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Algunas hormigas

“Some ants”!

Day 2 after my second Taxol cycle, and I had some pins and needles/tingling in my fingers and feet. It’s an odd feeling – as you walk, you can’t feel your feet very well! 146 more words


Setbacks Are Just A Mere Blip

On the road to Cancerland the pathway can be fraught with obstacles and road bumps along the way. It is how we navigate them that makes the road so much more smoother. 563 more words


Game Face

Yesterday, I could not stop smiling. When I tell you why, you might think I’ve really lost it.  I just can’t help it, I got my game face on. 482 more words

Breast Cancer

Chemo 2/26/2015

Day 1: So I’ve made to chemo. Didn’t reschedule or skip out even though I really wanted to. The nurses were friendly as usual and happy to see me. 558 more words


4th Round of Chemo

My blood counts were all fine yesterday (well, a little low, but not so low that I couldn’t get chemo), so, for the first time since my very first dose, my chemo did not have to be postponed. 637 more words

My Feelings On Chemo

So it’s 11ish and I just had a good night catching up with my old high school friends after we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse for a birthday. 1,505 more words