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This website takes you to chemistry resources and information. There are various lessons, activities, videos, games, and WebQuests on chemistry that can help students understand the material. 85 more words



This website is a place where teachers can find information about various science topics. It includes virtual labs, computational tools and ideas for integrating technology into the classroom. 89 more words

Earth Science

Systems Biology (III)

Some observations from chapter 4 below:

“The need to maintain a steady state ensuring homeostasis is an essential concern in nature while negative feedback loop is the fundamental way to ensure that this goal is met. 2,075 more words


Titration of Triprotic Acid

All the theoretical aspects presented below have been successfully implemented in “Acid Base pH” application available on Google Play and Apple Store for iOS  and for  803 more words


.7 TIPS..रसायन विज्ञानं की परीक्षा में याद रखें ये बातें ...TIPS

  1. उत्तर संक्षिप्त और आवश्यक लिखें अनावश्यक बड़ा ना करैं
  2.  अभिक्रियाँ अवश्य लिखे
  3.  यदि चित्र हो तो अवश्य बनायें
  4. आंकिक प्रश्नों में सूत्र अवश्य लिखे
  5. प्रत्येक परिभाषा का उदाहरण व् सूत्र अवश्य दे
  6. विधि वर्णन को संक्षिप्त ही दे
  7. यदि किसी प्रश्न की पूर्ण जानकारी नहीं ह तो उसका सूत्र या अभिक्रिया याद हो तो अवश्य लिखे

Organic Chemistry

Salaam (May God Bless You). Organic chemistry is the study of organic compounds found and produced around the globe. We divide the study of such materials into special groups called homologous series. 697 more words