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Frustrating Season For Chelsea F.C

It has been frustrating season for Chelsea fans as the team suffered their 7th loss in Premier League this season at the hands of Stoke City.Serious questions need to be answered about the players and Jose Mourinho in particular.As a true Chelsea fan,it is  frustrating and disappointing to see team playing like this.I still can’t believe that we won the league last season with the same team and now sit 16th on points table,a place away from relegation zone.Too bad for reigning champions to be involved in a relegation battle.Much of our problems I believe involves Jose Mourinho.No doubt he is a fantastic manager and the best one our club has seen but he really has lost it this time.When I say this,fellow Chelsea fans accuse me of being a glory hunter.I guess I can’t really help it.I agree that we cannot win every single game and win titles every season but 7 losses out of 11 matches indicates there is a huge problem with team and so far he has not been able to change things for good.Further his arrogance is becoming a huge problem.With every game,there is new controversy surrounding him or the club.Chelsea is in news for all the wrong reasons and that is very insulting to see for a great club.Along with manager,players are equally to be blamed.I liked Costa last season when he scored goals and showed hunger to score more.This season he is more focused on picking up fights and getting fouls.I belive it’s time to really drop him on bench and play Remy.No doubt Remy has problems but atleast he shows hunger and appeals to me more than Costa.He also has more pace than Costa.Hazard too has been poor in form and is miles away from what he was last season.Though he showed signs of improving in our game against Stoke,he is still far from best.Defence has also been an issue this season.It was never an issue in recent times,but this season we look dismal at back,conceding two goals on average per game.I don’t really know what has happened to the team.Everyday there is something bad coming  out about the team or the manager.It is high time that Mourinho really proves that he is ‘Special One’ or  else he can leave.It feels bad to say like this and ask for Mourinho to go out but Club is always at the top,above from players and manager.I can not see my beloved club Chelsea losing everyday and drop down further with every passing game.I can only hope for results to turn around and be optimistic about it.With the international break coming up,it will give Mourinho ample time to rethink his strategy and rediscover himself.The team really needs him to stand up and be a responsible guy.

Chelsea F.C


Este año me he embarcado en un nuevo e ilusionante proyecto que se llama Chelsea F.C.

Este club, tan particular, que me ha abierto las puertas y depositado en mí su confianza, tiene como principal objetivo, la formación integral del deportista, y a diferencia de lo que pueda ocurrir en otros clubs, aquí puedo dar fe de que se cumple a rajatabla. 208 more words


Clock Ticking for Jose Mourinho and Chelsea.

As Chelsea found their way out of the League Cup after a 5-4 defeat on penalties at the hands of Stoke City,people believed it was end of Jose Mourinho’s reign at Chelsea.The defeat came after a 2-1 loss against West Ham United which left them lowly at 15th place on points table.Looking at the current form of the team,no one could say that the same team won the Premier League last season with ease.They literally sailed towards the title with the likes of Costa,Fabregas and Hazard performing at their peak, added by Jose Mourinho’s master tactics.This season all those things are missing.Players are not performing and Mourinho is not getting the things right.It would be wrong to blame Mourinho alone for the current mess at Chelsea,the players too have not performed according to their abilities.The defence,which last season was a tough nut to crack,is now in complete shambles.Costa looks like an aged playervwho cannot pace the things upfront and our star performer Hazard is looking out of the blue.We do not have a quality striker except Costa nor do we have a strong bench.The pressure is riding high on the players and the manager to get back to winning ways. 346 more words

Chelsea F.C

Arsenal on Top, while Chelsea get Hammered!

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Babbling Balkans: Premier Episode

On the first episode of our show, hosts Nihad Musovic and Kemal Brkanovic discussed: Chelsea F.C. crisis, Jurgen Klopp’s arrival, and much more. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday night from… 19 more words

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[VIDEO] The Controversial Ad: 'I'd Like to Ask'

Wouldn’t you like to know why four Americans were murdered in Benghazi? #idliketoask #stophillaryfb.com/stophillarypac | http://www.stophillarypac.org


Jose Mourinho cleared: Eva Carneiro has no say in verdict

To be downgraded—an euphemism for ‘fired’—for simply doing your job on the field is egregious enough.

To be completely ignored during a so-called ‘ 1,132 more words