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Volatiles on Rocky Planets

If we accept the mechanism I posted before is how the rocky planets formed, we still do not have the chemicals for life. So far, all we have is water and rocks with some planets having an iron core. 1,269 more words

You know you're a science major if...

As my undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences with a minor in chemistry is coming to an end (yes, that might be a tear of joy glistening on my cheek), I feel that I have finally been through it all as far as undergraduate science studies goes. 583 more words


Prompt 136-Embarrassing

Write about one of your most embarrassing moments.

Message sent.

Riley stared in horror at her phone as she immediately realized her error.

-It should be illegal for someone to be that hot. 834 more words


Mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery

Your daily selection of the latest science news!

According to Latest Science News — ScienceDaily (This article and its images were originally posted on Latest Science News — ScienceDaily August 13, 2018 at 11:32PM. 1,228 more words

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Altruism and Empathy

The show Friends was never really any good. We all seem to have convinced ourselves that it was funny or forward-thinking or whatever, but it dies in the crucible of time. 1,250 more words


What happens Carbs after you eat them - Part 2

I discussed the initial breakdown and digestion of carbohydrates last time. So, what happens from here? Where does all this glucose go in your body? 1,170 more words

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Magic in the Dance Moves

There’s so much rejuvenation and positive energy that envelops my body when I get to just dance! Gosh, I love to let loose, be silly, and allow my body to give in to the rhythm, and the times that I’m lacking all the rhythm. 207 more words