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Are you there God? It's me, Yelp.

Having ended the work week last week with the tragic death of a young man from our community center, my weekend then started with the unfortunate death of my husband’s grandmother. 800 more words


Thoughts on Subtext and Feeling Old

I received a gift in the mail from my friend Bunniey, who sometimes keeps the *most random* stuff. She has been going through a lot of it (future minimalist? 300 more words



March 3rd 2015

Today I watched Birdman. And this isn’t a film reviewing blog so I won’t tell you what I thought about it (it was amazing) but telling you I watched it is necessary for the story I want to tell today. 600 more words


Top 5 Things You Do Not Say to Star Trek: The Original Series Fans

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

1. Picard was way better than Kirk. He didn’t waste hours making love to weird green alien women, fighting cheesy lizard people, and visiting strange new worlds that all look like the same reused sets. 94 more words


Chekhov's Razor

Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s advice for revising work is to throw out the first three pages. The foundation of the story usually contains the most exposition and although exposition can be helpful in increasing drama it also is very telling. 68 more words

Writing Tips

Review: The Prank-The Best of Young Chekhov by Anton Chekhov

I received an advanced review copy of these stories from The New York Review of Books.

My Review:
These short stories have been collected and published in one volume for the first time and this collection also features two stories that have never before been translated into English.  492 more words

Short Stories

Top 5ive Short Stories: Jeremy

5. “Home Burial” by Robert Frost. Though technically a poem, I have always thought of this as a short story. A husband and wife grieve over the loss of their son, each in a way that is incommensurable with the other’s. 323 more words

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