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My Feminist Idol: Lieutenant Nyota Uhura

Written by Rios de la Luz

Mirror, Mirror (Star Trek TOS) was the very first episode of Star Trek I was exposed to. I fell in love and watched it over and over. 1,178 more words

My Feminist Idol

Review: The Seagull

Balancing comedy and tragedy, The Seagull brings out the playfulness of Chekov for an entertaining evening under the night sky

The Seagull: plot

The Seagull, 582 more words

Star Trek - The Omega Glory

In which the Enterprise crew encounter the USS Exeter, a starship devoid of all its crew. While at first it seems very Marie Celeste, the away team (Kirk, McCoy, Spock and red shirt) discover uniforms all over the place, empty bar a residue of crystals. 536 more words


Star Trek - By Any Other Name

In which the Enterprise encounters members of the Kelvan civilisation, who are determined to go home to the point at which they capture the ship. 122 more words


The years of 'Gertrude's Cottage.' (Auto-biography)

The meandering through life’s travels and travails will continue for as long the memory will keep on serving the details or at least the general gist of them. 1,016 more words

Gerard Oosterman

What does DCI Tony Forward share with Chekov?

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Forward’s hobby is directing amateur theatricals.

His latest production for the Sandleton-on-Sea Players is “The Cherry Orchard”.

It’s nearly midnight and he still hasn’t completed the dress rehearsal. 205 more words


The Wind up her Tail

Circling ceramic vans

Trying to keep to the pavement

She’s got the wind up her tail.

Chasing a loose plait

Grazing walls, drawers with pleading palms… 160 more words

Catherine Crosswell