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Glimpses of Normal Life

I went and got a haircut this week.  No that was not meant to be the single most boring start to a blog post in the history of cancer blogging – it was meant to make a point. 1,163 more words

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Not the Most Fun Rollercoaster... but I'll Take It!

What a week I had last week!  Taken overall it was a GREAT week.  It was extremely hectic and not without some blemishes towards the end, but overall… it was a great week.  1,023 more words

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Top 5 tips for treating and beating lymphoma in dogs!

Lymphoma is a blood-borne cancer of lymphocytes, which are a specific type of white blood cell. It is the most common cancer diagnosed in dogs. There are several forms of lymphoma in dogs, the most common being high-grade lymphoblastic B-cell lymphoma, which closely resembles non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in people. 959 more words

Veterinary Oncology

An Ironic Cancer Life

“Ironic” – as shown in the above pictured definition of “Ironic” from the Urban Dictionary – is a word that is often misused in contemporary life but when it comes to my “Cancer Life”, I think it is perfect.  1,962 more words

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 Feet and ankles, toes and shins, (toes and shins)

Well, I told you I would get back to you on Thursday, and here it is Wednesday (ok, it’s the next Wednesday… picky, picky).  392 more words

Counting My Many Blessings

This week has continued to be amazing and surprising.

Monday was my first round of methotrexate shots since I was in remission in November. For anyone not familiar with the shots, I’ll give you the short version now- I intend to get farther into how truly awful it was before my angel Ann Bass came to my rescue.   377 more words


Chemo Through the Years (Hope is Very Much Alive!)

Both psychologically and practically it is interesting how a cancer patient’s attitude and approach to chemotherapy changes over the course of a “Cancer Career”.  That is a phrase that just popped into my mind recently… “Cancer Career”.  1,547 more words

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