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Actually, after midnight last night.

To confirm what had pulled us up short in the early a.m., today we went to Google and entered, “Cheney, leaks, pre-Iran, NYTimes, Judith…” 389 more words


The Enemy of Our Enemy is NOT Our Friend — Fallacies of False Flags and False Friends

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

So says the millennia-old proverb attributed to, or practiced by virtually everybody since the Pharaohs.  But despite its resilience, history… 1,723 more words

Small Town History

The landscape of eastern Washington is undeniably defined by Spokane. With a population of over 210,000 it dominates the area, but there was a time when a small town nearby held the county seat for Spokane County. 510 more words

Through the Looking Glass: Friends and Enemies in the World of Trump

Through the Looking Glass
How Can We Recognize Our Friends in the Mixed-Up World of Donald Trump?

(This piece first appeared at tomdispatch.com. 3,172 more words

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Terror in USA: False Flag Under Bush-Cheney, "Bubble Reality" Under Trump-Bannon-Kushner

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You Call This Make-Believe Circus Presidency?

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Puppet Masters

Puppet Masters

Kissinger had Nixon

Cheney had Bush

Jim Henson had Kermit

Steve Bannon has Trump.


2017/01/13 #68 Dear R&B ON AIR LIST


 8 Ounces / Justine Skye

  1. Cranes in the Sky / Solange
  2. Say My Name (Feat. Cheney) / OBESØN
  3. So Good / Cheney
  4. Dirty Secrets / Cheney…
  5. 54 more words