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1155. Dean Lane skate park (91)

A wonderful recent piece on the long wall at Dean Lane by three of Bristol’s very best street/graffiti artists, 3Dom, Soker and Cheo from the ASK stable. 220 more words


1141. Raleigh Road, Vector (17)

The hoarding in Raleigh Road has become a popular spot with Cheo, Soker, Voyder and Deamze in particular, and between them they keep refreshing it with some great work. 81 more words


Seeing Straight

Surgery. This was the expected outcome. They told us in Newfoundland that he would need corrective eye surgery. And it was confirmed at CHEO this week. 897 more words

Flu shot dramatically reduces the risk young children will be hospitalized

Getting a flu vaccine helps keep young children out of the hospital, according to new research based, in part, on data from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. 534 more words

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Unicorn Surprise!

I’m not a fan of surprises—it definitely triggers my anxiety—but all of that goes out the window when Chéo’s concerned. He knows me better than anyone, so when he said he wanted to take me somewhere, I don’t fight it. 75 more words


Chéo's Birthday at the Clover Club

With a job like mine, we’ve had to figure out other times and ways to celebrate Chéo’s birthday because I’m always scheduled to be in Arizona that weekend. 417 more words


How an Ottawa cancer patient is trying to make CHEO more accessible for everyone

Just before the elevator doors opened at CHEO, Sarah Telford playfully, but pointedly, picked up a nearby yellow caution cone — the kind that warn of wet floors, spills and whatnot — and placed it in front of the elevator. 1,016 more words

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