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She continues to laugh and spread her joy!

In Abbigail’s mind, there is always laughter to be had and smiles to be shared.

Today she beamed down the halls of the hospital, waving to the many staff she has come to know and cherish; the cafeteria cook and cashier, the pharmacy assistant, the coffee shop ladies who keep mama awake and the ultrasound techs who took care of her baby cousin. 283 more words

Abby Update

the other side of the line

It’s my morning at home.

The sunlight trickling through the curtains greets me with thunderous silence, followed by that unmistakable dull ache in my chest–my body’s cruel reminder that it’s time to feed my baby. 852 more words

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10 lessons I learned from cancer

I should probably start by stating that I do not have cancer now, nor have I ever had cancer.  So I am probably not qualified to even write this.   1,267 more words

CHEO launches online portal for nationwide study on eating disorders

Ottawa children with milder, earlier stages of eating disorders are having to wait to get help because the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is only able to assessing moderate to severe cases. 349 more words


Đưa nghệ thuật chèo đến với giới trẻ

Hóa trang thành nhân vật trong các trích đoạn chèo nổi tiếng, biểu diễn cùng những nghệ sĩ chèo trong không gian sân đình, giữa tiếng gõ nhịp của trống, thanh la, tiếng đệm của đàn đáy, đàn bầu… Đó đều là những trải nghiệm vô cùng mới mẻ và ý nghĩa, xuất hiện trong một dự án do chính những người trẻ tạo nên, dự án “Chèo 48h – Tôi chèo về quê hương”. 1,853 more words

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Ottawa Chill Recap

It’s 10 a.m. on New Year’s Day and a couple skating on the Ottawa River spots some activity on the ice off Britannia Beach. Flags are blowing in the wind, two tents stand proudly in the wind— one small the second very big. 380 more words


'She could be so much,' Ottawa parents say of daughter with anorexia (with video)

Jenna McRae is literally skin and bones, but if she knew there was an ounce of fat somewhere on her five-foot-four, 73½-pound body, she might try to do something about that, too. 1,187 more words

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