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Favorite Drink

Coffee was found more like stumbled upon in the 15th century in Yemen and would be brewed and roasted similar to how it is today but they didn’t have a Keurig so it wasn’t quick like today. 365 more words


What Temperature Should You Brew Coffee?

Creating a perfect cup of coffee is controlled by a number of super delicate variables. One of the most important yet often most neglected is water temperature. 396 more words


Guide To Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee with Chemex

Chemex is a manual pour-over coffee maker made of glass container. It is a smallest sized glass vessel with two wooden rings fitted on it. These rings are held together with the help of a leather strap. 311 more words

Mixing It Up

Taking a small step away from the simple design appeal of many coffee shops, it’s important to also appreciate the visual creativity baristas are capable of displaying. 345 more words


No. 6 Depot: A Taste of the Tropics

In the first days of 2018, the ice on the Housatonic River began to rack itself in heaves and plates. One night, I walked beside it under a full moon and heard it shifting and breaking as from the cold, halting one kind of motion and creating another. 1,131 more words


Chemex Coffee Brewing

Benjamin Barrone is a Finance and Accounting Professional located in Chicago, IL.  Mr. Barrone recently helped Vital Proteins, a Chicago-based startup, secure a Series A financing round.  424 more words

Benjamin Barrone