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It’s ok to lose your shit sometimes because if you keep your shit, you’ll end up full of shit, then you’ll explode and there’ll be shit everywhere. A shit storm. And nobody wants that.

A post radiation visit to my radio of fame oncologist today.

He asked how I was feeling.

‘Feeling good,’ I replied ‘Apart from the anorexia and bald patch… And auras’. 311 more words

Round 3: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

If you do anything long enough, it becomes old; for me, chemo hit that point somewhere between round 2 and 3. Nevertheless, chemo is now a necessary evil in my life, so why not give it a soundtrack. 1,341 more words

Cancer Life

Today's Plan ... Poop!

What a difference a week makes. Just as we thought we were through the thick of it. Just when we thought we were at the beginning of some semblance of a rhythm that we could ride out, at least knowing sort of what to expect for the next 6 months, head down, just getting through it. 2,057 more words


"Whistleblower": Doctor gave chemotherapy to patients who didn't have cancer

“Whistleblower”: Doctor gave chemotherapy to patients who didn’t have cancer

CBS This Morning

Originally Published on Jul 20, 2018

A Michigan office manager risked his career to expose a doctor who gave chemotherapy to patients who did not have cancer. 131 more words



That is probably a made-up word to you, but every single cancer
patient knows what that word means.

It’s the scary feeling before you have your cancer scans… 353 more words


When I first began this blog, I intended it to be a way to update friends, family, and interested strangers as I struggled and machete-ed my way through this overgrown jungle of terrible metaphors that is my cancer journey. 414 more words

Colon Cancer

The Philippe Effect

The latest chemo infusion (#23) was rough. This is the worst I have felt since my 2018 surgery. But there is light up ahead: only two more chemos left, July 18-21 and August 1-3, and then I will be DONE! 471 more words