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Water to Whiskey

During my McKinsey consultant days, I would often frequent hotel bars in the evenings, hoping at least to take the edge off, at most to meet the cast of the next blockbuster movie.   441 more words


Chemistry for Non Chemists part 1: The Structure Of The Atom

The atom is the building block of, well, everything. You have probably seen different representations of them in popular media, like the atom seen in transitions for The Big Bang Theory TV series. 808 more words


Medicine Ball

We read in Luke 17: 11- 18 one of Jesus’ many medical missions. In this episode, ten lepers requested treatment via the effective (albeit always annoying) method of shouting. 1,675 more words


Practical Application and Basic Understanding: a (Scientific) World Apart?

In one of my previous blog posts, I wrote about the ideas of “basic” and “applied” scientific research. These are somewhat arbitrary distinctions, but one might consider basic research as driven by a fundamental desire to enhance scientific understanding, whilst applied, or “practical” research is more immediately driven by a desire to develop practical technologies, marketplace inventions and so forth. 1,124 more words


Things a lady should do on her first date

SO you are out on your first date with a guy you’re interested in. Nervous?  Don’t be. First dates are often that getting-to-know-you period that don’t require a lot of commitment. 979 more words


I Love You; because...

You are pretty.

You have money.

Because I can earn prestige from you.


It was love at first sight. It was pure chemistry. I remembered I was in a country so cold; I was in a tour…He has this type of manly face and body that I like. 370 more words

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Formula of Attraction


Dear Prov-ite,

Obviously, everyone wants someone that they have chemistry with. And chemistry is all about formulas.

So what is the right formula? 746 more words