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Michael Mayer on the Necessity of Art


I say this without reservation. Michael Mayer’s adaptation of Anton Chekov’s THE SEAGULL is the best I have ever seen, and it is easily one of the best films of 2018, and not just because Annette Benning makes the vain and oblivious Irina an intriguingly complex character, nor because Elisabeth Moss’ tragi-comic turn as Masha is nothing short of breathtaking as she combines ferocity and vulnerability with flawless comic timing that reveals the depths of her character’s heartbreak.. 46 more words

Da Vinci’s Sfumato and Chekov’s Razor

Leonardo da Vinci introduced a mindset that every author should be employing in their writing, if they are not already. This mindset resulted from a technique da Vinci used in his paintings called sfumato, or “gone up in smoke”. 952 more words


Anton Pavlovich Chekov: A Slander

Serge Kapitonich Ahineev, the writing master, was marrying his daughter to the teacher of history and geography. The wedding festivities were going off most successfully. In the drawing room there was singing, playing, and dancing. 1,410 more words

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HeroClix Star Trek Release Event in Dyersburg, Tennessee

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!

We just had our Star Trek Away Team release event on Sunday and it was a blast! We were only able to get three folks to come up for the event, but this didn’t dampen our spirits at all! 1,059 more words


Theatre News: October 8 - 14

Local News

A statement on the CALQ 2017 funding results from Diverisité Artistique Montréal. CALQ ought to answer some of the questions laid out by DAM and the Réseau des Artistes pour l’Équité (supported by such companies as Teesri Dunyia and Black Theatre Workshop – companies that specifically support and produce art by cultural, enthic, racial, and linguistic minorities). 450 more words

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Countdown to Star Trek Discovery - 5 Days: Where Are Kirk and Co?

On Sunday, September 24, Star Trek Discovery premieres. This is an exciting event for Trekkers everywhere and And There Came A Day celebrates with a week long countdown to the pilot episode! 1,502 more words

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#50- A Simple Thank You

This year, I’ve gotten to briefly meet, and thank, two performers who have been really influential in my life. They were such quick encounters, but I’m grateful to have had them. 320 more words