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Foh San Dim Sum @ 富山茶楼

If you are in Ipoh, I bet that the first that crosses your mind will be Dim Sum since there are so many dim sum restaurant here. 274 more words


What's For Lunch? - Cheong Fun

Sandwiches were never my thing. Even as a child, I refused to eat them unless they were made with chicken salad, egg salad or some type of fish on toasted bread. 206 more words


12. Cheong Fun

In English, Rice Noodle Rolls. Cheong Fun makes an appearance on many Dim Sum menus. It is pile of rice white, gelatinous looking “rolls in a sweet soy sauce. 218 more words


x.o. rice rolls

Weekend lunches at home means Chinese comfort food. My parents relish in their bowls of hot soy milk and dough fritters (which I personally am not a fan of), and together we share a large plate of rice rolls stir-fried in X.O. 386 more words