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The Odd Couple of Excitement and Worry

What a long strange trip the past month and a half has been as I started my first immunotherapy treatment (atezolizumab + FOLFIRI + … 1,079 more words

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Never Give Up!

Yesterday, I almost cried with joy…relief. It was a true Eureka Moment moment. Just like you can strangely sink into a pit of despair over that proverbial glass of spilled milk, I found myself close to tears of pure joy, just by having my carpet cleaned. 1,242 more words


Going Off-Roading – Experimental Treatment Strategy Style

Yes, it is time for another medical update!

It is funny… the original intent of this blog (before I published the first post) was for it to be a vehicle to give medical updates to friends and family.  1,340 more words

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A Cancer Life Week: A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

This week is one of those weeks where a bunch of important things are happening, across a wide range of my life!  I was trying to think of how to organize into a blog post – easier said than done, so I decided to just go chronological — a week in the Life of Tom!  1,662 more words

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Glimpses of Normal Life

I went and got a haircut this week.  No that was not meant to be the single most boring start to a blog post in the history of cancer blogging – it was meant to make a point. 1,163 more words

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Not the Most Fun Rollercoaster... but I'll Take It!

What a week I had last week!  Taken overall it was a GREAT week.  It was extremely hectic and not without some blemishes towards the end, but overall… it was a great week.  1,023 more words

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