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Running for Health and for a Great Cause

As most of you know, I became a distance runner (for the first time in my life) after my cancer diagnosis.  I loved it!  It was mentally cathartic to have that time alone in thought, I achieved a “runners high” and there are a number of studies showing the beneficial effects of significant physical exercise after a CRC diagnosis including in Stage 3 patients (my original diagnosis) for example… 572 more words

Colon Cancer

Still in week 2 of treatment or the second time I met a dog named after my place of work

Hello everyone and welcome back to my wonderful cancer/chemotherapy adventure.  The past few days have been interesting to say the least.  Mom was still here yesterday to take me for treatment, and it was very nice to have her around for the past couple of days.   374 more words


Chemosensitivity Testing – What It Is and What It Isn’t

Several weeks ago I was consulted by a young man regarding the management of his heavily pre-treated, widely metastatic rectal carcinoma. Upon review of his records, it was evident that under the care of both community and academic oncologists he had already received most of the active drugs for his diagnosis. 834 more words

Dr. Robert Nagourney

Round 3

Just finishing infusion. You get a strange feeling in your nose, like an itch you can’t scratch, also feeling a bit woozy, notice my droopy eyelids. 39 more words

The Broken Boobie

Day 2 of Round 2 of treatment or another day I got to meet a therapy dog

If you have been following along,  you would know that my second round of treatment started on Monday, so today would be day 2.  The day started out with some interesting events in the parking ramp.   237 more words


Day one of week 2 of chemo treatment or how chemo made me unable to come up with a witty title tonight

So, good ol’ chemotherapy is starting up again.  This will be the first week of the second cycle of my therapy and when this cycle is over, I’ll be halfway to the end.   513 more words


Last weekend of recovery or the weekend I took a trip to Milwaukee

Whew, its been a fun couple of days, luckily it was all positive and none of it cancer related.  If you have been following along, this was my last weekend of recovery.   380 more words