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A Year Ago and Today

A year ago, I had finished my chemotherapy regimen and met with my oncologist. That’s when I found out that it could take a year for my tumor to totally shrink away. 171 more words


So apparently this haemoglobin stuff is quite useful...

I’ve been trying to keep fit and not managing very well.  It’s a time thing.  You know how it is, you sign up for a gym, you do the math(s) of how often you think you’ll go, how much the subscription is and so on, and then reality kicks in, work and family do their thing, and the gym owner ends up doing a lot better out of the deal than you thought. 473 more words


Chemotherapy ends or how we celebrated many things this weekend

I know I haven’t probably written enough of these lately, but its been a strange couple of days.  The first and most important thing is obviously that my final scheduled chemotherapy cycle ended on Friday afternoon.   576 more words


Chemo update

I’m not having much luck with the port inserted in my chest all those months ago that was supposed to make the chemo infusions trouble free. 952 more words

Bowel Cancer

Starting the last week of chemo or how we determined Amanda is bad luck for needles

Hello everybody and welcome back.  Its been a fun past few days since my last post and today started the last week of chemotherapy, so theres that.   412 more words


Week 3 of cycle 3 or how I spent the weekend with my family at the cabin

Welcome back.  I know its been a bit of a hiatus since my last post, but I can assure you I was out of town without any wifi or cell phone service.   470 more words


Round 5

So round 5 was the start of a different Chemotherapy, Paclitaxel also know as taxol. My first 4 rounds of Chemotherapy was the nasty AC which is… 179 more words

Breast Cancer