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Assad Just Used Nerve Gas Against ISIS

Haaretz has reported that Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad has used sarin gas against Islamic State forces near Damascus. The militants were thought to be attacking key air bases vital to the regime’s survival.    407 more words

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Ah! But is it racism?

The recent poll claiming to reveal “what Muslims in Britain really think”:  claiming to have identified “a community within a community”, and a proliferation of attitudes unpalatable to what we assume to be predominantly liberal Britain.  1,283 more words


Pandora Report 4.29.2016

TGIF- We’ve got your weekly dose of biodefense and much more in this edition of the Pandora Report! Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers are saying that recent ISIS attacks have involved chemical weapons. 2,250 more words

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Pandora Report 4.22.2016

Happy Friday from your friends at GMU Biodefense! We’ve got some great updates in your weekly dose of global health security. First, check out this wonderful… 1,559 more words

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Means Limited

This piece has languished in my drafts folder for… a long time, all things considered, but it remains something I wanted to say, and given that we’re in the middle of the primaries and Hillary Clinton will almost certainly bring this topic up at some point, I figure this is as good a time as any. 793 more words


False Flag Alert

I am issuing a ‘False Flag Alert’ for a chemical biological ‘terrorist’ attack on schools within the USA, possibly within Texas or several states at once.   715 more words