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A-Level Specifications

I will be taking A-Levels in June 2019, which means that I will be taking the new A-Levels. I don’t think this will be a huge change but then again, I haven’t taken A-Levels before so I wouldn’t know. 79 more words


Unit 3 Review Podcast

In this post I have provided both an audio and written version of the review for the unit 3 test. The podcast provides information on what you should understand in order to be successful on the test. 304 more words


Nanotechnology: An Agricultural Paradigm

This book highlights the implications of nanotechnology and the effects of nanoparticles on agricultural systems, their interactions with plants as well as their potential applications as fertilizers and pesticides. 102 more words

Soil Science

From Ideas to Evidence, an Interview: My Organic Crisis and the Birth of This Blog

In four short years, since I started looking at the science of farming more closely, the topic of organic vs conventional has felt very worn out to me, several times. 2,921 more words


Poetry and Chemistry. 

He was staring at the glowing bulb.

No! He will not think about her.

Not this time.

An electric bulb cannot remind him of her. 69 more words


Pathologist On Call: Fluctuating Parathyroid Hormone with Normal Calcium in an Elderly Man


A 75 year old Alzheimer’s dementia patient.  Parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels were ordered.



Range) 05/13 10/13 12/13 7/14 10/14 04/15 09/15 03/16… 440 more words


Probiotics Used to Prevent and Treat Allergies: Consuming Friendly Bacteria May Lessen Allergic Reactions

A natural treatment for preventing and treating allergies would be good news for people who suffer from the constant threat of having allergic reactions disrupt daily living. 541 more words