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He Lives! My Man Dick

This is a dream come true, for a narrator.  I had given up hope of hearing from Dick Cheney again (he has amazing heart trouble, after all), and then who would… 82 more words

QB's Playing on: Sept. 18

This is a series of articles that will up update you on the year to date performances for NCAA Division I quarterbacks who played their high school ball in Missouri or Kansas. 616 more words


Jonapunk plays"Hunger Games" paintball

This was a great day of paintball.We had never played hunger games paintball before so it was definitely a fun experience. Basically you start with nothing and you have to run to find parts of a gun to eliminate opponents hoping that nobody finds what they need to shoot you before you find what you need to shoot them! 20 more words

Adventures Of Dadnpunks

War Dogs Review

WARNING: The following review contains spoilers, I’m telling you now so you don’t pretend to be outraged later.

I said, war, huh

Good God, y’all… 1,431 more words

On the 2nd Iraq War;

“That was all Cheney and Haliburton’s doing so they could get ahold of all those oil wells and make money. Bush was just looking for an excuse because Saddam threatened his daddy.”