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Act IV : Why, Yes! You can take a vacation while in your chemo plan!

“Well, make sure you stay well rested.” This was the advice when I asked my doctor if it would be okay for me to go on a vacation which had been planned for 6 months. 757 more words

Breast Cancer

In defense of Jess Ainscough, the Wellness Warrior who sadly passed last week

As you know if you follow this blog, I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 39. I followed every bit of the Oncologists advice. I had disfiguring surgery (a double mastectomy), a year of chemotherapy and four years later I still take hormone blocking medication. 688 more words

Life After Breast Cancer

Lethal Lifesaver

Almost exactly three years ago (goodness me, it seems like a couple of months!) I wrote a piece about one of the novel approaches to cancer therapy… 482 more words

Coming To Terms with Chemo

Every cloud has a silver lining, and this is a story of a couple of very silvery linings indeed.

The whole Cancer thing was definitely a complete facer when it came to light back in early winter 2014, and coming to terms with it all is a journey that takes a lot longer than one might think. 1,565 more words

Sketch Books

What I miss, (today).

I miss nose hair.

Have you ever even thought about yours?  I never gave a thought to them before, but I have an appreciation for their role now, that’s for sure! 273 more words

Breast Cancer

Day 54-57 Chemotherapy

I’ve been back on it for a few days, and am starting to lose track/energy; Rituximab, Vincristine, Doxorubicin, 3 days of Cyclophosphamide and yesterday I had another intrathecal injection of Cytarabine. 531 more words



We’re all so different; even when sharing the same experience. I am halfway through chemo and finding it to be quite manageable; but the thought of the surgery that lies down the road scares me and makes me very nervous.   646 more words

Breast Cancer