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PTSD; survivor angst

I can’t believe I’m still alive 4 years after the diagnosis that my breast cancer had come back in my bones, liver and pancreas. I’m not only still alive, but actually ‘well’. 195 more words


When you can't make up your mind...

During nearly every consultation, there comes a time where pet owners must make the decision whether to pursue chemotherapy or not. While a small number of people arrive assured that they will treat their pets, more frequently owners arrive with an open mind to the available options, searching for all possible choices before moving forward. 656 more words

General Oncology Topics

Fertility - it affects men too!

As men, we like to discuss crude topics and the modern prerequisite to masculinity includes bravado and confidence. When it comes to our personal health, however, we seem to clam up and find these things difficult to talk about. 858 more words


A Currently Incurable Summer Vacation

I just wanted to give a brief personal medical update and my related summer plans!

With the exception of my diagnosis summer (2012) when potentially curative chemo was given ASAP, I have always had the “goal” (when medically possible) to take summers off from treatment.   542 more words

Stage IV

One year out (from chemo)

Afternoon and welcome back.  I know I havent been terribly dilligent with this thing lately, but I felt it necessary to come back today.  Tomorrow will mark the one year mark from the beginning of my chemotherapy treatment.   689 more words


Wet Weekend Coffee Share 5th June, 2016

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share Australian Style. That means it’s Winter here and we’re thinking Hot Chocolate, although I’m currently drinking tea.

What are you sipping on? 719 more words


A Rainbow In the Sky...Flash Fiction.

“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.”

Vincent Van Gogh… 199 more words