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Counting My Many Blessings

This week has continued to be amazing and surprising.

Monday was my first round of methotrexate shots since I was in remission in November. For anyone not familiar with the shots, I’ll give you the short version now- I intend to get farther into how truly awful it was before my angel Ann Bass came to my rescue.   377 more words


Chemo Through the Years (Hope is Very Much Alive!)

Both psychologically and practically it is interesting how a cancer patient’s attitude and approach to chemotherapy changes over the course of a “Cancer Career”.  That is a phrase that just popped into my mind recently… “Cancer Career”.  1,547 more words

Stage IV

So, how have you been doing?

Great to be back, even though I didn’t really anticipate it.  We have a lot to catch up on, and I will be doing the movie-style flashback for a while, until we’re up to date.   398 more words


I wish I Had Dance Feet...

People often say to me, ‘I don’t know anything about dance.’ I say, ‘Stop. You got up this morning, and you’re walking. You are an expert.’ 1,543 more words


Weekend Coffee Share 26th March, 2027.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

You’ve struck it lucky this week. After weeks and weeks of torrential rain, today I can finally offer you a cup of sunshine, which, when you’d been deprived of sun for so long, is pure gold and way better than a measly tea or coffee. 960 more words


In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

Well… a blog post I certainly don’t want to write and I did not plan on writing…

I was told to never bury the lead of a story – so here it is: 2,218 more words

Stage IV

I'm still here

Happy New Year, welcome 2017.

I was reminded (again) of this, my blog, when during the final weeks of 2016 a poster of Betty White made the rounds on Facebook stating  “I’m still here!  1,301 more words