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Ontario to screen all newborns for heart defects

Television host Jimmy Kimmel gave the world a glimpse into the emotional turmoil families experience when a seemingly healthy newborn turns out to have a critical heart problem. 542 more words

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766. North Street Green (7)

This piece from our very own Jody (when I say ‘our’, I mean Bristol’s) was something of a promotional stunt for Huff Post. He had been lined up to do a… 120 more words


Software jocks, health professionals join forces to improve health care

Forget what you think you know about hackers, those mischievous computer nerds who live for the challenge of breaching the defences of computer networks.

There’s a different kind of hacker: software programmers capable of breaking with tradition and developing new products. 623 more words

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Egan: Burned boy offers gleeful 'thank you' two months after crib fire in Kanata

The Kanata toddler burned when fire engulfed his crib in the dead of night has made a remarkable recovery.

Video of 20-month-old Cody, scooting around barefoot in pyjamas, was posted on father Chris McNeil’s Facebook site last week. 262 more words

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713. Raleigh Road, Vector (8)

The relatively recent hoardings (erected about four months ago) in Raleigh Road have provided an opportunity for some great displays of street/graffiti art. The appearance and disappearance of hoardings and the art adorning them is all part of the changing landscape in Bristol. 96 more words


Reality check: Does prolonged breastfeeding make your child smarter?

Breastfeeding is known to have many health benefits for babies, like reducing a child’s risk of obesity, for example. But can mother’s milk have an effect on a baby’s intelligence and behaviour later in life? 706 more words


688. Church Road top (1)

Tucked away behind an industrial unit in Church Road is a little lane that I have not visited before. The building is sprayed with permitted pieces all around, and many of them by Cheo. 81 more words