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I woke up this morning..Hold on here let me start again..I went to bed on one side,  and woke up on the other with my underwear at my knees, and my big dog, who usually sleeps on the other side of me at his usual spot, was on my side on his back..You follow. 54 more words


Side Effect Central

Life seems to be measured in side effects at the moment. Last week I was consumed with identifying them, figuring out their severity and wondering how long they would last.  891 more words

Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy Round 1: Put the Hammer Down

One down, five to go. Chemo sure knows how to ruin what would have been a perfectly lovely weekend! I’ve spent the last few beautiful warm autumn days in chemo-induced hibernation enjoying nothing and missing everything and being straight up mad as a badger. 1,353 more words

Breast Cancer

Darlin' Don't You Go And Cut Your Hair

Unless it’s falling in clumps out of your head. Then you do you. Me? I went ahead and did the thing I was afraid of. Why not? 1,091 more words

Breast Cancer

What A (Bleep)ing Mess!

Yes. I said it. My house is a (bleep)ing mess. It’s like this, off and on, all of the time, but it is more noticeable to me right now. 1,224 more words

Breast Cancer