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Star Trek: The Flawed First Film

Review by Logan

My journey as a trekkie began later in life.  I didn’t grow up on it, because no one else in my family was a sci-fi geek.   590 more words

Movie Reviews

The Cherry Orchard - a review

By Scott Williamson

A play by Anton Chekov, adapted by award winning playwright Simon Stephens, directed by Katie Mitchell, playing at The Young Vic theatre, Southwark. 221 more words


Her Lover- Anton Chekov

An acquaintance of mine once told me the following story.

When I was a student at Moscow I happened to live alongside one of those ladies whose repute is questionable. 1,982 more words

19th Century Literature

Star Trek - Metamorphosis

In which Kirk, McCoy, Spock and Commissioner Nancy Hedford are forcefully taken to a strange world as an emergency medical mission goes awry. They find Zefram Cochrane, a noted explorer from pre-Federation times, who has been mysteriously rejuvenated by the force that lives on the planet. 284 more words


Star Trek - I, Mudd

In which the Enterprise is taken for a joyride by an android controlled by Harry Mudd.

Yes, it’s a return for the misogynistic escapee from the Adam West… 119 more words


Why You Should Read One Novel Every Week

I was once told many years ago, “for every fifty-thousand words you read you improve as a writer.”

There was nothing scientific backing it up, but it did seem to prove true. 563 more words


Rothschild's Fiddle -Anton Chekov a short story

The town was a little one, worse than a village, and it was inhabited by scarcely any but old people who died with an infrequency that was really annoying. 4,080 more words

19th Century Literature