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Chemo scheduled

Everything has happened in slow motion. Too slow. More than a month after surgery, I will start chemo.

Next week Wednesday.

29 November 2017.

I feel like saying finally it will start but that feels wrong. 74 more words


23 November 2017

If you ever have cancer and want to watch a movie, DO NOT watch “Love Life“…. I watched the first part earlier this week and decide to finish it of last night before going to sleep. 674 more words


Episode 9: The Hair Journey

“Insert future Episode 9 quote here…” OR “Hair does not define you.”

Since Episode 9 only exists in its infancy at this point, there is no quote that I can attach to this blog post.  699 more words


Chemo should be a four-letter word

To watch someone you love go through the horror that is chemo is a torment all it’s own. It is like watching from a distance while the person you love is mercilessly tortured, and you can’t do a thing to stop it. 380 more words

Shrinking and acceptance

I call this post shrinking and acceptance because both of these things have happened with my desmoid tumour recently! My tumour has been stable since the start of the year, not to mention continually shrinking, and this has helped me accept it as part of my body that will probably always be there, but now I feel confident that it can be controlled and I am under great care. 503 more words

Rare Disease

Round 3 Chemo, you got me

I wanted round three of chemo to come round so bad. I had got myself behind schedule by two weeks thanks to my neutrophil count staying low and making me wait. 555 more words

On the flip side

My heart broke into one million pieces this weekend. 578 more words