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CHARVI +MANEK Life Travel journey-45

“What are you, doing here” he asked, “My family, I am here, for a family function” saying, he introduced him, to his cousins. Then they spoke, for some more time, when he asked her number, she said, this number is temperary, next week she will be back to India, there she will what’sapp him, she wrote his number, “Satish, is drooling, over you charvi” said Venu, “Yes, it is very, uncomfortable” “why, he is very good looking” “Good looks alone don’t, do wonders Venu, heart is required, besides I have to like” “Like” Yes, like should arise, within me, only then, I will look, at a person, else I don’t” “which world, are you in, there is nothin like Like. 214 more words



Peak summer is upon us and the salty haze that permeated by previous visit to this den is replaced by barely visible yellow darts. They have a preference for the back of your neck and the top of your arms for some reason. 505 more words

Heritage losing ground to practicality

Oh you marvellous blend of engineering and art.
Your beauty still shines through the thick veils of neglect and dirt.
Your expansive arched balconies must have turned wallflowers into prolific storytellers. 643 more words


Jay Walk

Jay walking can’t be prevented in both the roads & railway tracks. One such man walking near Egmore Station.


Dearest Potential Boyfriend

Dear PB,

I think this relationship has a lot of potential, I am excited talking to you and had some of the best dates with you. 799 more words


Taming my crush- Mr. April

I began this blog because I am tired of bothering my friends. I am tired of endlessly waiting around for his texts or calls. I am tired of sending out a message and appearing like a fool because I spent 90% of my time waiting for his one sentence reply. 1,981 more words


CHARVI + MANEK Life Travel journey-44

“About what” “His feelings, his emotions” “Are you worried, if he still might have, feelings for me” “Yes” Sri said, not looking at Charvi. Total silence prevailed, “Sri you have to forgive yourself, first, before you forgive Venu. 287 more words