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英雄 - Hero (2002)

M.Ö 3yy, Mulalip devletler dönemindeyiz. Bu dönemde, Qin (yani Çin) devleti, 7 muhalip devlet arasında sıyrılıp, yeni otoritesini ve dünya düzenini sağlama almaya çalışmaktadır. Ama elbette Qin’in dayattığı bu yeni dünya düzenine muhalefet olan da yok değildir. 931 more words



The official MV of 楚汉传奇/Legend of Chu and Han is out:

Three Kingdom is the last Cdrama I’ve watched that wow’d me with awesome every possible way, elevating PD GaoXiXi to the pedestal of Can’tDoNoWrong, esp in a historical.  834 more words

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Hero - Review (Spoiler Free)

Hero is a visually stunning film. It’s understandable why some people dislike it; citing the film’s slow pace, very sparse plot, and complete lack of reality, but if you can accept these and watch it on its own terms, then you’re in for something special. 437 more words

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Action Movie Fanatix Review: Hero

One Man Will Challenge An Empire.

Starring: Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Chen Dao Ming, Donnie Yen

Director: Zhang Yimou

2002  |  99 Minutes  |  PG-13… 349 more words


ChuHan Contention (mainly Peter Ho appreciation)

, Mousie, for you!

PD Guo, BRAVO! Oh so smart to give us this sleeveless armor look. It'll be ridiculous and lowbrow to have Peter shirtless ALL the time, afterall how busy r our eyes to appreciate all the diff muscle groups?! 129 more words

My (shallow) gut is telling me I'll finally succumb to PeterHo

It's NOT fair PD Gao. Do NOT blog kickass hot stills of my AILF (ahjusshi I'd like to…fangirl) right next to a guy I'm not attracted to at all….till NOW. 466 more words