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Stories from Behind the Iron Curtain (and in front, actually!)

Moscow Tales – translated by Sasha Dugdale / edited by Helen Constantine

Short stories have been something of a life-saver, reading wise, in recent weeks, and this lovely collection was no exception. 572 more words

An essay on Carver deeper than Birdman

With the annual drought of films to track and write up after the Oscars, I’ve had some time to dive a little deeper in to what I admired so much about this past year’s Best Picture winning film,  1,070 more words

A Good Read

For “Allah Dey” Odunewu: Ikhide, Meet Chekhov

I once wrote some nonsense on Facebook right after my second glass of cognac, the sort that comes easily to me after ogogoro has started making me see tomorrow. 806 more words


Theatre Review: The Cherry Orchard (Вишневый сад)

The Cherry Orchard / Вишневый сад

performed by the Griboyedov Theatre Company on the small stage of the Griboyedov Theatre

This was the most traditional and least creative play I’ve seen in Georgia, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. 362 more words


The Russian Lit Cheat Sheet

Despite the blog’s name I rarely ever discuss books on here. I get that people want the quick content, the pretty pictures and the outfit inspiration. 620 more words


Poem of the week

Once some people were visiting Chekhov.
While they made remarks about his genius
the Master fidgeted. Finally
he said, “Do you like chocolates?”
They were astonished, and silent. 148 more words

We are independent majestic beings by Katie B.

In Anton Chekhov’s short story, “The Darling,” published in his collection Later Short Stories 1888-1903, Chekhov wrote a story about a woman and her adventures in love to appeal to the feminine percent of the population so he could underhandedly inform women everywhere of their role in this world. 422 more words

Short Stories