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#75 "The Way to Eden"

My Trek Posters are back!  Down to the last 5Here’s The Way to Eden — It took me a while to figure out how to present this bizarre episode; I ended up making it a 23rd century Dear Abby letter from “Edgy Ensign” to “Spocky”.  28 more words

Star Trek

A Boring Story by Anton Chekov

“He had gone to the theatre, you see, the drunken blockhead, not for the sake of art, the play, but for elevation! He wanted noble sentiments.”

4,703 more words
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The Fire in the Night

“Or else I’d try to force myself to fall in love; in fact, I did it twice. And I suffered, gentlemen, I assure you I did. 3,965 more words

Current Events

Star Trek: Renegades Update - New Kickstarter Campaign Launches

We reported yesterday that the Renegades team would be launching a new Kickstarter soon… and today we found out when!

The Kickstarter will launch on the 28th of October and it is for episodes two and three – which will serve as the swan song for the character of Admiral Pavel Chekov.   320 more words

Star Trek News

Chekov Vows to Quit Writing Plays

On this date in 1896, Anton Chekov vows to abandon play writing after the premiere production of his play “The Seagull” flops in St. Petersburg.


Star Trek - For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky

In which the Enterprise is fired upon by a spaceship that is disguised as an asteroid and McCoy discovers he is terminally ill with only a year remaining. 465 more words


Star Trek - The Tholian Web

In which the Enterprise, investigating the disappearance of the starship Defiant, discover that there was a mutiny on the ill-fated craft. What’s worse is that the Defiant is flickering in and out of the universe, taking Kirk with it. 472 more words