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So much to write about. Not sure where to start. Since Mom’s cancer diagnosis, I’ve been avoiding thinking about it. I had no choice but to face it dead on today. 861 more words

All the Feels

You guys, ROUND ONE is done and I’ve been enjoying my off week, but as I start planning (cause I’m a planner) for my next treatment on January 29th my stomach knots. 637 more words

Transplant Delay

Luke’s transplant was originally scheduled for January 28th. Unfortunately when they did blood work on the donor last week it was a bit off. Most likely they have a cold so the transplant has been delayed. 331 more words


Here we go again

This is not the post I thought I would be writing. I went in for my three year scans the same way I’ve walked into the last one, no anxiety, no worry and feeling good. 713 more words


Hugs and Sputum

“Hey! How are you?”

Dodges hug.

“How are you feeling?”

Goes for a fist bump.

That’s now my response for anyone trying to show me physical affection. 1,032 more words

Breast Cancer