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Karl-Marx-Stadt: white tights, Trabants and all

Chemnitz / Karl-Marx-Stadt / Chemnitz

“Well, l have to go to a circus in Karl-Marx-Stadt.” says Roger Moore’s James Bond in Octopussy.

Well, I went to Karl-Marx-Stadt in 1995 and there was no circus, but Kenny Ball and his Jazz Men were due to play at the magnificent 1974 Stadthalle and the large bust (and it is a very large bust) of Karl Marx, looked down sternly over the town. 247 more words

At Risk - Going, Going, Gone?

An unforeseen interview...

“Life surprises you when you least expect it…”

I took some days to make my mind placid again. But something was worrying me – the thought of literally staying all alone, with no family, no friends, and most of all not knowing anyone in a city like Stuttgart.

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Gute alte Tram; Tramnostalgie DDR by Frits van der Gragt

Pure Ostalgie! Colour photographs from the 1950s – 1970s, showing ordinary life in the former East Germany through the medium of its trams in towns both old and rebuilt. 173 more words

Stuttgart - First glance...First Interview...

“Dreams don’t work unless you do!”

So the day had finally knocked on the door. It was my first interview in Germany.

With all the excitement and nervousness and lots of blessings, I left my room at 5:30am.

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Lunch of wisdom...

“Be stubborn about your goal and flexible about your methods!”

Well life works in a funny way. When I was applying like that is the end of my life, no call.

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Communion with Condemnation

I was doing some dishes this morning (Jan 2) and listening to the radio. Pittsburgh has an FE (what’s a FE?) talk station, … 1,398 more words


Stoked by the trip to Prague...

“I have had one of the best 48 hours in the Heart of Europe: Prague”

Along with 6 other friends of mine, to make the semester holidays end with a blast, we decided to go to Prague.

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