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Development of an economical, autonomous pHstat system for culturing phytoplankton under steady state or dynamic conditions

Laboratory investigations of physiological processes in phytoplankton require precise control of experimental conditions. Chemostats customized to control and maintain stable pH levels (pHstats) are ideally suited for investigations of the effects of pH on phytoplankton physiology, for example in context of ocean acidification. 209 more words


The chemistry lessons which I enjoy the most are those when we do experiments. My favourite experiment that we have done in class was ‘Extracting Limonene from Orange Peel’. 354 more words


The Writers

We currently have 10 subjects each having there own  writer. We also have our own editor and two serious admin and this is what they have to say about themselves: 1,168 more words

Media Studies

Bodily Logics and the importance of love

Two logics are at work in me. The one is open minded, beyond prejudice, anarchistic, gentle of spirit, enlightened, various, engaged, giving, loving, and artistically dynamic. 845 more words


Castile Soap - Yes indeedie, it contains chemicals.

Yes I am a chemist and yes I know that everything contains chemicals but I am in the minority here OK?

So earlier this month I got involved in a conversation about Liquid Castile Soap and more specifically about the fact that the ingredient listing for said soap contained a list of ingredients and not just one thing – the other person in the conversation felt uncomfortable with this because they wanted to avoid chemicals and while I understood the nuanced detail behind what was being said, I couldn’t help but feel that this is a bad situation, a real bad situation to be in. 372 more words


Science - Simple Distillation

This video is a bit lengthy. You might want to start from minute 2:13.

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