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Gottesdienst Online: Luther and Chemnitz vs. Walther and Pieper: Sorry, but, no contest

Here’s a theological tribute to Primer Martinus et Alter Martinus from the Rev’d Dr. D. Richard Stuckwisch…

It is certainly clear enough, and really beyond any reasonable doubt, that Luther and Chemnitz were “consecrationists.” That is to say, they consistently taught and confessed that, by and with and at the speaking of the Verba, the bread becomes and is the Body of Christ, and the wine becomes and is the Blood of Christ.

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C is for Crazy Kids (#AtoZChallege Historical Treasure) @AprilA2Z

(All April you’ll find A to Z Historical Treasures here)

I’m all too aware of what crazy activities children get up to when adults aren’t aware. 449 more words

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Bucolic Bavaria

I’m in the home stretch of this most recent jaunt, and in order to meet my outbound plane in Budapest on this coming Thursday, I needed to cover some serious ground. 882 more words

Everybody is a Nazi? About the political situation in Saxony, Germany

Dresden, Chemnitz, Bautzen, Claußnitz, Freital, Heidenau – only a short time ago these villages and cities in Saxony – apart from Dresden – have been unknown to the wider public. 1,236 more words


Video: Sicherheitskontrollen für Non-Citizens im Sozialamt in Chemnitz

Deutsch: Unsere Video-Reportage über die Sicherheitskontrollen in Chemnitz (Sachsen), die die Non-Citizens durchlaufen müssen.

English: Our video report about security checkpoint in Chemnitz (Saxony) which Non-citizens have to pass through it. 31 more words


Well Hello There

Hi. You thought I forgot about you didn’t you. Don’t worry I haven’t. I think about you quite often actually. Praying for you; thankful for you. 793 more words



Çok sevdiğim bir arkadaşım eğitimine devam ederken bir dönemini Almanya’da okumak üzere Chemnitz’e gitti. Daha önce ben de üniversitemin bir dönemini Almanya’da geçirmiştim. Bu çok sevdiğim ülkeye tekrar gitmek için bir fırsat oldu arkadaşım. 160 more words