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Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives sell pretty well on Ebay, whether they’re new, vintage or antique, as long as they are good quality. All the knives shown below were purchased in the past several months, all for under a buck and lots of them for pennies. 483 more words


Chef knife Review - Masakage Yuki Gyuto

Chef Knife review 

in this article I will be reviewing the Masakage yuki gyuto , japanese style Chef Knife . I have been using it professionally , sometimes for up to 14 hours in a day , for a few years now , so , I feel that I can offer a very accurate review for those of you who are curious about different knifes ,  and/or  looking for a very high quality knife . 656 more words

Happiness Is A Sharp Knife

I’ve been neglecting my knives for far too long. I let my sharpening stone soak in water for a few days. I only finished one knife tonight, a Victorinox Chef Knife. 24 more words


Country Calzones

Between Pizza and a Calzone, Sometimes it’s a tough choice. I know they are essentially the same thing, but there is just something enticing about all that good stuff wrapped up in a fresh dough pocket that just makes me happy to eat. 717 more words


Premio Dardos Award & Versatile Blogger Award!!


I would very much like to thank Mypinchofyum for nominating me for the Premio Dardos & Versatile Blogger Awards. This came as a very pleasant surprise this morning when I opened my email. 358 more words


Russian Dressing

Russian and Thousand Island Dressings are often confused. The are both close in color, and are both mayonnaise based. Russian however has a spicier kick to it as the Thousand Island is sweeter. 263 more words