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Chemo - Round 1

It’s 36 hours after my first chemo infusion. It is a very strange feeling to willingly sit in a recliner lounger in a room with up to 3 other patients and let a chemotherapy nurse put an IV in your wrist to pump cytotoxins into you. 1,034 more words


Day 6 Of My Hospital Stay - August 29, 2015

Not a good day.
Oh Danny and I are having a good time.  Or trying to. Watching old movies we both like.
Trying to block out what lies ahead. 109 more words

About Me

The Positives Of Chemo

Chemotherapy is done and I survived.  I am still bald, feel like crap but I survived and it is done. Now I start visiting with the radiation oncologist and see what the next step of treatment entails.  414 more words

Breast Cancer

"OK, Now I Remember------ What I Forgot!

As Libby’s hair began to grow back following the chemotherapy, her once dark hair came in solid white and began to curl into hundreds of fine little ringlets perfectly sized to wrap around a pinky finger.   877 more words

Barry Gilley

Little Reminders Every Day

I was at a recent festival in my hometown with my parents. When I accompanied my dad to the beer stand to help carry the drinks the older man behind the stand asked me a rather personal question. 410 more words

What is Taxol?

Taxol (Paclitaxel) is a taxane and it is one of three commonly used medicines in chemo treatments for breast cancer. Taxol actually comes from a tree, the Pacific Yew, which is very slow growing and quite uncommon. 552 more words

The People of Chemo - Part 2

Yesterday there was a new puzzle. This one was a hard one, and I was only able to place a few pieces. While I worked on it, I thought about Carmen. 718 more words