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checking in at the NMHS Hilton

I appear to have worried some people with Tuesday’s post.
Fear not; I remain reasonably hale and this is all quite expected.

We have been coming to the Haematology Day Ward every day bar one since my stem cell graft, to deal with the fallout from my BEAM therapy and subsequent stem cell infusion. 429 more words



The memories are heavy in here.

I laid my head on the carpet. Body sprawled out, taking up all the space I could. The heat was heavy, too. 774 more words


Woman puts the 'juju on that chemo' in viral hospital dance-off

DALLAS – Despite the exhausting, painful side effects of chemotherapy, a Texas mother battling cancer is still dancing and smiling, and millions of people on social media are cheering her on. 257 more words


Chemo #4 and Some Second Guessing

When you get cancer, the thought of it coming back or a new one forming becomes perpetually haunting. Since I made the decision to keep my breasts and went through with the lumpectomy, I have second guessed myself. 385 more words


Watch: “Juju On That Chemo” Video Goes Viral

A dance video with an encouraging message behind it posted by 32-year-old Dallas native Ana-Alecia Ayala has gone viral.

The mother of three was diagnosed with a rare tumor in her uterus last year that spread to her ovaries and into the lining of her stomach, according to… 131 more words


Chemotherapy FEC Rounds 1-3

​FEC 1 – One down five to go :)

I had my first of 3 FEC. I was very anxious I tried diazopam and it seemed to have no effect on me whatsoever, those herbal sleeping pills never seem to work either. 781 more words

Breast Cancer

In medias res

Today was Mom’s second-to-last chemo. We were at the cancer center for 7 hours, which is 3 hours shy of our record. Her last infusion is scheduled for 11am on November 3rd. 600 more words

Adriamycin Cytoxan