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Chemistry ... February 27th - March 3rd

Hello, students!

Here is what we are doing in Chemistry this week:

Monday, February 27th – Put the Electronegativity Numbers from page 184 in your textbook… 354 more words


The allure in power

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

There is a mystical allure in power,
not just energy and its light and heat,
or its forms as a particle or a wave. 471 more words

The Human Condition

Helium finds a new partner

As a the least reactive member of the least reactive group of chemical elements in the periodic table, it is fair to say that helium is extremely inert. 362 more words

Is This Not Chemistry?

“We have chemistry, don’t you think?” she asks of him

He eyes her for a moment then flashes her a grin

“Indeed, we do, for you… 162 more words


A Departure From the Conversations Our Parents Have

We cannot live our lives to facilitate the social encounters of our parents. Our success cannot be confined to the parameters of “my son or daughter is…”. 42 more words

The Lock-and-Key Principle, Volume 1: The State of the Art--100 Years On (Perspectives in Supramolecular Chemistry)

Published 100 years after Emil Fischer first proposed the lock-and-key principle, this volume provides a complete review of the subject to date and offers suggestions for futher research. 53 more words


Dump Or Date: Clammy Comedian

Alison felt a real connection during her dinner date with this guy she met online, but after seeing him hit the stage, she’s looking for an escape hatch. 24 more words