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New Periodic Table Song

Whilst looking up the classic old periodic table song made by Tom Lehrer back in 1959 (the 2nd video below) I came across this more recent one from AsapSCIENCE. Both are great, enjoy!

Things You Should Probably Stop Saying - "BUT EVERYTHING IS A CHEMICAL!"

Anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock somewhere in the barren wastelands of nowhere will probably at some point heard about dangerous “chemicals” in our food and water supply. 874 more words

Trends and drivers in global surface ocean pH over the past 3 decades (update)

We report global long-term trends in surface ocean pH using a new pH data set computed by combining fCO2 observations from the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT) version 2 with surface alkalinity estimates based on temperature and salinity. 200 more words


Evil Queen :D

The Seraphim Social is coming to a close but you still have time to pop in and grab some items from the current “Ethereal” theme!! 24 more words


‘Infinite Monkey Cage’ Brings Playful Science Series to U.S. by ELISE CZAJKOWSKI


“Do not be scared of science.” That’s the message of a science-meets-comedy radio show on BBC’s Radio 4, according to one of its hosts. 11 more words


Quick Fix Science Pics

I did not set out to make a post with a rhyming title but it looks like I ended up there anyway.

We do a lot of media here at Explosions, Inc., but it’s mostly of the video variety. 150 more words