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Alchemy was the mother of modern chemistry and its history started many years ago.

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Welcome to the Ghosh group at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.

At the world’s northernmost inorganic and materials chemistry group in Tromsø, Norway, we like to make “cool” molecules, where “coolness” may equal a novel structural feature, unusual electronic structure and spectra, or for that matter unique reaction chemistry. 395 more words


Naked Eggs--Take the Shell off and Solve the Mysteries!

Taking the shell off is just the beginning in this EGG-CITING experiment!

THE MYSTERY: How can you take the shell off a fresh egg and what can you do with the egg once it’s “naked”? 866 more words


Quantum Numbers and Isotopes


> Isotopes are elements with the same atomic number, but different mass numbers.

> Atomic mass = sum of (isotopic mass)(percent abundance) of each isotope… 271 more words


The Development of the Atomic Model


> “Atomos” – elements are made up of indivisible particles called “atomos

John Dalton

> “Atoms of a given element are identical, but differ from other elements’ atoms.” 201 more words


Dyeing The Dead - EP 7: OOPS!! I Made A Mistake! Hey everyone!...

Dyeing The Dead – EP 7: OOPS!! I Made A Mistake!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of #DyeingTheDead.

This video is about the problem(s) I’ve encountered along my journey of Diaphonization.

760 more words


This blog is just made by a fellow UPD student in order to help anyone who is taking or will be taking the subject Chem 16/Chem 14 in college. 42 more words