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Bell and Bloom

Well, I did it!

I survived surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. Receiving my 33rd and final radiation treatment yesterday was surprisingly bittersweet. Oh, how I’m glad to be finished, but I am going to really miss my radiation therapists. 176 more words

Faith And Family

Surprises, Grace, and Faith


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host:
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 1,149 more words

Faith And Family

Same lymphoma, Same chemo, Same oncologist, Same time but Different outcome. Where is the science?

Nick (not real name) is a 37-year-old Indonesian. In late December 2017, he had coughs, became breathless and found a swelling under his left arm pit. 1,513 more words


The grass never stops growing......

I had to mow the yard tonight. Not a big deal right? I guess not, but when you consider the day I had, it sucks to have to come home and mow the grass. 1,080 more words

The Dreaded "C" Word

The Forest’s Edge

Evelyn is doing fantastically well. She has a head full of hair and a near permanent smile on her face.

In recent months we’ve had plenty of visits to the hospital with a few being emergency trips but thankfully there’s been nothing of any real concern and our longest stay has been three days. 908 more words


CHN adds new class of volunteers

Breast Cancer. Lung Cancer. Prostate Cancer. Metastasized Cancer.
Married. Single. Parents. Children.

Early this summer, CHN welcomed a new class of Support Volunteers. They’ve faced the challenges above and more. 313 more words

Doses Of Hope

Living Longer: Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC) - Triple Negatives; ER/PR/HER2 (-ve)


Breast cancer is not a single disease but comprised of distinct biological subtypes with different prognosis and treatment options:

  • Luminal A: ER/PR+ve, Her2-ve
  • Luminal B: ER/PR+ve, Her2+ve…
  • 955 more words