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Friday Favorites

I’m going to start sharing with you some of my favorites from the week! These won’t always be super new items, but things that I find myself loving and using throughout the week! 256 more words


Cafe Consulado - Asuncion, Paraguay

Cafe Consulado provides a haven for specialty coffee lovers in a city where the Third Wave coffee culture has yet to hit. Nestled right downtown, this coffee shop is peaceful yet quirky, playing loud indie rock and displaying pieces from a variety of artists on the walls. 243 more words


CHEMEX | "I wonder …"

“I wonder …” a question one should never ask if one has access to the Internet.

Recall from my previous post that I finally bought a length of leather thong to refurbish my CHEMEX. 73 more words


CHEMEX | Restored

Not long ago I posted that I had been gifted a vintage CHEMEX coffee carafe. After taking it apart and cleaning it, I foolishly attempted to recondition the leather thong that holds the wooden insulators together by soaking it in leather conditioner. 84 more words


Pour Overs? Pour Overs!

I think many of us have come into the specialty coffee world from our previous Starbucks life and ordered black coffee only to be redirected to a getting a pour over. 1,413 more words


2017 Coffee Adventure

I’ve enjoyed coffee since I was 13 years old.  Most of the coffee I enjoyed however was brewed using a Bunn coffee maker where cheap grids where scooped up using a styrofoam cup.   454 more words


Coffee Klatch

The Flapper was not a morning person, and I seem to take after her. We knew not to bother her as kids unless and until she had her first cup of joe; instant Nescafé coffee that is. 467 more words

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