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How to Avoid Air Pollution

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

recently released a paper detailing how you should protect yourself from air pollution. They said that pollution can have negative effects, such as childhood asthma, and causes problems for pregnant women, and also it can cause or worsen other diseases. 284 more words


논문: 리젝

지난달에 “Journal of Inorganic Chemistry”에 투고했던 논문이굉장히 신랄한 비판과 함께 리젝당했다.

사실 시스템이 금속이란 거를 제외하곤 무기화학과 전혀 관련이 없지만 임팩트 팩터에 눈이 멀어가지고 한 번 찔러봤던거라 기대가 없었던만큼 실망할 것도 없다만 코멘트들을 읽다보니까 굉장히 화가 난다. 16 more words


DaVinci Kindergarten

DaVinci Kindergarten is a pilot project in which we design, develop and try-out inquiry-based activities for children in the age 4-8. We have worked with children age 4-5 at two kindergartens in Norway. 109 more words


Catherine M. Cronin

Title: Owner

Company: Cronin Associates

Location: Falls Church, VA

Falls Church, VA, April 19, 2017, Catherine Cronin, Owner of Cronin Associates, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in financial services. 196 more words


another one...?

Hello, hi and WELCOME to my first blog post,

Hi my name is Aylin and I am an A-Level Physics, Maths and Chemistry student… yes, I am one of those extremely unskilled peoplez that seem to only be good at academic subjects (DON’T HATE ME, I BEG YOU PLZ PLZ). 426 more words

Strontium Sr₁ []

precious divalent silvery metal with a pale yellow tint.

عجائب الظلام!

الفسفورية في الفيزياء والكيمياء (Phosphorescence) هي أحد أنواع الضيائية المتعلقة بالفلورية. وعلى نقيض الفلورية، لا تصدر المادة الفسفورية مباشرة الإشعاع الذي تمتصه. في الفسفورية تصدر المادة ضوئها الفسفوري بعد دقأئق أو ساعات من امتصاصها للضوء الذي بثيرها ويختزن لفترة فيها . 16 more words