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Enthusiasm is contagious

So it has been  a while … when I wrote my last post i didn’t expect so many people to read it. I also didn’t expect to depress so many people either. 606 more words


How many H2O molecules are there in a droplet of water?

You feel your muscles repulse as you strut out of your favourite supermarket carrying your shopping.

Unbeknownst to you, a water droplet is carving its way through the air. 499 more words


Andrew Carnegie (Knowledge)

Andrew Carnegie was one of the original business badasses.

He was a proud Scottish Man.   He had a beard.  He was a philanthropist.

Carnegie is a Rags-To-Riches story.   161 more words

Sianida Si Pembunuh

Karena kemarin lagi booming kasus Mirna, yuk kenali lebih lanjut apa itu sianida 👀
Sianida adalah senyawa kimia yang mengandung (C=N), yang terdiri dari 3 buah atom karbon yang berikatan dengan atom hidrogen. 616 more words


QOTD: How is "Chemistry" as a College Major?

“All science is either physics or stamp collecting.”

-Ernest Rutherford, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1908)

As Rutherford has mentioned, Chemistry in a general sense is applied Physics…

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Maria the Prophetess – c. 1st Century CE – Egypt

Like so many women of her time, the details of the life of Maria Prophetissima are hazy at best. We cannot even be certain of her name, as she is referred to in turns as… 661 more words

Women's History

Where Are We Going?

A Meditation for 14 February 2016, the 1st Sunday in Lent (Year C). This is also “Evolution Weekend” and Boy Scout Sunday. The meditation is based on Deuteronomy 26: 1 – 11, Romans 10: 8 – 13, and Luke 4: 1 – 3… 1,585 more words