136

Chef Knife

We picked up this smaller-sized chef’s knife last week for use by my mini sous chefs. It’s a the perfect size for them.

365 Days In My Kitchen

2-5-15 The Practice Wife Cans The Gray Away

The practice wife,

and his kitchen life,

with his kitchen knife,

as his kitchen wife,

in this practice life,

with his practice knife,

practiced the gray, 88 more words


My New Weapon

I have a new weapon of mass destruction!…or as you may call it, a new kitchen knife. :P

Safeway has been running this promotion where every $10 you spend you get a sticker, if you save enough stickers you get a knife. 346 more words


My Knife is an extension of my Mind/Body

What is a chef without the knife ? my knife is an extension of my mind/body.
You can tell a lot about a chef by the way they take care of their tools. 93 more words