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Yellow Brick Road..

Just a dream? Exactly how I felt upon awakening yesterday morning. Two days replenished blood transfusions with no side effects of chemo. Joyous reclaiming my body as the ability to walk and function through out the day. 179 more words

Chemo & Me

Day 87 - Chemo Day 3

I’m a little concerned I’ve not been to the loo yet so I took some Sennakot last night – I know, way too much information.  I am happy to say however that combined with a breakfast of cherries and jacobs crackers, the problem seems resolved. 25 more words

Breast Cancer

Time for a fill - :-)

Today’s blog will cover the Tissue Expander and what happens during breast reconstruction using the Tissue Expander.  However, before I get started on our topic for the day, I would like to share my amazement with you regarding social media. 714 more words


Day 86 - Chemo Day 2

Today I had jacobs crackers for breakfast along with a banana and a fruit juice Chris made for me with apples, ginger and soda water.  The tingles are gone. 215 more words

Breast Cancer

One's changing relationship with one's wig

Now that my hair has started to grow back post chemo, I can’t wait to ditch my wig.

Since my operation in December I’ve been wearing the wig less and less and now I’m looking forward to the day when, instead of transferring it from my head on to the mannequin’s head where it rests when I’m not wearing it, I assign it to the back of a drawer. 963 more words

Breast Cancer


December 9th, 2015.  A day that will forever be known as the day I lost my breasts.  Both breasts.  I was looking forward to this day, I couldn’t wait to get rid of them.  936 more words

Breast Cancer