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“How can we model the total energy inside a thermodynamic system?”

As a scientist or engineer, if you ever work with thermodynamics systems, then you will have to understand the amount of energythat you are working with. 82 more words


187 FUT Draft on FIFA 17 (PS4) !

I got a few draft tokens from opening packs and doing squad building challenges so I went out and built a FUT draft team. I didn’t pay attention to the rating at first (I just picked La Liga players when they were available) but about midway through building my team I realized that I might be getting a pretty high draft. 52 more words


Pictionary Definitions

After grading the third unit test, I noticed that my chem classes were using some words that might be considered interchangeable in an English-context, but definitely are not in a science-context. 103 more words

Sunday Snippet, A Modest Proposition, ctd.

A Formulaic Romance

This is the start of another story Amelia and I are putting together. There’s a pun in the title that will become obvious in time. 524 more words


On the Red Carpet

Waves hello….am back with more from the Frozen Fair as I walk down the red carpet showing off dresses & hair that will be featured there ~ remember most are exclusives that I show and you will only find them… 524 more words

How to succeed in HSC Chemistry!

HSC can be a daunting and difficult year, but if you make good use of your study time you will have a fantastic 2 years! Here are some study tips that helped me along the way. 994 more words


Underwater Ice Cubes

My chemistry teacher told a riddling situation that his friend had discovered during his scuba diving trip in Antarctica that I can’t seem to understand. It’s common knowledge that ice cubes float in water, but he supposedly found an abundance of ice cubes deep underwater on a reef. 266 more words