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Where Do You Live While Building Your Healthy House?

If you are building a healthy house because you have severe chemical sensitivities, environmental illness, electrical sensitivities, or serious mold allergies, you probably are finding it challenging to find a safe place to buy or rent. 2,134 more words

Chemical Sensitivities

Electrical Considerations

In this post I will discuss some electrical considerations such as how to deal with plastic-coated electrical wiring, the advantages of installing a kill switch in the bedroom, and issues to consider when deciding where to locate your electrical box. 724 more words

Chemical Sensitivities

Design Considerations

This post will explore some of the issues you might want to consider in the design of your house, including utilizing passive solar heating, window and door placement for optimal fresh air flow, and keeping potentially challenging spaces like the laundry room walled off from the living space. 1,004 more words

Chemical Sensitivities

50 Shades of Brain Fog, Part One

Hello Spoonies!

Because I have Lyme, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, allergies, and chemical sensitivities, brain fog is one of my worst symptoms. Really awful. Er, what was I talking about? 76 more words

Chronic Illness

Roofing: Part 2

In Roofing: Part 2 I will explain what we used for roof insulation, recommend some safer caulk options to seal roof vent pipes, and discuss ceiling materials. 1,436 more words

Chemical Sensitivities

Kitchen Cabinets, Part 2

In Kitchen Cabinets, Part 2, I will explain how to build and attach the cabinet doors, join the cabinets together, and discuss countertop materials.

Joining The Cabinets Together… 1,726 more words

Chemical Sensitivities

Kitchen Cabinets, Part 1

Because kitchen cabinetry is normally made from engineered materials like mdf, plywood, or particleboard, people with chemical sensitivities have to find other solutions that will be safe for them. 1,514 more words

Chemical Sensitivities