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Pandora Report: 7.22.2016

Those antibiotic-resistant bugs just won’t quit – researchers in Florida found drug-resistant organisms in the water and sediment from a sewer-line spill in 2014.  If you’ve got live poultry in your backyard, make sure to check out the advice from the CDC as there’s been a large outbreak associated with poultry. 1,414 more words

Pandora Report

-by Jessica Sellin

It is estimated that about 15.000 tonnes of chemical agents were dumped in the Baltic Sea shortly after the Second World War. Over the years, the casings containing the chemical agents have rusted away leaving the toxic substances exposed to water. 358 more words

Baltic Sea

LInks - July 18, 2016

The last couple of weeks have been difficult. I’ve written some things but felt they weren’t appropriate for right now. I’ll publish them as I think the time is right. 271 more words


Fallujah (a work still in progress)

This is a piece I’ve been working on for a long time. I thought it was done once, realized it wasn’t, and today I worked on it all day in front of an audience. 207 more words


Warmonger Then/Warmonger Now

I remember being down the pub (working a bar job) when the bombs were dropping on Iraq @ the hands on Blair and literally everyone in there was cheering at the tele. 70 more words

Politics & Bullshit

The Zionists DID Poison the Well !!

 It seems that we are standing in front of a systematic zionist strategy to poison the wells of the Palestinians to commit genocide against them and force them out again from their homes and villages, like what they have already done for long as it was explained by the jewish historian… 820 more words


War Crime: Syrian Soldiers Attacked with Chemical Weapons; Western Media Silent

Posted on June 18, 2016

by Richard Edmondson

[ Ed. note – This chemical attack, which took place Thursday in the Damascus suburb of East Ghouta, has gone almost totally unremarked upon by Western media. 2,232 more words