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Chengdu Week 2: appetizers & pandas!

During my second week in Chengdu, I got to try out some 20 mini dished appetizers, super cute and delicious (pictures below). Majority of the dishes are about three inches in diameter with a miscellaneous of Chengdu favorites on them! 121 more words


First week in Chengdu, China!

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province is famous for there spicy cuisine and beautiful girls. Today, Chengdu is one of the top economically prosperous cities in China filled with diversity and good food! 117 more words


pandas, tea and mushroom soup

You know that feeling when you wake up on a Monday morning and wish it was Saturday? Well, that was me this morning!  We received two invites from locals to go out this weekend. 1,135 more words


It's weekend!

So our weekend has officially started. I was surfing a bit on the Internet this morning to see if there are any interesting events happening in and around Chengdu this weekend. 80 more words


Snacks anyone?

So we wanted to buy some chips. Small problem….no Flings or Niknaks. How about some cool and refreshing cucumber flavoured Lays or an ‘intense and stimulating numb hot pot flavour? Or….seaweed!


Mind the scooters!

You have to be sharp when you attempt the streets in Chengdu. Driving is on the right side of the road and electric scooters and bicycles (and the green metered taxis!) own the road. 226 more words


Feeding the family!

As most of you know, our kids LOVE eating, helping with cooking and going to a restaurant is a major treat. They love good food, just like mom and dad!   592 more words