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Star Trek - The Mark Of Gideon

In which Kirk has a transporter oopsie and finds himself on an empty Enterprise while trying to visit the isolationist people of Gideon.

Spock, believing Kirk is on Gideon, is increasingly infuriated by the comms calls with the Gideon ambassador, a curiously haired chap called Hodin. 487 more words


Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" Premieres

Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard receives its premiere performance at the Moscow Art Theatre on this date in 1904. Chekov will die of tuberculosis in November of the same year.


Star Trek Beyond Trailer - In Depth Analysis

Star Trek: Beyond

What The Trailer Tells Us

Watch First If You Haven’t Yet

Alright guys and girls, it happened. The highly anticipated, long awaited Star Trek: Beyond trailer has dropped. 1,024 more words

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Experience the Final Frontier in First Teaser for STAR TREK BEYOND

The first teaser for Justin Lin’s STAR TREK BEYOND has snuck past the neutral zone borders and is available for you to watch now… 218 more words

By David Coupe

#75 "The Way to Eden"

My Trek Posters are back!  Down to the last 5Here’s The Way to Eden — It took me a while to figure out how to present this bizarre episode; I ended up making it a 23rd century Dear Abby letter from “Edgy Ensign” to “Spocky”.  29 more words

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Star Trek - Elaan of Troyius

In which the Enterprise crew are called to assist in an arranged marriage, intended to bring about peace between two hostile civilisations, the Elasians and the Troyians. 273 more words


A Boring Story by Anton Chekov

“He had gone to the theatre, you see, the drunken blockhead, not for the sake of art, the play, but for elevation! He wanted noble sentiments.”

4,703 more words
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