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Our cancer journey (what to expect)

I found myself crying, anxiously waiting by the phone, and having far more questions than answers after getting the initial phone call that a loved one may have cancer. 997 more words


Relationship status: Cancer

Good friends play important part in every person’s life. They laugh with you, give you advice so you don’t embarrass yourself, they don’t give you that advice and then you all laugh because you’ve embarrassed yourself, they defend your honour, cry with you, support you no matter what and all that jazz. 815 more words


Great encouraging news 

So I’m writing this on my phone, but I wanted to get the news out. Plus I’m on Xanax and I’m waaaayyyyyy too lazy to get my laptop out which is two feet away from me. 436 more words

The Path

Chemo round I

It was better than I thought.

The worst part was the very beginning, just getting the catheter in. I was always told that I have “beautiful veins” and I was oh so proud of them. 316 more words

Chemo Dating

I was told I should write something about my recent experience into the foray of online dating.  I have done it before.  Some with good success, some with horrible.  465 more words

The Path

Blood Transfusion, Live TV, & Monica Potter

What do a blood transfusion, live TV, and Monica Potter have in common? This girl! (I’m pointing to myself.)

I’m currently sitting in a hospital room receiving a blood transfusion. 2,179 more words

The Journey to Health and Wellness

We’ve most likely all taken a health class at some point in our lives. The food pyramid, exercise, wellness, and cooking healthy meals are among some of the topics you discuss in these classes. 4,255 more words