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Thyroid and breast cancer survivors at risk of the other malignancy:

Women who survive either breast or thyroid cancer are at greater risk of developing the other type in the future as a secondary malignancy, says research published in… 181 more words

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A Cancerous Friendship or My Friendship With Cancer?

Friendship is one of life’s great rewards, however in todays online culture this can sometimes be confusing when you consider that the concept of a friend is scattered across so many settings. 942 more words

Breast Cancer

Wrestling With Adversity.

As much as I appreciate inspirational encouragement, it can also be more than a bit annoying and downright depressing when you’re dealing with a situation which isn’t going to change. 1,250 more words


The Masked Intruder.

You creep…
a foul, odorous gas
my each and every cell,
even creeping in between
the fibres of my bones.
Splitting my very atoms… 415 more words



So, every third Thursday for the past four and a half months I’ve swallowed the steroids, schlepped my way to the hematology and oncology office and gotten drunk on an infusion of nasty chemicals stapled to my arm. 506 more words

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Forgiving the Unforgivable.

What if you were called on to forgive something you can’t see, can’t touch yet it stalks you 24/7 year after year after year, never releasing its grasp? 1,771 more words


David Bowie: Palliative Care Doctor Writes Letter

So much has been said about David Bowie since his recent death, that I didn’t think I had anything to add. While I certainly loved his music and associate… 517 more words

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