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Still alive..ish.

Whoa, so sorry about the lack of posts. I had a lady email me the other day and a guy friend of mine is met on set like “are you okay?? 505 more words

Health Stuff

skin head

you would think that for a person with the shortest hair, it would only take five minutes to completely shave all her remaining hair off. she asked to have her hair cut short by him again and again and again until from a shoulder-length hair, what remained was a merely two-inch short bob. 78 more words


A Conversation with a Cancer Survivor

Patient One:

Killian disregarded a throbbing pain in his beautiful junk for nothing more than just a passing testicular sensation. When the pain came back Killian noticed a lump on his balls, which he ignored. 623 more words

"Woohoo Chemo Starting!" and other things I never thought I'd say.

The actual news from yesterday’s appointments at the hospital is that I am starting my chemo next Wednesday. Woohoo!

No really, I’m pretty excited that I am finally going to be doing something to counter this assault on my body! 317 more words


Finish Line

I have completed one half marathon, one 10 miler, two 10K runs, three 5K runs, and three mud runs. I have accumulated quite the collection of race bibs and medals, but today I received a medal that truly surpasses the rest. 171 more words

Breast Cancer

Day 31

I had a conversation with God about how there was probably a good 50 different ways he could have shown me who my true friends were, could have redirected my life, and even told me to slow down because… well, … 677 more words

Radiation Therapy in Action!

Greetings and Salutations! (I always liked that…it’s from Charlotte’s Web.)

Out of 28 daily radiation treatments, I’ll have 15 done as of today. 54% done with radiation. 266 more words