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13 years old - A story of a person I need to remember - Lata (part 1)

I jumped ahead of myself. I had one missing diary. Let’s go back in time. I would ignore it but I feel like I need to remember. 158 more words


chemical imbalance

family and friends tell me they are so proud of me
i’ve overcome my depression
my eating disorder
my anxiety
“everything that was wrong with me” 111 more words



Psych meds.

Not all bad, but not all good, either. As with so many things in our world, holding onto black and white thinking is a mistake because there are so many shades of gray. 237 more words

The Kimberly Steaks – Chemical Imbalance EP

Starting us off is the early Green Day inspired ‘Chemical Imbalance’, one and a half minutes of well-crafted deppresio-pop which serves as a warning against listening to the darkness in a hungover walk of shame. 269 more words


Symptoms and self-advocacy

Or “Why I’m looking for a new primary care provider” — because my current one is a jerk.

After two completely useless messages from my primary care doctor yesterday — two messages that only confirmed that his investment in my well-being is non-existent — I’ve had it. 1,112 more words

Imagine That

Imagine what the world might be like if everybody practiced personal responsibility.

I have finally taken responsibility for my actions… if I’m Happy, I did the Right thing; if I’m not Happy, I did the wrong thing. 68 more words