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What is Artisan Coffee, and what you should look for?

Artisan coffees are created when the grower is willing to take the extra steps to ensure quality results, and the roaster is willing to pay the premium price necessary to support quality. 497 more words

Artisan Coffee

Nonna Presso

​Heroes aren’t always found on sporting fields- or comic books. Sometimes they are hidden in the shadows, preferring not to steal the spotlight. My nonna is such a person. 481 more words

Melbourne Coffee

Chemex Coffee

In the year of 2017, coffee has come a long way. Nowadays it seems as if no one is concerned with the type of coffee they get, but more so with how it is made. 219 more words

Coffee Techniques

J. René Coffee Roasters, Hartford, CT

On the road Coffeehouse Adventures can be a bit of a gamble. For our Jersey adventures, I’ve researched the coffeehouse, looked up reviews, considered the area, but surprisingly, on vacation, I put much less effort into coffee searches. 472 more words

The Eats

Disciple Coffee Roasters

​They say each day comes bearing its own gifts. Such is the case today.

While visiting Monk Bodhi Dharma for a coffee on this sunny Labour Day Holiday, I had the pleasure of catching up with owner/roaster/absolute gentleman, Marwin Shaw. 208 more words

Melbourne Coffee

Raleigh, a Run, and the Chemex!

My husband has to travel on weekends occasionally for his job. Last month, he had back to back weekends! I HATE being home alone, so I quickly made some exciting plans while he was away. 445 more words

Yale University Art Gallery

I don’t spend enough time around art.

I’m one of those people who would* visit an art museum and wander aimlessly, drinking in every piece as if it were the only work of art there. 524 more words

The Stops