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Large things, small things, and a teenaged girl named Charlotte

I work at a drug company. A large, large drug company.

Bernie Sanders would say I work for “big pharma.” He’s right. I do. I’m proud to work in pharma, I don’t view it as an insult, and I think it’s a shame some do. 2,129 more words


I don't want to fucking hear it (not for the faint of heart)

Let me tell you what the last thing I need is….. False fucking hope.

Don’t tell me the tumor is shrinking when its not. Don’t tell me what ‘might’ be happening. 650 more words


Day One

Today is the first day of chemo. It was originally scheduled for yesterday, but one of my chemo drugs wasn’t shipped from a lab in Tennessee. 309 more words


The Days After Chemo Number 8

Chemo was postponed. Which means that recovery was postponed.

A Poem

Saturday I was tired.

Sunday I was ok.

Monday I was stubborn.

Tuesday I worked all day.

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You don't know!

Good morning, let me wake you up and preach to you my way. Although I’ve never had Cancer, I’m going to teach you the cure today! 229 more words


ET: Phone Home, "I have a rare cancer"

Jump in the middle of battle

I don’t even know how to start. This blog has been on my draft for weeks now.

I guess I have to take you from the beginning. 1,145 more words


Post-Surgery Update & Pathology Results

Hi Friends!

I had my surgery 2 weeks ago today, but it feels like it has been much longer. The first week was tough for me. 650 more words

Bone Cancer