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Chemistry is Love

Tidak hanya soal otak, kimia melibatkan perasaan. Ada kesenangan yang mungkin hanya bisa dimengerti oleh para pecinta ilmu. Dipertemukan dengan guru yang luar biasa adalah suatu nikmat besar dari Allah. 138 more words


Climate Change

The past 5 years have been the warmest on record with next year expected to be even hotter reports the World Meteorological Organisation.

This report comes less than a week before more than 130 world leaders are due to meet in Paris for a climate change summit on emissions cuts beyond 2020.


Two decades of inorganic carbon dynamics along the West Antarctic Peninsula (update)

We present 20 years of seawater inorganic carbon measurements collected along the western shelf and slope of the Antarctic Peninsula. Water column observations from summertime cruises and seasonal surface underway pCO2 measurements provide unique insights into the spatial, seasonal, and interannual variability in this dynamic system. 240 more words


Joke of the day

So my friend says that the soul can travel faster than speed of light.  That made me wonder,  is soul made up of tachyon particles?  Hahahaha


Carnot's Corollary

Carnot’s theorem states that, “if we conduct a heat engine that is to operate between two temperature reservoirs, then that engine will have the maximum possible efficiency if it operates via a Carnot cycle. 707 more words


Group Theory; Special Relativity

These two concepts aren’t related, are they?

Well, no, but the same group has provided an introduction to both topics. They’re both highly readable, and far less complex than a textbook would have it seem, though I can’t judge the accuracy of either. 17 more words


Why do I want to come to University?

Because of these!

Look how awesome are these structures!