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So, hair me out…

I’ve been accused in the past by other warriors/survivors for being attention-seeking when I talk about my hair. I had trusted three, who I thought were friends, so took the insulting words to heart. 537 more words

Up and Down and Back Up Again

It’s been an emotional few days. For the most part I feel like I’ve accepted my disease and I have a good handle on my emotions. 427 more words

Cancer Survivors

You’re a cancer survivor until you’re not.

Once you’re declared to be in remission, or the scans show you’re cancer free, you’re known as a cancer survivor. 886 more words

Breast Cancer

Post Chemo: Probe and Scan Results

Less than twelve hours after being disconnected from my chemo grenade, it was time for my wife to haul my fatigued and poisoned ass back to the university. 2,185 more words

Cancer Life

Diary of My Death, Post #29

Chemo Infusion #26 (two weeks later)

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Reminder: This series of posts
is not just my personal tale of woe.
721 more words

Dealing With Death

Balancing Cancer

Most days cancer feels like being on a seesaw of emotions; at time you’re up and it all feels pretty manageable and other times you’re down and it feels like the weight of world is keeping there. 580 more words

Breast Cancer