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Honors Chemisty 02 - Recrystalization

Todays lab, Recrystalization, is from the CK01A Instruction manual that goes along with the Honors Chemistry kit.   You can download the manual for free from the Home Scientist website by clicking on the link above.   281 more words


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General Chemistry


Dimensional analysis

(Also called the factor-label method)

Dimensional analysis is a super useful technique used for many different reasons:

scaling up recipes to much larger quantities

Converting English-to-metric units (or vice-versa) 254 more words


I got into University of Warwick!

Hello chemicals,

I hope you’re all doing good and having lots of fun this summer.

I am particularly happy to share this amazing achievement with you! 407 more words


Genesis in a jar: How chemical gardens may lead us to alien life

By Joshua Sokol

In a collection of glass jars at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Michael Russell’s team is trying to recreate the moment before life on Earth came into being. 1,106 more words

What's New In The Universe

Smart rubber

Smart rubber


“Are there materials that can “heal” themselves when torn?”

Have you ever had the misfortune of having a rubber material rendered useless just because you’ve torn it? 212 more words


Scientific and Engineering Practices (SEP7)

For each post I will highlight one of the eight Scientific and Engineering Practices and spotlight a few lessons related to the practice.

For more details and examples about the Science and Engineering Practices, … 454 more words

Earth Science