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Chef Sean Quinn Wins 5th Annual FoodFight Competition

FoodFight recently held its 5th annual competition in New York and Chef Sean Quinn, Executive Chef at Chadwick’s, was crowned champion. The annual competition raised money to support FoodFight’s mission, which is to revolutionize the way people eat and think about food. 310 more words


Omaha's Culinary Culture Rises: Dedicated Local Chefs Elevate Your Dining Experience

I don’t know if thinking about food a good deal of the time and preparing things from scratch once or twice a week qualifies me as a foodie, but in truth I am somewhere between the eating to live and living to eat camps.   3,675 more words


Haute and Mighty

When people think of a chef, what comes to mind? Gordon Ramsay? Bobby Flay? Elzar? Many of the most well known chefs have been, or are, still on television. 76 more words

The Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival on Grand Avenue

Tonight I got to attend the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival which brought together a cornucopia of food, wines and spirits. The crowd was mixed and eclectic but the stars were there. 117 more words


Chef couple shares a passion for food

Story and picture originally published in Taos News

Photo: Katharine Egli

There is a new restaurant in town—Medley, that opened on May 28th. It is located where the Old Blinking Light used to be, but the owners, Chefs Wilks and Colleen Medley, want people to know one thing: 948 more words

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Of tiny joys and culinary adventures

A famous person once said, “A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” I am sure this person must have been a great cook because I cannot cook anything even to save my life. 691 more words