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The waiting game

When you’re scared shit-less after finding out you have cancer, the last thing you want to hear is “just take one step at a time” or “time will tell” or “you’re going to be fine, wait and see.” I’m lucky I didn’t end up in the clink, because I swear to god, if one more person had of said that to me I would have snapped. 1,066 more words



Did we just figure out which cells actually cause the creation of more cancer cells?

  • A 1-cm cancer tumor has about 100 million BULK CANCER CELLS…
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"Sorry about your vagina" and other greeting cards you might need

Back off greeting card industry unless it’s to offer me my own card line featuring this amazing artwork all drawn on the notepad app on my phone while lazing on my couch. 593 more words


Changes for 2017

​2017 a new year and I start it fighting breast cancer. How depressing. I’m half way through chemo and found Christmas this year more tiring than before and despite poison within my body I really tried to make the best of it. 400 more words


A painful night 

​Last night, I couldn’t sleep without taking pills as my skin was so sore and I was in agony, I can’t lie flat so had to make a pillow mountain to get in a comfy position without screaming and to protect myself from the cats! 119 more words


The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love – Hubert H Humphrey

A couple of weeks ago some girlfriends came to visit. I’m not sure which came first – the idea to visit Florida in January or that it was my birthday. 476 more words

These Breasts

Those breasts? The breasts that replaced the cancer along with the tissue from the other breast as a precaution because of the multiple cysts that were benign but that could’ve changed with time. 258 more words