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difficult, but it can be done

I start chemo one week from today and it’s really all I think about right now. I am nervous. Who wouldn’t be? I don’t know what it’s going to do to me, how it’s going to change me. 718 more words

I ran out, I didn’t grab no shoes or nothin’ Jesus, I just ran for my life

How are you?

Everyone asks me this and I sincerely don’t know how to answer it. Even Andy asks me every day once he’s arrived at work. 252 more words

Calling All Prayer Warriors

I don’t typically do this, but I need all the prayer warriors out there right now to send prayers mine and my family’s way, please.  We’ve had a rough past few weeks, and I finally need to post about it. 396 more words

Out for Supper 1/15/19

We met Robbie’s Aunt Edith and Uncle Bob for supper at Nyam Nyam Cafe tonight in Cypress. It is a small place with great food. Best crepes! 22 more words

Trastuzumab and lump update

Call me weird but this is what i see when i hear this name. And yet, it is only the name for Herceptin. So now I am only on Herceptin, let me tell you, it is not all rainbows and unicorns. 375 more words

goodbye red devil

I finished my last round of AC last week.  I had been holding off on writing about it, because last time I talked about how “easy” it was I ended up throwing up for days later because of delayed nausea.   474 more words

The Days After Chemo Number Four

This time has been a strange ebb and flow of symptoms and feelings. It could be that my body is trying to release a dead egg at the same time it is being poisoned. 1,077 more words