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Why do dogs sniff each other’s bums?

This is a question I asked myself every time my pooch sniffed a fellow canines butt.

I used to assume it was to check whether they had crossed paths before and to greet one and other, but it turns out that it’s slightly more complex than that. 115 more words


‘Scandal’ Recap: Frankie Vargas’ Killer Got Captured By The Game

Tonight’s episode of Scandal finally reveals who shot Frankie Vargas. It opens with Rowan Pope sitting in on his old friend, Sandra, giving an interesting and poignant lecture about how sometimes the predator can become the prey. 1,074 more words


Science in our Back Yards

We love our gardens for their beauty, color and scent. We love seeing the movement that passing breezes create and the hoar frost shining on bare branches in winter. 1,048 more words