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A Summer Obsession: Cold-Brewed Coffee at Home

I don’t usually write many posts that could be classified under the “lifestyle” or “food and drink” headings, but every once in awhile, I stumble over some little comestible or beverage that’s just too good *not* to share.   302 more words


Pūčkorių atodanga

2014 gruodžio 14 d.

Nors tą rytą kėliausi anksti – 3.00, naktį miegojusi vos kelias valandas, po darbo, 7.00, miegoti nesinorėjo, tad skambinau Giedrei:

-Labas, pažadinau? 156 more words


Pirmoji Chemex'o kelionė

2014 m. lapkričio 23 d. Pirmoji Chemex’o kelionė

-Važiojam atsigerti kavos į Trakus?

-Hmm.. Šalta, apsiniaukę, vėlai atsikėlėm…

-Bet gal važiuojam? Aš labai noriu!

-Na gerai, važiuojam. 217 more words


Chemex Review, or, Why You Need Yet Another Way to Brew Coffee

Good Morning!  Wishing you had a really good cup of coffee to get you through another Monday?  Well…

My roommate from Boston is getting married soon (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!) and put a… 292 more words

Quick Tips

Taking the rush out of the morning

Sometimes my morning during the work week is a disorganized flurry. On these all-too-familiar days, I throw on my shoes and rush out the door to find that I’ve forgotten some crucial something: my keys, credit card, or metro card. 224 more words

Ultimate Coffee Brewing Comparison (and review)

Chemex Review

I love coffee and so does J. In college it was part of our morning routine and we could identify each blend our local coffee shop brewed by taste alone. 1,098 more words


It's a WRAP!

It has been an action packed two weeks on all fronts since our last post. I have already received word that I passed my 7th and final Architect Registration Exam, which was the initial reason we were traveling to western Washington in mid-May (the closest exam center is over 2.5 hours away). 1,392 more words