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We leave for Denver tomorrow.  M has to be there early Monday morning…earlier than we thought.  We were just going to drive up early Monday morning, but we have to be there at 7am instead of 9:15am, so we’ll leave tomorrow.  1,479 more words



I’ve made the metaphor a few times, let’s see if I articulate it any differently.  The feeling of chemo week is like being underwater.  I’m waiting, just waiting, for the Sun.  1,772 more words


Miserably Oblivious

I woke up that morning feeling miserable from the very get-go. I was hot. I was cold. I was clammy. I was anxious. And my back, sides, and ribs hurt like they hadn’t hurt in months. 780 more words


I am so lucky throughout this treatment that my friends have been there for me throughout and I have also grown closer to people I didn’t know as well before the treatment who have been amazing. 874 more words


Climbing a ‘mountain’ to catch the ‘ sunrise’

It is Saturday today, i think i will do nothing. My body feels so tired. When i woke up my fingers had this strange feeling, i couldn’t grab anything with my hand, for a bit i was thinking it would not go away anymore but it did after a bit. 1,075 more words

Another few months another bone marrow biopsy.

Urgh god ever since las Wednesday when they confirmed my bone marrow biopsy appointment I have been dreading it! Its only the aspirate they need but last time it hurt like hell. 369 more words

Chemo - round 1 to 2

As with most chemo drugs, there’s a long list of potential side effects for those I’m on (TC – taxotere/docetaxel and cyclophosphamide). When chemotherapy was confirmed to be part of my treatment plan, the side-effects I focused on were sickness and hair loss (specifically the wild mane on my head). 1,048 more words

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