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Coffee snobs are good for the local economy

While most people these days can tell their cappuccinos from their americanos, they may not be quite as familiar with the differences between aeropress, chemex, V-60, and cold-drip coffee. 708 more words

A Rainy Sunday spent at 3fE's Home Brewing Class

I’m walking down Dublin’s Grand Canal, fighting with my umbrella as it is blown inside out, and wondering what has gotten me out of bed at this hour on a Sunday. 1,100 more words


blogging is hard when u literally don’t do anything with your life. like… what am i supposed to write about? my bowel movements? the number of times per week i masturbate? 649 more words

In love with the Pour Over

Time for an actual COFFEE post!

I started playing around with pour over coffee when we were setting up my Wheelie Good Coffee cart – it is simple, it makes one cup at a time, and it’s about the freshest way to make a great coffee outside without much in the way of equipment. 805 more words

Coffee: Easy Sweet Latte

I never liked buying coffee, but I do love coffee. My whole family loves coffee. Ever since my cousins and I turned eighteen, drinking coffee was a rite of passage into adulthood. 670 more words



2015 liepos 5 d.

Ilgasis savaitgalis, nes pirmadienį valstybinė šventė – Mindauginės. Karšta. Visi keliauja, daugiausiai prie jūros. O mudu su broliu, nors ir nuo pajūrio kilę – į Aukštaitiją, į kaimą Labanoro girioje, į trobą tarp miškų, kur atostogauja mama, močiutė, keli dėdės ir kelios tetos. 423 more words

A Summer Obsession: Cold-Brewed Coffee at Home

I don’t usually write many posts that could be classified under the “lifestyle” or “food and drink” headings, but every once in awhile, I stumble over some little comestible or beverage that’s just too good *not* to share.   302 more words