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Relax and Let the Anxiety Consume You

I have anxiety about my anxiety. I’m worried that I’m about to worry so bad that I’m going to have a panic attack. I’m sad  because my depression is a real bummer. 459 more words


Focus on depression

I struggle with depression. Four of the hardest words I have ever had to say. Why am I admitting to this? Well, 10 October (my birthday coincidently) was… 901 more words


Autumn's Bloom

It dawned on me a few days ago that, to me, fall feels very much like a time of renewal and beginnnings, particularly this year.  Spring has been a very dark season for me for years; there’s some type of body memory linked to my depression that sends me spiraling down during a time of year that, for most, speaks of light and life, of freshness and beauty. 250 more words

Panic at the Disco

I peopled this weekend.

I’ll pause for a moment to let you all bask in the nimbus of my magnificence. *****

I am a solitary creature, boosted and energized and filled by alone time.   747 more words

The Balm that Simmers

August 19, 2016, Prescott- For two weekends in a row, going to a “free” concert by a local band, named The Cheektones, has been a fine way to unwind from a work position that requires every ounce of my energy and commitment.   427 more words

Personal Goals


I posted this on Facebook in June of 2015.  Thought I’d share it again here just to tell a bit of my story…

This is going to be a departure from my usual (infrequent) posts: dogs, kids, reposts, etc. 1,072 more words

Music Therapy

NOTE: This blog post is not meant to replace a licensed health care provider! Make sure you work with someone who knows what they are doing and who knows how to assist you in your healing process! 1,360 more words