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How did a Russian get aboard the USS Enterprise?

Star Trek: The Original Series was an early attempt at a diverse cast that would speak to Earth and humanity reaching a peaceful resolution of its many problems before heading to the stars. 353 more words

New autographs since my post in June: Kit Harington & Anton Yelchin

I got two new treasures in my collection, one thanks to the lovely Kesi, who met Kit Harington (Jon Snow/GoT) in person after his play “Doctor Faustus” and kindly got his autograph for me <3 Thank you SO much!! 147 more words


Chekov Will NOT Be Recast in Coming Star Trek Film

Star Trek 4 was confirmed this week. In a conversation with Postmedia Network, J.J. Abrams has confirmed that Chekov will not be recast.

“I would say there’s no replacing .

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Anton Yelchin will Not be Replaced in Star Trek 4

In a time seemingly filled with endless death and despair you’d think that the news of another soul lost to oblivion would be overlooked because of all that we have going on in the world today, and yet a month has passed and I and many others still mourn the loss of an actor gone too soon, Anton Yelchin. 277 more words

“Man is what he believes.” (Anton Chekhov)

Ne permitem opulenta sa credem, apoi sa sustinem o gramada de “valori”, asa pur si simplu. Nici nu mai stiu de cate ori am facut-o, nici nu mai stiu de cate ori i-am vazut pe altii. 493 more words

Fara Titlu

Getting back in the ring

Lappeenranta, Finland. November 2004.

I stood in the shadows of a darkened stairwell, another man standing close to me, nervous energy hanging in the air around and between us. 1,264 more words


Pagi Seorang Lelaki Muda

Aku telah melalui banyak hal dalam hidup, dan sekarang,  kurasa aku telah menemukan apa yang diperlukan demi kebahagiaan. Hidup terpencil di negeri yang tenang ini, dengan kemungkinan berguna bagi orang-orang yang biasa berbuat baik, dan yang tidak terbiasa untuk menerima hal tersebut. 1,965 more words