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Description from photographer if any:

Costa Rican filter coffee made with Chemex.

By gaborimages

Source: 500px.com


National Coffee Day

I’m not well versed enough in coffee to be able to taste it and immediately appreciate subtle notes and flavor profiles. I started drinking coffee because my mom did and I would steal sips of it at the age of eight (channeling… 115 more words


Animated Video is an Essential Guide to the Coolest Coffee-Making Methods Out There

It’s Monday, which means you probably need your fix of some coffee.  This animated video will show you the best ways out there to make some delicious coffee.   7 more words


The all-in-one Bruvelo Coffeemaker hits Kickstarter with a lofty goal and slim design

Coffee drinkers are a fanatical group. Everyone has a preferred method of brewing that perfect cup. Even within certain styles – like pour-over – there are… 390 more words

New Product


The Chemex is one of the most iconic, classic brewing methods.  When I first saw one I thought , “what a weird name” and “this looks like nothing”!  740 more words


Friday Fives

1. The Brooklyn Brew Shop sells beer kits for only $35, so I decided to purchase one and try it out over Labor Day weekend with my trusted friend & his personal brewer, Daffodil. 167 more words

Friday Fives

NIE ŁAP CIŚNIENIA, zrób sobie kawę !

W wielu kawiar­nia­nych menu można się natknąć na pozy­cję „czarna kawa”. Zazwy­czaj jest ona przy­rzą­dzana tak samo jak wszyst­kie inne: przy pomocy eks­presu ciśnie­nio­wego. Ale czy to na pewno naj­lep­szy moż­liwy sposób? 1,481 more words