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Skittles Taste Like Suicide

“My death will be the result of suicide.” Neither the weather nor my emotional state were particularly gloomy when this thought calmly made itself known to me last summer. 525 more words


I made this poster for Linda Eiden.

She is still being used as a funding stream asset for the State of Wisconsin. The last time I saw her, I realized I had better run for my life. 165 more words

My Bottom Line

How do we help people understand the depth and breadth of a mental health illness? How do we encourage less silence and more understanding? How do we explain that each different mental health illness carries its own set of challenges? 463 more words

Female Viagra - for when you just can't get "it" up... wait, what?

Congratulations are in order for those females who just cannot seem to get their libido flowing – FDA has been able to approve a new medication… 524 more words


Making a List

Ever drown but still get enough air?

Ever drown and but not sink to the bottom?

Depression, it will swallow you whole, no part of you will be left untouched by this invisible henchman. 173 more words


stronger than you and i, if it were
these medicines to slip down our
worried tongues, i may still have
a chance to escape the strangle… 40 more words