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Chemistry: Week of 4/27

This is my plan for the week ahead.  As the week progress, there may be changes as I try my best to be flexible with the needs of the class. 106 more words


Kiln Burn @ Conner Prairie


Visit the Barker Brother’s Pottery Shop in Prairietown where a kiln full of wares is being fired. Come find out how a white hot fire and some table salt puts the finish on the pottery. 42 more words

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The Shocking Truth About Biodegradable Plastics Plastic makes...

The Shocking Truth About Biodegradable Plastics

Plastic makes our lives much more convenient, but it takes a very, very long time to decompose. How long does it take, and do biodegradable plastics solve this problem?

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If the Sun Disappeared 

If the sun were to instantly disappear, “kapoof” out of our skies in an instant, we wouldn’t actually notice. Theoretically, it’d take a good 5-10 minutes before no more light rays hit the earth and before we plummet into darkness. 454 more words

Otago's war effort

In the midst of all the centenary commemorations of World War I, the 75th anniversary of World War II has been rather overshadowed. As I’ve… 1,108 more words

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Slay Of The Day 195

Hair – Chemistry – Lydia *NEW*

Outfit – Project Reject – Yadira Set (Grey) *NEW* @Freaky Friday TY <3

Heels – Shey – Esin Stilettos *NEW*

Equilibriums - What Are They?

Welcome people of the internet! Today I shall be looking at what equilibriums are and how they work. Equilibriums play an essential role in many industrial chemical processes such as the Haber Process which is used to make ammonia. 169 more words