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Hair of a discovery

Yeah, I know…terrible pseudo pun for a title.

Yesterday, S had her annual dance recital. She’s been dancing since she was four, and until this year, she’s loved dancing. 832 more words

Day 13 of Chemo

I’m a little less than two weeks out from my first chemo infusion, but it feels like months ago!

I’m doing well. The side effects are giving me some problems and they are a reminder that I am sick. 336 more words



Something very exciting happened this evening- I ATE A HAMBURGER! An entire burger from Steak N Shake with cheese and mayo (neither of which I liked prior to today). 103 more words


Pat vs Pancreas.. the battle begins

Bangkok, Thailand

May 5, 2017. It was the first day of a long weekend, my father in law was visiting and we had plans for a weekend filled with food and entertainment. 1,299 more words


The weight of cancer

I firmly believe that a part of the healing after a mastectomy, or any other body transforming surgery for that matter, is not only to get to accept your new body, but to have the right to love it. 1,394 more words

Getting Old...

Another Thursday… another chemo treatment. These are really getting old. And as much as I try to remind myself how far I’m getting, it still just feels never-ending to me. 211 more words


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, tear out your hair...

Okay, “tear out your hair” is a bit harsh. How about “let loose your hair”? Being a veteran of the chemo process, this being my second go round, I was familiar with the hair loss part of the show. 1,009 more words