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The Touch Of Love

It’s been half a decade but I still remember the day like it was yesterday. It was the first day that I fully realised what the touch of love really felt like. 1,350 more words


I attended one of those schools where much care was taken to separate vaginas from penises. The girls sat in a row of their own. The guys played on a ground of their own. 685 more words


I think I might be crazy

I’m currently fighting an uphill battle with Nursing prerequisite classes. I just registered for Chemistry, which makes sense, but also Texas Government and US Government.  What? 240 more words


a little ditty about chemistry

maybe, a stray electron
(you) left orbiting me
stole one of mine because it was free
released on exhale
caught in a kiss
burning a trail where thumb grazed lips… 15 more words

I Wrote This!

How to Schedule Classes as a PreMed: 4 Helpful Tips

The college season is picking back up, and before you know it, the stingy dorm rooms will await you. Of course by now you should have registered for classes for the upcoming fall semester, but if you haven’t, here are some tips to make your life less “I want to rip my hair out” as a premed student. 437 more words

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