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‘Playing with death’: Rt talks to sappers working in recently liberated parts of Aleppo And Fierce fighting in Syria's Aleppo as army advances

Syrian government forces are retaking neighbourhood after neighbourhood in eastern Aleppo. But getting rid of the extremists, is only the first stage in making these areas safe for civilians again.  128 more words

World At War

The SS John Harvey disaster

SS John Harvey was a U.S. World War II Liberty ship. This ship is most well known for carrying a secret cargo of mustard gas and whose sinking by German aircraft in December 1943 at the port of Bari in south Italy caused an unintentional release of chemical weapons. 239 more words


Russia: USA supports chemical weapons (VIDEO)

From Fort Russ

November 27th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
Various – Translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The West’s fake wars in the Middle East are nothing new, but it is not well known that during the Clinton presidential campaign, a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist by the name of Seymour Hersch released a terrifying article – “Whose Sarin?” While it was largely swept under the rug by mainstream media, the findings confirm that Hillary Clinton not only knew of the rebels’ posession of chemical weapons in Libya, but that she authorised their use, in her capacity as Secretary of State. 64 more words

ISIS used chemical weapons at least 71 times in Iraq, Syria

Iraqi troops moved on Tuesday to retake another neighbourhood in the eastern sector of the northern city of Mosul but were facing stiff resistance from Islamic State militants, according to a top Iraqi commander. 627 more words


Islamic State jihadists likely made the mustard gas and other chemical weapons used in attacks in Syria and Iraq


© YouTube/AFP/File | Jihadists belonging to the so-called Islamic State group may have manufactured sulphur mustard gas used in attacks in Syria and Iraq themselves, the head of a global watchdog says… 171 more words

Dumping chemical weapons off Australian coasts

Although the Hague Convention of 1899 outlawed the use of chemical weapons, Germany introduced gas into warfare during the First World War. The earliest attacks in 1914 were made using tear gas, while poisonous gases — such as chlorine — were in use from around April 1915. 903 more words

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