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That don’t want get off the phone,
Thinking about you 24/7,
Cant wait to see you but when I do
Its just not long enough type of feeling… 33 more words


Ellie and Zoe

The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), a quaint form of technology that burns hydrocarbons to propel moving vehicles and produces chemical and noise pollution. Our modern world depends on this technology. 1,335 more words


First Post in All Time

Welcome to our First & new Android Application Ever in the Egyptian Russian University 😀


Flutter Team


One Molecule Love - Phenylethylamine

Attraction, love and relationships are fueled by actual chemicals, well, who hasn’t heard that line nowadays? So many different hypothesizes of the processes of falling in love and out of it were recently proposed and so many different candidates of chemicals named to be blamed that the subject gets more and more complicated. 590 more words


Chemistry Experiments: Colors (surface active agents and pH indicator)

Our new MEL Chemistry box arrived, containing tons of color fun! We have already tried two experiments. In the Color changing milk experiment, the soap touches the milk creating a very thin film of soap on the milk’s surface and causing the colors to spread along with it, producing a mesmerising effect. 206 more words


Hybrid Similarity Search (HSS) Algorithm for Chemistry Searching

Hybrid Similarity Search (HSS) Algorithm for Chemistry Searching for Fentanyl-related compounds and other drugs.
Free version: https://www.mswil.com/images/NIST/NIST17/GCMS-Hybrid-Search-AnalChem-2017.pdf

This is a news from NIST back in March ( 236 more words

Data Mining