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Why Death by Lava Is Much Worse Than in the Movies (Because...

Why Death by Lava Is Much Worse Than in the Movies (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill) 

You’ve seen the Terminator die in molten steel and Gollum die in the fires of Mount Doom, but is it really that accurate?

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Toxins: Mystery Solutions

For class today, students will watch Life’s Rocky Start from NOVA.  While watching the video, students will complete a worksheet to help them identify the key learning from throughout the video.   11 more words


Cross McGowan Classic: CHEM vs. BIO

Play in the CHEM vs. BIO softball game on Thursday, May 12 at Cacciatore Stadium. Faculty, staff, and students are all encouraged to play. If you’re not interested in playing, come out and cheer on your team! 24 more words


A fluorescent job

I just came out from a scientific photography session at university. Almost a year ago I took a series of pictures about the fluorescence exhibited by some chemical compounds and how it was affected by oxygen. 393 more words


Strategies for synthesizing hydrogen peroxide in a single step

Dilute solutions of hydrogen peroxide sit on shelves in medicine cabinets across the world. Yet synthesizing the chemical at the large scale requires a surprisingly complicated process that is economically unfeasible for all but a few industrial facilities. 35 more words


Buku Rekomendasi untuk Olimpiade Kimia

Sesuai apa yang aku tulis di ask.fm, aku berikan beberapa link download buku kimia bagi kalian yang ingin mengikuti olimpiade kimia. Sementara ini, aku akan menyediakan buku untuk level dasar dan OSK. 158 more words