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International Tiananmen Square Day

It is now only a few days before June 4, International Tiananmen Square Day.

International Tiananmen Square Day commemorates the bravery, the good will, and the peaceful, principled behavior of the patriotic students who were killed near Tiananmen Square on June 3, June 4, and on subsequent days in 1989. 1,090 more words


China's One Child Policy : Official Figures reveal that 336 million women have been aborted; 37 million more men than women as campaign of gendercide unbalances the population.

A shocking report in The Financial Times has finally revealed the true extent of China’s one child policy – a policy which has resulted in a massive imbalance between young men and women and which has targeted girls babies in a relentless campaign of… 1,151 more words

Human Rights

Lenten Abstinence: Taking Time Off From China

For the past couple of years, I’ve developed a fascination and identification with Chen Guangchen and his family’s quest for human rights in China, and specifically… 632 more words

Family Life

President Hu Jintao's Chance To End The One Child Policy and Gendercide

The contrast with the American presidential election campaign could not be greater but this week the Chinese Communist Party made its once in a decade transfer of power to a new Politburo of one-party State appointees. 1,126 more words

Human Rights

L'ultimo match: la politica estera

Stasera Obama e Mitt Romney incroceranno i guantoni per l’ultima volta. Oggi sono usciti quattro sondaggi preoccupanti: i due contendenti alla Casa Bianca sono davvero vicini. 231 more words

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Blind Chinese activist says nephew could face unfair trial

Reuters reports from Beijing: “Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng said on Saturday that Chinese police had sent the case of his nephew, charged with intentional infliction of injury, to the state prosecutor, paving the way for what he expects will be an unfair trial. 192 more words