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Finding Peace

So im not a religious person, or i dont see myself as one anyways. Although since being diagnosed i have thought that some God or ex with a voodoo doll has really decided to strike me down and challenge me. 449 more words

Pink Gloves Are Pretty. Chemo Fingernails Are Not.

Oh Irony you horrible friend of ours! You certainly don’t make yourself scarce while our bodies are being ravaged by chemicals and radiation meant to heal us. 80 more words

walk the walk

on september 27, my sister joan and i did the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk along with 8,000 other people. unfortunately, we couldn’t do the half-marathon as we intended because i had the cold from hell and started my day gargling salt water, filling tissues and coughing up a lung. 2,490 more words

Health & Wellness

Chemical Brothers

Expectation is an interesting thing; it can bring about profound excitement or joy, but can also create crashing waves of anxiety or depression. We build it up or break it down, and then we hand that emotion to the universe and see what It brings back to us; if we hold on to the expectation too tight then we miss the moment because we have already handed it over; this is neither good or bad.  511 more words

Pink is Pretty. Cancer is Not. (This is what Cancer really looks and sounds like.)

 “Hi Hazel,
Thanks again for helping me with my new wig last week and letting my husband come check it out (your color choice won!) as well. 71 more words

Dreaming of Augustus 3

Si iar mi-e dor de tine … si mi-e dor de viata pe care nu am apucat sa o traiesc.Si imi imaginez cum ai semana cu mine ,dar ai avea ochii si vocea tatalui tau. 31 more words


Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have this family to know what it’s like to be in this particular one. Then again, being in this family gives me a form of gratefulness to a certain extent. 693 more words