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coffee, i love you.

It’s no secret that coffee and I have a history. I had my first latte on my 13th birthday (weird how those little memories stick with you, isn’t it?) and it was the beginning of a long love affair. 408 more words

A simple notebook

The purpose of this site is to keep a record of what I like and do not like about my ongoing adventure with coffee.

About three years ago I purchased a Chemex and have really enjoyed brewing with it. 87 more words


My Journey into the World of Coffee

Today, I think I took another big step in my descent (or rise) into the world of coffee drinking. I made my first pot of pour over coffee by myself. 1,104 more words


Build a Better Brew: Exploring Alternative Coffee Makers for Commercial Use

Once upon a time, building out a café was a comparatively simple affair: line up a few commercial-grade automatic coffee makers, ensure there are a few… 913 more words

Weekend Read (or watch or listen)


When Fenlands raced with Jack Frost by Roger Deakin, read by Robert Macfarlane. Brief, beautiful and evocative tale of skaters in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Winter fodder to be savoured blanket wrapped beside the fire. 106 more words

Isle Of Wight


First off, I loathe instant coffee. Doesn’t matter how fancy it is, they almost always have this metallic aftertaste. I wish I could say I never drink those, but I still do despite the horrid aftertaste. 79 more words