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“Wow – look at this!” I say excitedly (I read far too many Famous Five books as a child), “There’s a Chekhov bonanza going on down in Chichester. 653 more words



The Genesian Theatre in Sydney’s Kent Street is performing one of the world’s most famous classic plays for its current production, “Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov which is directed by Timothy Bennett with Associate Director, Roger Gimblett. 224 more words

We talk cats, foxes and chickens with Becky Finlay-Hall!!

A stalwart of the Excess All Areas Panto, Becky Finlay-Hall will give us her Puss in this year’s panto, Kitten in Heels at the LOST Theatre… 501 more words

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“Write a story about this, will you…how a young man, the son of a serf, a former shopkeeper, choir boy, school boy and student, taught to respect rank, to kiss the priests’ hands, to worship the ideas of others, to be grateful for his daily bread, to appreciate a beating, who went to school without galoshes, who got into fist fights, who tortured little animals, who loved to dine at the home of rich relatives, who played the hypocrite before God and men for no reason at all other than the recognition of his own insignificance, — write how that young man is squeezing the slave out of himself drop by drop, and how he wakes up one fine morning and feels that in his veins there flows no longer the blood of a slave, but true human blood.” … 7 more words


“But I’m only a minor character, aren’t I?”

-Yelena Andreevna, in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya


Understanding Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" by Shaping Text

Uncle Vanya is a play written by Anton Chekhov that premiered in Moscow in 1899. It is a play heavy with emotion. Each character has their own simple objective that is as important as any other character. 575 more words

Essay: 'Dry Fires'

Check out my latest piece of film criticism, an essay about unloaded guns in The Lobster, Slow West, Carol, and The Forbidden Room freshly posted over at Photogénie!